Recognizing People You’ve Known from Past Lives

Have you ever felt when you first meet someone it feels like you already know them? Do you see a picture of someone in a magazine and you know you’ve met them but can’t place where?  You keep staring at a person across the room from you and don’t know why?  You are responding to the energy of past life connections to people you have interacted with before.

We all have a past life or lives with someone we know.  Could be our mother was a sister during the civil war.  Our brother was a husband in Scotland in 1200 AD.  The lady we know down the street was our grandmother in Australia when the continent came under English control.

I have two friends in this lifetime that were my sisters in previous lifetimes, and one of them has been a twin sister at least 3 lifetimes.  Each one is from different times and different life stories.

All around you are people that you’ve known in previous lifetimes.  You can become aware of them by noticing how you respond to the people you interact with.  They feel familiar or your emotions tell you this person belongs in your life but you don’t know why.  Allow yourself to explore these feelings and find out who the people were in a past life you shared with one another.

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  1. thanks this is quite a cool article, its good to know that when i recognise someone im not the only person (and probably not mad either).

    • Thanks for responding to my article.

      • Gretchen...Desperate for an answer... Says:

        Dear Vickie,

        About a year ago, I worked at a company with someone that I felt a very strange but strong connection with. When I interviewed there, in 2009, I didn’t even see his face, just the back of his head, and my eyes were drawn to him. I thought went through my mind, a quick thought, “I should get to know him.” I didn’t think much of it at the time and blew it off. As I worked there, more and more, I felt compelled to get to know this man. He had the most striking blue eyes I’ve ever seen. I felt the strongest attraction to this man than I had anyone in my life. The problem was is that he was married, and so was I at the time. We started getting to know each other a little more and more and I found out that he was just as attracted to me as I was to him. It was extremely strong, but I didn’t want to cause any problems in his marriage and he was still very much in love with his wife and didn’t want anything to go wrong in his marriage either. We were very open about talking about this. Our connection was so strong that we, I swear, even knew when we were thinking about each other. We would simultaneously send each other e-mails or end up at the same gas station or something after work at the same time and we got off work at different times. I would see him everywhere it seemed. Eventually, his wife had seen my picture and then met me in person, and told him that she felt very threatened by me. We had to stop being friends. I totally understood why she felt this way, but I was devastated that we could not longer speak to each other. No messages, nothing. It’s been about a year and a half since we spoke. Maybe more. I STILL miss him. I can’t forget about him and wish I could. There has been so much more that has happened but not enough time, or writing space, to fill that in. However, this is the basics of the story. I guess I just want closure. I was so sure that somehow, some time, at some point in our lives, we would be together, or at the very least, friends again. I don’t think that’s going to happen now. I know, through a mutual friend, that they are separated, but I only wish him happiness. I DON’T wish him a failed marriage. I once told him that I just want him to be happy, no matter what. I just wish I could talk to him again some day to clear the air about some things I think he may have some misconceptions about (about me) but I don’t dare try to contact him. Anyway, I’ve always wondered why I’ve had this connection with him and why I can’t seem to completely, mentally, emotionally, or whatever the case, let him go. Please help. Thank you in advance Vickie.

      • Hello Gretchen;

        The two of you have known each other for quite some time. I see that you’ve been his wife several times, a girlfriend and a close friend. I’m also seeing that the two of you have had brother and sister lifetimes. So the knowingness you have and the desire to be with him are from these relationships. When I check in on these common lifetimes I see that there was a lot of closeness and being comfortable around each other. So it is no coincidence that the two of you would run into each other outside of work. You were drawn to meet this lifetime.

      • Gretchen...Desperate for an answer... Says:

        Thank you so much Vickie. 🙂

      • Dear Vickie,
        A year and a half ago I interviewed for a job. As soon as I saw my interviewer’s face I felt like I recognized him immediately. It was such a strange feeling for me because I had never had a reaction like that with anyone else in my life. I felt my heart racing. It’s hard to describe because it wasn’t about the attraction we had to one another, it felt deeper than that. It felt like there was a sense of familiarity. During the interview, I felt a connection with him and I could tell through his eyes he felt it too. When the interview ended, I walked straight out of there thinking I’m in trouble. I was interviewing for another job as well and I received both job offers at the same time. I was told by the recruiter that my soon to be boss really didn’t want to lose me. I really thought about walking away from the job opportunity because the connection I had scared me. I have a serious boyfriend and he at the time was married but separated. I ended up working for him and he became my boss. There was a natural closeness with us. Nothing ever felt forced. Everything was easy and being around him felt good. I felt safe with him. There were a few times we hung out after work and things almost happened but didn’t. The company ended up having to relocate him about 400 miles away and he wanted me to follow him but I didn’t. His divorce became final last year but I’m still with the same boyfriend. I think about him everyday and I miss him so much. We rarely talk anymore, only if/when I give him a head’s up about a reference call. Before he left, I had given him a heartfelt letter explaining everything I was feeling. He never answered it but people he currently works with tell me how much he still talks about me, how I may be moving to that office, or how much he misses me. I’m really struggling to let him go. I don’t know how to gain closure or heal from this on my own. Often times he even appears in my dreams. I feel like there needs to be closure. I keep wondering who was he to me in my past lives because I feel like he’s been in my life before.

      • Alex
        He has been a brother, lover and husband in previous lives. I’m actually seeing that the two of you contracted to come together this lifetime and that is why he is still so sure you two will be together again. Past life energy, especially if we contracted to meet in the current lifetime, makes the draw to the person evenmore powerful.
        Vickie Parker

      • Tanya G. Says:

        dear vicky,
        about two years ago i met this guy at work… we worked for the same company but i didn’t know about him when i called the branch where i was going to go help he answered the phone and told me at what time to come in and then the day in the morning when i needed someone to open the door for me i called and he was the one that picked up the phone when i called. when i shook his hand and we introduced ourselves i thought i knew him i thought we had kissed before like i was sure i had kissed him before i don’t know why but we clicked right off the bat and he would tell me how his family would like me and he even said if we had matching rings we could say we were together but the only thing is that he is married nothing could ever happen between us and i just liked talking to him could it be possible that i had known him in another life time ?

      • Hello Tanya;
        Yes. You’ve had a past life with him. Most recent one as husband and wife. The relationship was pretty much like you are experiencing with each other this lifetime. It was a very happy life and fulfilling life.
        Vickie Parker

      • Dear Vickie,

        Few months ago, I accidentally met this wonderful man through a traveler’s community via online when I was about to travel to Saigon, Vietnam for a supposed “soul vacation”. On the same travel period as mine, he’s also scheduled to take a trip to Hanoi, northern part of VN. He initially emailed, inquiring my itinerary and was hoping I’d be travelling up north, so we can both meet. Since then on, our communication seemed to be constant and somehow we clicked. So, I decided to cancel my Saigon trip and traveled to Hanoi instead. And that very first day upon my arrival at the airport, he was there, and somehow I felt something electrifying between us happening when we laid our eyes for the first time. Everything was so perfect for 2 days. He was everything that I dreamt of – romantic, thoughtful and very loving. Until, I felt something wasn’t right. But we still travelled together for the next 4 days in different parts of the northern VN. I held back my real emotions as I felt there’s something’s wrong and I couldnt figured it out. Until we went separate ways and went back to our different home countries. We talked about what happened and finally learned our emotional baggage from our past relationships. And now, we realized that we really deeply care for one another. And he’s inviting me to come over to his country. He even mentioned that I was his “Liping” from our previous life.

