Aura Readings with Vickie Parker

When I do Aura Readings I look at specific ‘things’ that relate to each layer.  The 7 layers of the aura correspond and are related to the 7 chakras.   Between each layer is the color electric blue.

I always start with the 1st layer which is the closest to the body.

The 7 layers are:

Layer 1 – Survival (How to run the body)

Layer 2 – Emotions and sexuality

Layer 3 – Your creativity. (How do you manifest. Chi)

Layer 4 – Affinity and love for yourself and others

Layer 5 – Communication and expression of creativity

Layer 6 – Clairvoyance. (How you see the world)

Layer 7 – First impression of what you show the world. (How do you go out in the world)

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