Going Out on the Astral

Some people think that they are just dreaming when they are actually out on the astral.  Some of states we experience when we are sleeping are dreams.  While other more vivid types of interactive experiences occur out on the astral.

There are also different types of dreams.  One of them is lucid dreaming.  A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming. When the dreamer is lucid, he or she can actively participate in and often manipulate the imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can seem extremely real and vivid depending on a person’s level of self awareness during the lucid dream.

Sleeping experiences that are sometimes considered dreams are actually the person leaving in their astral body to go out on the astral plane to interact and learn from others there.  Sometimes we go out to meet friends to have interactions with or to create scenarios to learn from.  Other times we go to learn something in particular from teachers, or from others we want in our lives.

These astral trips are can be as vivid and real as every day interaction with other people.  Sometimes we know the people we are with and other times we don’t, but every trip we take to the astral plane we learn and grow.

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