      • Hello Sophie;
        Yes. To the past life with this man. Really awesome how the two of you found each other. You are going to have an amazing life together. Much love and happiness.
        Vickie Parker

      • Dear Vickie,

        Thank you so much for your response. I really do hope that he would be “the One” that I’ve been waiting. Im just wondering why he had a vision from our past life and I didnt? I haven’t asked him the details as I’m still gauging about him. Ive been through some painful experience from past relationship, and Im still wary to open up for someone new. But I know deep in my heart, I truly love him already. Do you think he’s all worth it? Kindly enlighten me.

        Thank you for your time. All the best, Sophie

  2. Hey Vickie, Thank You for writing this. I’ve been searching for an article like this. I feel like that with many people I meet. As a spiritual sage I’m here to assist during this shift, I work with people (mainly children) and they all love me so much. However, one of them I feel may be my son in another life. We were watching TV the other day and the kid rested on me and said, “You’re my dad”. Even though his current dad was sitting in the other room. We are very close and like me…the boy is loving by nature. So, is it possible that this 13 year old kid is my son in another life? What if many of the children I work with was my children in other lives? Makes me think. I wish I remembered everything. What’s your input?

    • Hello Frank;

      Thanks for the question. What is amazing about all of this is in a past life you actually gathered up street kids and created a home for them. You became their ‘Dad’ and they bonded to you. The boy that said that you were his dad is one of these children from that past life and he remembers you. The work that you’re doing with children is one of your main purposes as a soul. Wonderful work you’re doing!!! The world needs you.

  3. Thanks for this info, I’m doing a very active search right now… I come from a spanic country though I always felt that english was going to be my language, since I was 9 years old!
    I’m not a big follower in terms of karma and spirituality… but no to long ago I met this person with whom we have a professional relationship but he feels very familiar, and when I tried to finish this contract i couldn’t cause my gut feeling was not to let him go… I’m not involved romantically with him and not planning to… but I have this feeling that I have to stay around him. I don’t understand what’s happening and I started to think that maybe he’s part of my past…??? the first time we had a conversation he looked at me and told me “i’ve seen you before” and believe me, I’m new here and I never saw him around…
    Is there any other source of information I can read from that you may suggest?

  4. Vickie, so glad to find article like this. I recently saw photo of a businessman and have been having excitement and fluttering in chest – feel as though I know this man and MUST speak to him, but have never met him in this lifetime. Could I know Stephen from a past life?

  5. Hi Vickie,
    I have been very drawn to you since learning of you a couple of weeks ago, and wonder if we have a common past life?

  6. Wow! Thank You very much Vickie. I’m so glad you gave me that information. At first I thought I was just coming up with things even though deep down I knew it was true. You’ve just confirmed it. Thanks Vickie.

  7. Hi im 33 years old and was in a relationship from 20 to 28 broke up with him but got with someone else and this is the person i know is from my past life done things with him i would never do for anyone not even the guy i was with 7years and the thing i notice i do is lay in bed and try to send my energy to him to let him no how much im missing him ive never done anything like that before..the problem is his family is racist so i cant be with him fully all i know is i love him more than anyone that ive ever been with and i dont get why

  8. Imilie Alize Scott Says:

    hi vickie, How come we dont remember our past lifes? When my mother was pregnant with me a random lady came up to my mother and said she could see my aura. The lady told my mom i was gifted and have been reincarnated and i would grow to be rich and famous and everyone would know me. Another time when i was around the ago of 5 or 6 another lady saw my picture and told my mom i have been there more than once because i was reincarnated too and that i would be rich and famous and said many other things that she could not possibly know about me. Crazy how two random ladies that never met said the exact same thing. Iam interested in knowing about my past life. Im 14. Was i an adult? What year was it? Did i have children? please help. I want to remember my Pastlfe. thank you

  9. Jessica Farrier Says:

    yes! great article! Me and my close friend Luke have tried to have a romantic relationship several times because we feel so much love for each other, but i keep having these feelings that he is my child and the dynamic is too weird! I have been dying to know if this feeling is from a past life, or simply my imagination.

    • Luke is a child from a past life, but he has also been a friend in another past life and a brother in yet another life. This is why the two of you are close.

  10. Punchoo Says:

    I wish I could see where my mum and dad are gone. Want to connect with them. I do not understand past present lives but I guess the energy never dies so there has to be something more to it than just one life.
    What comes to my mind is that we move, act, radiate in such a way that we keep bumping on people, animals, creatures that we have been close to in our past lives (this is just a theory, that I think). Why would I be born in one place no one knows about and be close to people across the world from different cultures. We tend to choose one friend more over the other even when both are good human beings. Why does that happen? I think its because we are all connected in some way that our current science is not able to figure out. We might just be connected through our past life energies. (cannot confirm, of course, because I am not educated enough or have the understanding).
    Any input is good? What do you guys think?

    • We are an immortal soul in a body. So we live many many lifetimes. Some of us come back over and over again with the same souls. Some of us works with the same souls every so often. If we tune in those around us we will notice that we are drawn to certain people. This is one of the ways to recognize those who we have had past lives with. So maybe a friend was a brother or sister. Or even monther or father. Or grandparent. Allow yourself to notice if you are attracted to the people around you. Then close your eyes and ask what the previous connection was. Believe what you hear.

  11. Elizabeth Connor Says:

    I have been lucky enough to remember “segments” of both several past lives and the other side. I have also been fortunate enough to have found two people who remember me, and whom I remember. I have never read or met anyone who has had that experience, although I am sure it is quite common. I believe we have a number of soul mates that we choose to share certain lifetimes with. I was just wondering if you could maybe shed some light on the fact that my current fiance and I remember at least 3 past lives together spanning over the last 2500-3000 years. He has always been the love of my lives. Somehow though we have never had much time together. The first time we remember being lovers, I was of royalty and married and he was a slave. No future there! The second time he was killed in battle within about 5 years of our being together. The second time I was killed within 5 years of our being together. And now, it seems as if yet again we seem to be suffering the same, what I call “Shakespearean affliction”, where external circumstances seem to be tearing us apart. Despite my spiritual experiences I can’t seem to wrap my head or heart around the fact that we love each other (more so than with anyone else), we have this amazing connection, we are absolutely soul mates, and yet our relationship seems to be in tatters. Maybe you can shed some light on the situation. Maybe remembering each other and the loss and pain we have both experienced with each other is not a good thing afterall.

    • Have you explored a karmic connection that hasn’t been completed? From the ‘psychic energy’ of what you’ve written there is a hidden piece both of you haven’t seen. Go inside and ask to see the other connections and what the experiences where.

  12. I am currently involved with someone who I met 8 years ago, while we both where with different people at the time, there was always this connection that neither of us really acknowledged. I can’t describe it as a physical attraction..but a familiarity that existed from the first time we met.It felt like i’d known him so much longer than that. What stand’s out in my mind is a “freeze frame” moment when i first saw him…I clearly remember he had the most intense BLUE eyes..and He swears I had GREEN eyes..yet it’s the opposite..his are green and mine are blue. Possibly us remembering our eye color from the past and initially seeing that. When we finally began seeing each other recently, there was no awkwardness or being shy like you would just felt like we picked up a passionate and loving relationship where we’d left off. We both feel we’d been together before in previous lives. Your thoughts?

    • I love that you mentioned the eyes. I have always been drawn to blue eyes since I can remember. I have always found men most attractive with light blue to green blue eyes over any other in almost all cases. I recently found out that my twin flame has had blue eyes many times throughout our lives and interactions. Actually every time I have seen him or been with him he has the deepest and most gorgeous ice blue eyes. I have always loved eyes and now I know why, down to his name.

  13. Hi Vickie, my name is Vinny and recently I met a girl..I feel like she was my girlfriend, or even my wife in a past life..I’ve dated someone for over a year, and did not feel the way I feel about this girl I just met .. I wanted to ask if it is possible, we have been a couple in a past life ,,, this girl says she feels the same too … Please do not ignore my question …

    • Here is my response to her. You were an older sister and he a younger brother in another lifetime. It is around the 1300s and both of you were children of a well to do family in Scotland. You had marvelous white blonde hair. He had medium brown hair. You and he were extremely close, and because of the age difference in that lifetime you mothered him a bit. Lots of love and harmony between the two of you in that life.

  14. Thank you so much for writing this article, I’m hoping you can help, im married, and about two months ago I met a man who’s about 9 years younger than me. There was almost an immediate connection and have since become fast, quiet friends, (only friends) and I believe we have a mutual connection that I am hoping you can shed some light on.

    • You were an older sister and he a younger brother in another lifetime. It is around the 1300s and both of you were children of a well to do family in Scotland. You had marvelous white blonde hair. He had medium brown hair. You and he were extremely close, and because of the age difference in that lifetime you mothered him a bit. Lots of love and harmony between the two of you in that life.

      • Thank you Vickie! I feel like there’s more though? Not that anything could currently happen, aside from being married we are in the military, I’m enlisted and he’s an officer… I’m sorry I’m not trying to second guess you just trying to figure out where these mutual feelings are from.

  15. Hi Vickie, as you can see i’m posting this at like 2 in the morning. I couldn’t get to sleep and had this sudden urge to search about past lives on the net and I found you. I’m really confused about a guy (typical huh). So, 6 years ago I was in year 8 and we were introduced, of course there’s 4 years difference between us so at that point nothing happened. And as the years went on, I saw him a few times but every time I would react; my heart would start hammering, my breath quickened, i’d sit up straighter and hope that he’d notice me. Then 2 years ago he started dating one of my family members. Then we started hanging out. A lot. And during the recent 4 months, we became close. He told me things he didn’t even tell his best friend of 5 years. It feels like so many years compacted into mere months, it’s a little disorientating and surreal. We were ‘comfortable’ with each other. The words ‘connection’, ‘intimate’ and ‘intense’ came up a lot. The first time I saw him I knew I had to know him, i felt compelled. And during this year I felt the need to help him. And even though theres so many years between us, it feels like we’re equal. I would really like to know who and what he means to me.

    • Hello LA;

      You have been lovers in 3 different lifetimes. First one was 1220 AD. Next one 1456 AD. Last one was in 1844 AD. First one you were a woman. Second one a man. Third one a man. This lifetime…………….

  16. this lifetime a woman… so then are we lovers in this lifetime..? I suppose thats up to us, right? You know i always suspected i was a man in my last life… creepy lol
    so will there be like any karmic back fire if in this lifetime we’re not lovers? and whats the general definition of ‘lovers’ anyway? And is it possible for me to look back into my past lives?
    Thanks for the info Vickie

  17. vickie Parker Says:

    Hi LA;

    LOL. We always have free will to do whatever we want each lifetime. If you would like more info please contact me for a full reading.


  18. Hello Vickie what an interesting article. i have an issue that”s been weighing heavy on my heart and if you could help me and give me some insight it would mean the world to me. So just a few years back when i was 17 i met a guy at my school that i became pretty close with and fell in love with. I still remember the first time we spoke i had never really noticed him before but one day he called me by my name and spoke to me as if we were already friends! and i was really caught of guard that he knew my name and spoke to me like that. We were never together as a couple, always friends but i always felt like he might have had feelings for me too but there were misunderstandings and we would hurt each others feelings sometimes. i guess we were just too young and immature. we haven’t seen each other since we graduated and he now has a girlfriend. but he still insists on keeping in touch with me every now and then. you know its weird he came into my life at a time when things in my life were not going so great and he brightened up my days. i miss him and still have this in love feeling for him i don’t know why i still do. Sometimes i even dream about him. so my question is could we have shared a past life? I’m not sure why i still feel so connected to him.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      You’ve definitely had past lives together.

      • Hey Vickie thank you for answering me! but i have two last questions. Can you tell me what we meant to each other in those past lives. Were we friends or was he a boyfriend or husband. And how many lives have we had together. that’s all thank you again!!

  19. Hi, Vickie 🙂 Love and light to you. Thanks for providing such a service to us all. I think it’s amazing that so many people are aware of the possibility of past lives, and willing to accept them as a probability. I have attempted to delve into my past lives before, aware that I’ve had many. But, like many of us, I feel that I easily second guess the information that is being given to me. In an era of “facts,” it can be difficult to trust the information that comes from the source. Thank you for empowering us to explore and trust this method.
    There is a man that I work with, who is a significant amount older than myself. I have a strong feeling that we’ve known each other before. The connection is very strong. I feel like I can tap into what he is thinking easier than I can most people, and I am very intuitive. There is a very sexual energy to our connection, but that might be coming from his own place and not something that we share. In this life, he has had many partners, and I have had very few. In doing a bit of exploring, I feel like we may have been soldiers together during the Roman times, but maybe I am way off. If that were the case, I’m not really sure where the lustful/romantic connection plays into this. With this information, if you have a moment and could enlighten me a bit about this connection, I would greatly appreciate it.
    Again, thank you for all that you do. Many blessings.

    • Hello cate!

      When I check into your past lives with this man it shows that you have been ‘his’ lover in many lifetimes. And this ‘energy’ you wrote about keeps playing out because it is never satisfied. I see that this lifetime will be the last time as you will finish your part.

  20. Tammy Jacobson Says:

    Vickie,.. My daughter brought home a new friend. As soon as I met him, it was if I had known him forever. My family became very close with him, but they have now broken up. I actually feel as though I have lost a child. Could this boy have been my son in a previous life? Thanks so much for helping me to understand this.

  21. Hi Vickie,
    I suppose im not writing about someone I’ve met recently. But someone I haven’t met or recognised for the past 18 years.
    And that would be; Me.
    I’ve lost myself along the way and I know it’s not in this lifetime because for as long as I can remember I’ve never felt anything familiar or even remotely connected to who I am…
    I have no faith, no hope, no vision and no love…
    Maybe you can shed some light onto where I fell apart………

    • Hello Macy;
      One of the first things I see is that you’ve been a wandering priest in several lifetimes. This journey that you take is to understand the depth of who you are as a soul and to embrace it. But this priest lifestyle also did not allow you to bond to otherrs and that is what you came to do this lifetime. Stepping out of it being about you and allowing others in so you could learn and grow and know yourself. As the journey as a wandering priest was tough so would allowing your to create you and being with people would be tough this lifetime. There is an essence in you that is who you are and it is waiting on you to find it. Start a journal or something that will allow you to search for yourself.

      Vickie Parker

  22. Hi Vickie,
    Thank you for this article. I have a question about a gentleman I know who I immediately had an attraction to-at work I knew when he was walking down the hallway before I saw him-it was really weird, like I had radar just for him. At the time I had approached him but he was not interested at all. We have since both moved to different cities, I am married and have two children. I still wonder though-did we know each other in a past life? Or could I just be crazy-maybe he just emitted pheromones that I was attracted to? If we did know one another in a past life, why when I had approached him to spend time together did he turn me down? I am happily married to someone now that I believe I knew in a past life as well but the feelings I have for this other man still exist (but I wouldn’t act on them of course).
    Thanks for any insight.

    • You were the mistress of a very powerful man in the 1300’s in Europe. He was 20 years older. The facade that he showed you this lifetime is how he was in the lifetime you shared together. He was highly connected to a very important family through marriage.

  23. Thank you for writing this article. I thought I was crazy because I felt this connection to Fred and just could not figure it out. We have broken up and gotten back together 3 times in the past year. I never take guys back but the bond we share is so different than any other I’ve had. It’s as if time doesn’t exist when we are together. For example, at dinner a few weeks ago, we both thought that an hour had gone by but it was really 4. When, I’m with him, I feel calm and content. I also have dreams when we are together that a messenger tells me everything is going to be ok and that all is right and he is the one I should be with. What kind of connections have we had in past lives and do other people experience these “time warps?” Thanks 

    • Hello Kara;

      Yes. Other people do experience these periods of time that you call ‘time warps’. And it is an amazing expereince. Some of the past lives you’ve had together are. Your mother died in child birth with you and your father raised you. It was just you and him and he cared for all of your needs. Including caring you in a sling while he tilled the farm. Another is a protective brother who was your staunch guardian right before World War I. yet another is a husband who loved you unconditionally. When I ask how many lifetimes the two of you have shared together the number that pops up is 100.

      • Thank you soooo much for your reply. This explains a lot about my current life as well. Quite interesting. Thank you again!

  24. Hi Vickie, i met a soul connection last year and you did a phone reading for me and told me about us being in 3 lifetimes together where me, him and my current husband where together.
    After we met things got weird, and I awakened to a whole new world. In a meditation i saw my many lifetimes, tho in one, i saw an image of me holding a baby and a man, with an axe in his hands, felt a wonderfull feeling of love. I think this souls conection it’s actually what some people call Twin Flame, and not just a soulmate. One strange thing happened one night that I was reading a book and felt the presence of this man on my back, and felt as if he chopped my head with the axe… and before that I had a dream where this woman (or me) was killing the baby. I’d like to ask you and see if the following happened: i saw it was somewhere around 1200 – 1300, we lived in a farm, the 3 of us. I either went crazy or he was abusing the baby, and I ended up killing the baby, and then he killing me…
    Truth is after I got to this conclusion, I felt forgivness for this man in this lifetime… as if that is what I was suppose to learn.
    Let me know if you can see this or at least see some other part of the story, since I’m pretty sure will help me for closure now.
    Thanks so much!

  25. Hi Vikie,

    I found your article to be very interesting. I have actually had almost the same experience. I wonder who i was in the past lifetime, i actually have a great aunt in my life that i met 4 yrs ago and were close now. I have seen once when i was about 10 and than around my high school graduation in o7, i felt i needed to meet her, her name came in my head for no reason. it was interesting, Its like we’ve met before in another life, we instintly clicked like weve known each other forever. i even look like the spitting image of he when she was my age, she is like a mother to me, but what im wondering if we have ever met in another lifetime.

  26. hi vicky,
    one more question, i have an ex boyfriend that keeps coming back in my life, were good friends, we have a weird connection, like we were lovers in our previous lifetime, we confide in each other easily, and he has a little boy that is my godson. did we ever known each other and is there a reason he keeps coming back in my life

  27. Thank you for the reply, it explains somethings

  28. Hello Vicky, i live in Boston but i went to New York City for no reason at all just to go. I met this guy named Andre. When we got off the train he rushed passed me and said looking good. when he spoke i felt his voice in my soul he kept walking but i didnt want to let him go. So i pretended i was lost so i can have an opportunity to talk to him. When we made eye contact i felt like we already knew each other and as we started talking i started to tell him some stuff ABOUT HIM SELF and i was right. Everything i said was right. Im back in Boston but i feel like we arer still together when we speak. I actually think i love him… But i just wanted to ask if we had a relationship pass life and why is our connection so deep?

  29. hello, i feel as though this is all very strange, being that today is 11-11-11. I am in a marriage with 2 children. when i met my husband, i felt instantly drawn to him and i didn’t know why. we have not been married very long and have had many many problems in our relationship, but regardless i still feel a lot of love for him. long story short, he is away in drug rehab. i have sought help for a drug problem as well, but i am at home taking care of the children while i do this. during my husbands time away i came into contact with a man named andrew. the moment i saw him i felt electricity. i am a married woman and through all our problems i have always been faithful and dedicated so this feeling scared me. in getting to know andrew i have learned that he felt the same way the first time we saw each other. the attraction isn’t physical but on a totally different level. its like we have known each other for a long time but we haven’t. then again i felt something very similar with john… something else strange is that when andrew and i see each other we always see a black cat. ALWAYS. at first i thought i was just a wounded person longing for a connection during a time of need but today i started to wonder if it is possible to have multiple soul connections in one life experience and im not sure what this connection with this man is but i feel like i NEED to know. my soul is so conflicted right now and i just don’t know how to feel. who is my husband to me? who is andrew? how do i make sense of this?

  30. Hi Vickie,
    I’ve recently met a woman and felt immediately attracted and felt there was somenting special between us. She responded to my love instantly and now we are together and have a wonderful relation, at the same time very strong and sweet. The same day we’ve both remembered one of our past life that she was my mother, which explains this bound. This didn’t harm our love relation just made it stronger and explained the feeling. If you can ear more about us in the past, i’d be happy to know

  31. Hi Vickie,
    There are two people I see often (One a woman on a weekly basis, and the man on an almost daily basis) who I feel an intense ‘pull’ or attraction towards, if that is the right way to put it. The woman is an acquaintance, but the man I have never actually spoken to. In both cases it feels like I know them well. I would be extremely grateful if you could tell me whether we have been connected in the past at all.. and also if you can, whether the gender struggles I am having in this life are connected to past lives.

  32. Hi Vickie, this article and your information is very enlightening, thank you for sharing! Love and light to you. I am wondering if you could help me…I have recently been connected with my half brother that was given away for adoption when he was an infant. We have been emailing, texting and talking on the phone. I felt an instant connection, an exceptedness, an understanding, we have spoken and said things and have not expressed any judgement. Its beautiful…I was told by a friend that we knew eachother in a past life. Can you see what the relationship was? I would appreciate any information you could share to help explain this relationship.

    • Hello Tara;

      The past life currently influencing this lifetime are actually two similar lifetimes. One was as a lover and another as a very good friend. You two are kindred spirits. A person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings, or features with another; also called kindred souls.

  33. I’m Ms.Komal.K.P.I always felt someone has been waiting for me n thats y never could fall in love n also i was misogamist due to my dad who cheated mom.Saw a man’s video performing his compositions at my 24th age n felt like he was the one i’d been waiting n sensed a past life connection.His eyes seemed familiar n looked exactly like i’d wanted my man.he is a senior from college,who had come all the way from different state to mine,now a famous musician.strangely never seen him closely, though was very famous n knew name-Job Kurian.i do have blur memories of us in the same vicinity competing in singing n dance.Intution told to contact him this time which lead to him calling n v talked as if aquaints since ages.Keeping in touch via texts as am not sure how to go about in this matter as i’m not bold when it comes to men.But something tells me this man’s going to play a major role in life.The strange connection is music as i am born with arts-singing,dancing,instrumental,writing,public speaking,but as never been able to get dues in singing esp even though very talented.Always had this wierd wish that my guy should have the same talents as me.Music always has strong pull n wished my man to be a singer.There’s a feeling that he is also waiting for me n has this future conversations with him.I have started experiencing things literally-like his head on my lap n me touching his hair,his touch,and even hugs without his presence in the form of some energy[hope am not mad].He called me first time when i was talking of soulmates with someone n the next time he called the very moment i was having second guesses about him being my soulmate after i sang his compositions dedicating to him.He is singer,dancer,instrumentalist n has the same kinda flair i have for languages.We both sing in the same 4-5 languages.He belongs to christianity which my mother left for my hindu father,n which i practice even though brought up as hindu.Was given intutions from childhood about this man which i grasped as am born ‘sensitive’ too.Waiting for the moment to meet him to confirm unexplainable feelings.Dunno if its gonna happen or not.
    Who is he now to me,how many past lifes v share.Which past life has me,him n performing arts-dance n music n whats its connection this life? Which past life decided me n my mothers relationship this life coz v share a love/hate bond.y dont i have no bond at all with my dad n 3 siblings-elder sis,bro n kid sis?
    Please tell me atleast about this man.Feels like we have known each other since the time we were created! Should i pursue him?

    • Yes. You and this man have had many lifetimes together. Lovers. Friends. Siblings. And many more lifetimes together. 2000 lifetimes all together. In many different roles with each other. Based on number of questions and the topics you’ve asked for indepth info on it requires that I give you a long response. Please contact me for a complete reading. Readings start at $40 for 30 minutes.

      • 2000 lifetimes together? are you kidding? i am in doubt now! i just wanted to know who the man was connecting a past life that involved me,him and music/dance and should i pursue him..if you can reply please..

  34. Hi Vickie,
    I’ve been reading up a lot on past life relationships/soul mates recently because of a guy I met lately.

    We had many coincidental fleeting meetings where our eyes met. When a friend asked what I wanted for Christmas, I jokingly repeatedly said that I wanted “him”. Within 5 minutes, I got a call from that guy. My jaw dropped. How can such coincidences be possible?

    Over the days, I find that I increasingly could not take my eyes off him – as creepy as that sounds. I’m so attracted and drawn to him I cannot explain why. When we spoke, it felt so familiar, comfortable, natural and easy. I can’t explain it. I feel like I know him, but I don’t (not in this life at least). I don’t know if he feels the same way; I dare not ask. Do you think he feels the same attraction to me?

    I’ve never felt like this before with any other people. I don’t think this is just a “crush”. It feels like I’ve known him before.

    What is your take on this? Who was he? Are we supposed to be together in this lifetime?

    Thank you!

    • The two of you know each other from previous lifetimes. The life currently influencing this one is the two of you were best friends in childhood about 70 years ago. In this lifetime you were next door neighbors of the same age. You played together. Were in the same grade and in the same classroom at school. You told each other your secrets and kept them private between the two of you. This lifetime is about coming together in a different format. Love. Marriage.

  35. Jessica Farrier Says:

    Hi vicki, i’m writing because i am convinced my friend chris and i have been together in a past life and have some karma to work out. I feel deeply connected to him and want to maintain the best relationship possible to help each other. Is it better for us to stay just friends or are we meant to be lovers in this life? I feel like it is a cructial time to make this leap, or move on. What do you see?

  36. Learning 2 feel Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    I have a question for you if you can
    Answer, if not, that’s okay too 🙂

    I dont even know where to start…I have a coworker…very strong sexual attraction. We hooked up and like being around eachother for the most part. (I will spare you the complicated parts lol) today I talked to him and told him some stuff about himself that he needed to hear/know, (very profound and left field
    Things that came out of nowhere I had to tell
    Him) but we’ve worked together half a year and are just getting to know eachother (for 2 months) , and I feel like I shouldnt have known any of these things about him within the Timeframe and little time we’ve spent together. I feel like I KNOW him well. He may feel the same About me, not entirely sure. I’m comfortable with him so much so it scares and confuses me. I feel like we are connected on a deep level for no “logical” reason. Everything about our interactions and communication are deep and seem we seem so “connected”. I feel like I need to help him as well as on and off want him badly. Do you have any insight?

    • Learning 2 feel Says:

      The things I told him were about him, and personal things he’s been avoiding and running from reguarding his current family
      Dynamics and issues. Things that under normal circumstances I would never call someone out on with the intensity I used without knowing them as well as i know myself. Maybe it’s for my personal growth and his…

      • Learning 2 feel Says:

        Thank you so much Vickie! That makes so much sense. Is this the lifetime for that? And can we be platonic friends? I just want to be close as I can be…

    • You’ve known this man as a lover/mistress in several lifetimes. And most of what your sharing with him is this knowingness from those lives. The two of you have had very powerful love affairs but in some of those lives he was not fully available because he had a wife, or wife and children. One of the things to be aware of is some of what you desired in the previous relationships were not fulfilled in those lives and you are trying in many ways to make it happen this lifetime.


  38. Hi Vickie

    This is an interesting article, and it rang a bell that has been irking me for a while now.

    I started a new job recently, and I met someone. As soon as I met him, I felt a strange sense of ease and comfort – even though the position I have taken is very difficult on a day to day basis.

    I’m trying not to get too involved with this person or too reliant on his kindness – as he is happily married, and seems to be very content in this life. It makes me happy to see him being happy – he has the warmest smile that feels like a hug.

    Since I’ve met him, its been very weird, and I’ve felt as though there is a need to acknowledge something, but I don’t know what. These feelings have been bugging me because I’ve had trouble understanding them. For the most part I’ve been trying to ignore them, and even shut him out as it tends to confuse me.

    After reading this article, I feel much more illuminated about this situation. Thank you.

    • Hello Lauren;

      You knew this man as a young teacher in a one room school house in Kansas back in the 1800s. The man was the father of one of your students and would come get the child every day. Back then he was very kind and open and would talk to you. Because of this you were drawn to him because not very many people were open to a single woman by herself.

      Vickie Parker

  39. Hi. Thank you so much for this article and being willing to answer questions!

    this is kind of an uncomfortable subject for me but one that’s really getting desperate and emotional. It was a few years ago and I saw this video and immediately got drawn to this guy on it. My rection I remember was getting really excited and thinking “oh my god. it’s you!” I spent hours and hours with this feeling of contentment that I found my long lost friend. All I wanted to do was hug him and tell him everything was okay but I couldnt because this was a video. he doesnt know me but I feel everything in my power to get to him. I spend time reading things about him, watch videos of him and I dont want to admit but spent a few times crying bout missing him and the way “it used to be when he was younger”. hes a lot older now but I knew him. this specific person. yes his soul but this person too. I know his voice, his mannerisms, his eyes…the way he says some things. I understand everything about him and love everything ive seen about him. I also have this protective feeling. I admit, I’m very attracted and completely in love with the man. then a day came when he talked about a friend. his best friend. he died of aids in the 80s. I remember the 80s even though I wasnt there. i dress like im still in the 80s. when he mentioned the friend i fell apart and i dont know why. was i the friend? is it possible we became more than friends at any point because of the attraction now? I will do everything to get to this person if it takes my whole life but i hope he feels the same because im utterly distraught. i had a dream once of him beside my hospital bed. he sang me a song but i didnt respond. just listened. also when he says some things i can see in my head exactly what he talks about if its about some of the past. is this just hindsight or am i having flashbacks? we had one encounter. we didnt meet but he kept looking at me for long periods of time. there were few times i had to look away. it was so strange it was like the world stopped. after that we never met again but we will. I know we will because I will make sure and when he is in my life I will never leave him again. I just want to be there for him. if you could help me with this, my mind will be so at ease and I will know the next step. thank you SO much!

    • Hello Call Me!

      You are the person he lost in the 80s. When I asked if he still cared about ‘You’ I get. Absolutely YES~

      • Thank you for responding so quickly! that puts my mind so much at ease you have no idea. I will continue on my path to meeting him. never before have I felt such unconditional love.

  40. id like to know what role did dexter play in my past life and is there any karmic relationship we had and what can i do about it in this lifetime?

  41. Dear Vickie,

    I met a man last year that I “recognized”. I just knew that he was supposed to be in my life. When we spoke it seemed he was in a mild shock and looked up at me three times almost as if to “make sure” it was me. I still don’t know what he was thinking then, because although we have been in touch, but it’s been on and off and I feel he is keeping an emotional distance. I was wondering if you can see what our past life relationship(s) was/were, and what our purpose together is in this life. Thank you.

  42. Hi Vickie,

    I just stumbled upon this site and think it’s wonderful that you’re sharing your insights with others. For almost four years now I’ve had this connection with a man I’ve never really met. He’s a famous musician, but we seem to have such a strong connection, that we often times share the same thoughts. There are so many amazing things I could share with you that’s happened between us, but one major thing is his brother actually approached me at one point and asked for my number. We spoke a few times, but we haven’t had contact in over a year. There was also a night a couple of year ago, where I happened to be at the same concert as this man I’ve felt such an intense connection with. (I have so much love for his and have always felt as if we’ve known each other for a long long time.) Anyway, I felt someone staring at me at one point and when I turned to look, he was suddenly directly in front of me. His eyes diverted as soon as I looked at him, but it seemed as if he wanted to talk to me, but was too afraid. Am I crazy for feeling such strong feelings for someone I barely know? I feel like he may be my soul mate; as if he’s going to be a huge part of my life very soon….

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this. 🙂

    • Hello April;

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. You have known this man many lifetimes and most of them were around you being a love interest. I see you as lovers but both of you were married. I see another life that you were a daughter of a business partner and he found you fetching. And it goes on.. So. You’re really on about the feelings and knowingness that is between the both of you.

      • Thank you Vickie. There’s a bit of a memory of a past life where I believe he and I were married with a son. I died in a car accident when our son was very young. I asked my aunt who is very intuitive and she saw this and said that he had never healed from his lost in that life and later died of a broken heart. I didn’t believe her at first, thought it was just our two active imaginations. In this life, he has high blood pressure and has dealt with heart palpitations. And I’ve always been terrified while driving with someone else, like another car is going to hit us or us them, so I’m horribly guilty of being a backseat driver. I love to dance, though was never allowed to take lessons as a child, but have been asked in random situations by three seperate strangers, if I use to dance before. Do you see these little “coincindences” as stemming from a true past life? I keep doubting and thinking I’m making things up in my head. And if so, why do these “memories” in particular keep coming back to me?

      • We bring back past life memories to complete them which is what you are doing this lifetime. When we have unresolved ‘issues’ such as dying young or loving someone who did not love us or whatever it is. We also come back to experience relationships and encounters with those we’ve had past lives with. So this is an ongoing cycle that we do as a spirit in the body. The way our souls grow and learn is in a physical body.

  43. Holly Ellis Says:

    Okay so there’s this guy and I love him but I believe in past lives and I know I’ve met him before.
    I met him a year ago and I just knew I’d met him before, we became really good friends really quickly and the first thing that popped into my head when we first talked was ‘I’m going to fall for this guy.’ After talking to him for a few months I asked him if he felt like we had met before and he said he did but we couldn’t work out where. Then it dawned on me that he was from my past life but I knew he didn’t believe in past lives so I didn’t mention it. He then asked me out and one day he said to me, ‘I knew from the moment we met that something amazing was going to happen between us.’ I couldn’t believe it because I had had the same feeling. We’re not together any more but I still feel so connected to him and he feels the same because we still talk and he still cares because he can’t seem to stop. I’m psychic, I see spirits and have visions that come true and every time he thinks of me I can smell him. I believe that he’s my soul mate and that we’ll meet again in the future and we’ll just work this time. Is this possible or am I insane?

    • We all meet people we’ve had past lives with and this is one for you. When I look at the energy of that past life you two were married and had a relationship that others dream about. Totally and wonderfully in love. Neither having eyes for others. You contracted with each other to meet this lifetime just so both of you could be on the planet at the same time. Interacting and at peace with your connection. The love will always be there between the two of you.

  44. Hi Vickie,

    I am writing in regard to a man I have been friends with on and off for a while. The ‘off’ is contributed to another friends drama over me spending time with him. Every time we see each other we seem to have unusually strong chemistry and always fall into the same flirty behaviour, even if we haven’t talked for months. Herein lies the problem with that behaviour.. he is 20 years older than I am. We both know because of the age we shouldnt feel like this and won’t do anything about it, but every time our eyes meet or we inadvertently touch it sends intense electric shocks through us both which doesn’t help. Could you tell me whether we knew each other in a past life, and if so, how did we know each other?

    • Hello Rebecca;

      As I read your question I saw the two of you flirting and touching in a private garden in France. The man is approximately 40 years old and you about 18. You are visiting his daughter for 2 weeks. As the time progresses the two of you become lovers. On a soul level the two of you remember each other and that is why you and he are connected this life time.

  45. This is by far the most comforting and encouraging post I have found on past lives. The post is great but the supporting comments and experiences are what makes it by far the best I have seen yet. How comforting it is to read people with experiences far similar to my own and fascinating to hear various different encounters. I have long felt I have lived many lifetimes before. However, my most recent experience with a past life regards two main people currently in my life. An X of mine and my current Spirit guide. It seems the X is constantly popping up in my dreams and can’t seem to just let me be. My heart is fused with his as it always has been, it is an describable pull that I have fought very hard for quite some time now. I think I am finally making my peace with it. I feel that no matter what I do I will always know him and we will be drawn to each other regardless of our conscious wishes or state. I have fought it for much too long now to even deny it. I feel he and I were lovers in a past life as we were in this lifetime. However, we are not together anymore but I feel that to both of our souls this does not matter, they still call to each other. This has caused me much discomfort but recently I am learning to deal with it because of the recent discovery of my past life with my spirit guide. This story is far from over and it has just begun to revel itself in my current life. It is amazing how much the past life I shared with my spirit guide has shaped my current perspective in result to our past lives together. My guide was my husband form a lifetime quite long ago, 1000 years to be exact, that has shared many lifetimes with me. He has always been with me, I just recently discovered this. I thought back and realized the energy is the same throughout many parts of this life and others. He has always been with me. He (the guide) is deeply rooted and spiritual in all aspects of communication and so on with me as he always has been throughout our lives together. He has always been my teacher to a respect. I have only recently become accustom to spiritual nature again as I was told to block it out at a very early age. Since my rediscovery or reawakening, my guide has revealed much about past lives and many of the people within them to me. I have 4 people currently that I know for a fact have been a husband, a son, a daughter , and a lover of mine from the past. I have 3 of them in my life currently and the other one just breaks my heart when I see her face. I have always felt she was my daughter though I have never met her. It is amazing how the soul never forgets and the imprint it leaves on our lives as well the lives of countless others we have touched. I still have so much more to learn and discover about my Guide and our lives together. There is so much information and I have been away from spirit for so long it gets quite confusing and overwhelming at times. However, I am loving this journey of rediscovery. This is currently why I was searching for reading material to assist me in this process with all of the 4 people I mentioned. Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for this post and all that have commented.

  46. Searching for answers Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    I have been searching for answers regarding this strong connection I have for a male friend. In childhood, this friend was my first love interest, over the years we have remained friends coming in and out of each others lives like we never parted. We have reconnected in very strong way withnin the past year. It has been a supportive friendship but i feel a strong attraction to this man as well. I am happily married with a very loving, supportive husband, who interestingly, i also met as a very young teen. I am not looking for trouble in my marriage, but cant shake the feeling that this friend and I share something on deeper level and wonder what it means. I dont know if this is just my imagination or what to think of this feeling. I started to think maybe we were connected in a past life and that is where the connection lies. However when people see my husband and i together they think we have an incredible love story, so i wonder if he is someone from a past life as well. I would love to hear your insight into my relationships and possible past lives with the wonderful men i am blessed with in this life. Thank you!

    • You have past life connections to both men. These men have been lovers in different lifetimes. As well as brothers and friends and husbands…… You are also members of the same soul group who choose to come back over and over in many different relationships with one another.

      • seaching for answers Says:

        That is facinating, thank you! What does it mean to be of the same soul goup? Does that mean many of my friendships are from this same soul group? So it’s not that I have a stronger bond or connection with one. I have recently been more drawn to the support and comfort of my friend and feel guilty for it. I am just not sure how to balance the two right now as the both offer me love and support in diffeent ways and on different levels and I feel confused.

      • Soul groups are a group of beings who are members of a group who interact with one another out on the ‘astral’ plane. These groups come back in many different roles to learn and grow.

      • Searching for answers Says:

        That is facinating, thank you. What does it mean to be of the same soul group and is this common? Does this mean many of my friendships are from the same soul group? So i am not necessarily more connected to one man over the other, i was beginning to wonder that. Sometimes my friend can offer me insight and comfort in a way no one else can and i find myself craving intimacy with him when i am seeking peace in my daily life. Like he is my escape and my safe place right now. Its like he offers a very unconditional acceptance of me. Then i feel guilty for that beacuse i shouldn’t be wanting that comfort from another man.

  47. Ever since I met this woman, I’ve been attracted to her. But I kept my distance due to social standards. Lately, we’ve become more and more attracted to each other, so I feel this is a karmic thing. Also, I call her by another name! Whenever I think about her she is “Jessie”, and not “R….”. Astrologically, we are strongly connected. We can’t seem to keep our eyes off each other.

    • Definitely past life energy. When we have this type of recognition it is about powerful previous experience with that person. Could be karmic.

      • Yes, and there is so much more. It’s almost as though there needs to be a total merging with her. Something, I have to admit I’ve not felt before with any other individual. When we talk, she talks about “us”, and when we are just sitting talking, we connect on a very powerful unspoken, spiritual energy. Our body types are similar, we are both charismatic individuals in our respective professions, we both are basically “complete” individuals, respectively. I feel my life would be so much more enriched with her in it. How can I tell her without jeopardizing a friendship? Do you see her as being open to hearing my feelings for her?

  48. Therese Says:

    Dear Vickie
    I fell in love instantly and had such a powerful attraction to a man in 17years ago, we are not together anymore but still see each other and i still feel extremely connected to him when i am with him, and when i am not. Circumstances put us apart. It has had a tremendous effect on my life, to the point where recently i met someone who is a writer and just happened to be writing a book that included him in the book. I am just wishing and praying i can find someone else to love like this and move on with my life. Can you please help me and give me some insight into what this connection is with this man. I know it is very deep and important, i would love some advice and help on how i can discover my past life! Thank you so much, i would really really love to understand.

    • You and and this man have had many past lives and you are very old souls. So this is why you feel so connected with him. Just allow your knowingness to give you insight into some of the relationships you’ve had with him and you will get insight on info you are seeking.

      Sit down, close your eyes and get quiet. Think about him and allow thoughts of him to enter your mind. Go with the feelings you experience as you immerse yourself in the images and you will start seeing some of the past life info on your relationships.

  49. Someone and everyone Says:

    I had a really strange experience today. Was marching for Tibet in London, and thought I recognised a number of people, but I have never actually met any of them (at least not in this life). I really felt so strongly that I knew them from somewhere, and all I could think was that they must be from previous lives. I have felt like this before, but not with so many people in one place. It makes sense, with many of these (I presume) having buddhist belives of reincarnation, seeking and fighting for the same cause. It was really quite something. Wish I’d had the opportunity to talk to them in depth about this, to see if they had the same feelings.

    • They are from previous lifetimes, and all have had the experience of participating as a group in ‘protest’ a long time ago. All of you came together to be in London for this protest, and planned on doing so before this lifetime!

  50. I met my bestfriend 5 years ago and automatically we clicked and ever since weve been insepperable. Ive always felt really close to her and trust her advice over everyone else. I always kinda felt like we had a mother daughter relationship and i always go to her when anything is wrong. I always felt like she was a mom to me but didnt know how to explain it cuz shes only 11 years older than me.

  51. Thank you for the article Mr Parker.
    I met a person last year and from then just cannot stop thinking of him. he is a elderly person. I just do not know what to do, cant tell this to anybody. please help

    • The past lives I’m seeing between the two of you are lovers, school friends and girlfriend and boyfriend. With strong past life ties we can have a pull to people that scare us. It is a perfectly normal to experience.

      • Thank you a hundred times for such a quick reply. why are we now brought in contact in this life? what are we supposed to learn or resolve.

        I am very grateful to you thank you so much.

  52. Hi Vickie,
    There have been two women in my current lifetime with whom there have been strong mutual feelings however I am together with neither. With the first I have accepted we will not be together in this lifetime. The second confuses and hurts me much as we never broke up but she remains aloof despite former closeness that I still strongly feel. Can you see any past life connection that may shed light on our current situation? Many thanks.

    • This involves several lifetimes being girlfriend and boyfriend and best friends which leads to the close connection. Feels like karma is involved here also as she tries to ‘hurt’ you for ‘what you’ve done’.

      • Thank you Vickie for the reply and interesting that of both I mention you see detail of the second. We were born in the same city, me first but a few months after her birth my parents moved away. Could there be any significance to this? Do you see us together this time around and if so in what way.

  53. To finish what was not completed last life time. Which is to allow yourselves to acknowledge your lifetimes and that you are now completing the cycle so both can move on.

  54. what do you mean by “allow yourselves to acknowledge your lifetimes”? and what was not completed last lifetime?

  55. Mackenzie Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    Thank you for writing this article. There’s a guy named Tim that I know through my sister. He is four years older than me (They are both 20, I’m 16). We first met briefly about five years ago. My sister later became friends with him and I see him on occasion when he visits. About a year ago, I became hung up on this idea that I really wanted to confide in him about all the things that have troubled me (I have an illness and it’s been a rough ride, to say the least). I also became attached to him and I imagine him as a friend or older brother. My feelings surrounding him have gone unresolved because I have many fears and reservations about talking to him. I was wondering, though, if it’s possible I know him from a previous life? Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble getting over this…

    • You definitely have had lifetimes together. I am seeing a protective older brother, a caring father, a loving husband. Always in male roles. You also have had past lives with illnesses. You may want to ask yourself why and what you are learning from them. One of the things I see is because you are an old soul and this is the way you ‘test’ yourself each lifetime.

      • Mackenzie Says:

        Thank you for your quick response! I’ve been told by a few people that I’m an old soul and that I have wisdom beyond my years. I like how you say that having sicknesses in my lifetimes are my way of testing myself… That makes sense to me. I’ve always seen the positive sides of being ill. I noticed that it’s brought me much closer to my family. It’s also given me a chance to step back from a hectic, ‘normal’ life and see things from a new perspective. I’ve become increasingly contemplative and I’m more aware of people now.

  56. S. McIntyre Says:

    Lucky this page found me.
    I’m 19hrs. 37min. older than my fellow. We’re 30. It’s been 5 years. I’ve been lonely and can’t seem to get what I need from him, like he’s closed off to me… we both get along well at times, but other times it’s terrible.. like we have something against eachother from some time before. We can’t seem to get rid of eachother, and don’t really want to… but it’s almost like it would be the only solution at times. I wonder what we have been to eachother to have so much screwed up energy. We are great when playing around or driving. He has serious problems with *time to himself* and I have problems with not getting time with him. Like we both need something from the other we can’t access. Anyway. It seems like there’s more there than just what we can see. I don’t really live in the *normal material* world… and he’s very accepting of my *insanity* for someone that says he doesn’t believe anything. I’ve been remembering someone that I miss terribly lately, from a past time. Maybe I’ve been so lonely because I’m not meeting any people this time around, and I miss them all. Thanks very much for anything you can tell me. 🙂

  57. Hi Vickie,

    So I’ve had this up and down friendship with my uncle’s wife since I was about 15. When we first met, we instantly clicked and it was as if we could read the other’s mind. We have so much in common and our tastes in things are so similar. Lately, I feel as if she lies to me a lot and uses me when she needs help. It’s as if she doesn’t care about me as a person, but more about what I can do for her. I get so frustrated at times, because I feel that I should push her out of my life, but I feel such a strong connection with her, it’s hard. Did we possibly share a past life together? Maybe this is karma being carried out from another life?

    • Hello April;

      Past life together. Yes. Past lives ‘recognition’ draws us to these people with been with or around before. Either interacting on some level or end karma. Cycles. Tune into the the person and allow yourself to feel what the connection is.

  58. Hi Vickie!

    I’ve been thinking about past lives for awhile now – so I was so excited that I found your blog!

    I’ve been drawn to people with blue eyes for quite awhile…. I was wondering if that was connected to past life memories? I was also wondering if everyone is ‘drawn’ to their soul mate – I feel like I’ve never really connected with anyone.

    It would be really interesting to see what you’d have to say!

    • Before you came back this lifetime you and ‘the other’ person created a way to remember them. This is where the blue eyes come from. ‘I will recognize your blue eyes’. But what you are finding out is that this person has not come into your life yet. As to if they are the answer is “Yes.’ Not all of us are drawn to find our soul mate each time. Sometimes we choose to have a life time of other ‘more important’ experiences. Some people find out that soul mates keep them from accomplishing major growth in other areas.

  59. Hello Vickie,

    I stumbled across this after a very intense, and strange encounter. I do believe that we have deep soul connections to people, and when I meet someone, and I have that feeling of connection, I always go for it. I’m in a great relationship with my wonderful boyfriend, and that started because I instantly felt like he was familiar when we first met. The past weekend though, we were having fun with friends out in the city, and I saw a man smile at me as my friends and I were dancing. Usually I brush that off as unnecessary flirting or attention I don’t want since I have a man, however this was different. My heart instantly melted and I felt such a strong urge to just hug him. As I tried to talk to him and introduce him to everyone with me, I just knew he was someone special. I’m torn though because he tried to kiss me, knowing that I had a boyfriend. I should be more infuriated, but I’m more conflicted and confused because I felt so close to him. I sincerely love my boyfriend, and that’s where my heart belongs, but this other man, when I think of him, fills me up with butterflies and fast heart beats… like as if I knew him and he was very close/special to me. Do you possibly know what this could mean? I feel so guilty for feeling this way, but I can’t ignore this feeling.

  60. Hello Vickie,

    Mine starts like many stories…there is this man…
    We work together. It’s complicated. I’m married. He’s married. My husband knows about us. he initiated it in a sense. My husband and I have gone back and forth with ideas of divorce.  Now I try to keep Things more separated as not to Confuse. Coworker and I have slept together somewhere around 10 times . (please don’t judge)  It feels like we’re all stuck between two main decisions, all three of us. I love my husband. I also love the other man in a different way. At times I am okay with just being friends with coworker. But I want to be lifelong friends when I’m in that mindset. Other times I just want to be with this man, and care about him so deeply that it seems so much more.  I smell this other man when he’s not around ( as if the smell comforted me to my Soul and almost an afrodisoac at times!)  I feel his presence (spirit?) around me when he is no where near. He has “woken” me up (I think Unintentionally) to how much MORE there is in life and in the universe. It’s so confusing trying to place this connection, because I
    Feel like its so much MORE then “meets the eye.” its deep and profound, although we never talk about anything deep, let it be feelings, the universe, connections, spirituality. I think about him constantly during the day, and as I’m falling asleep, and in my Dreams! sometimes in a healthy way, sometimes obsessing over WHAT it is between us.  I don’t intentionally think of him, thoughts of him just come out of nowhere and overwhelm me! He stays away form me sometimes because he says I am like a drug to him. I feel the same regarding him. He told me yesterday that he just gets cold feet (what a choice of words!) he’s a
    Runner, when things get “intense” he literally leaves the room. he said before that the bad part of him just wants to punch me in the face(I was making some really bad decisions)  and the good part of Him just wants me to do good and take care of myself, and that he’s never felt “this way” before. I love him, but have never said anything because fear of rejection, and the complicated aspects of both of lives outside of me and him. He has said he isn’t looking to get married, and that he’s not looking for love. Vickie, neither was/am I! My logical brain knows that following this endeavor could not work. But my heart tells me it could and It could work out. I’m really just looking for some help in understanding so I can see the situation for what it is, instead of what it is not.  Thank you
    So much for this page Vickie, it’s so insightful and has really let me learn more about past lives and reincarnation. I have been learning a lot about myself, a lot about spirituality, souls, awakening, ascension, angels and archangels, clairvoyance, and many other things since I met this man. He may or
    May not .just. be the catalyst for my
    Newfound awareness…but this situation is one I keep coming back to. I hope you are having a wonderful day/evening, and blessings to you and yours. Thank you. Thank you.

    • Hello Susan;

      Thanks for sharing your story. And. You and this man have been lovers many different times. Many different lives. Thus the strong pull towards one another. This lifetime you wanted to meet him in another way, friends, so that you could interact with each other on another level. Understand him and you on a different level. Be fully who you really are. Your husband has been in your life several lifetimes and usually when this other man is ‘in the picture’. All of you learn many different ‘things’ about each other during these times.

  61. BeautifulGirl Says:

    I really like this website. I have had feelings of seeing people who looked familiar but then turned out we never met, or people who I just met who I thought I knew even though we just met, and I believe that definitely in the second case they may be from a past life. However, I’ve also met people who seem to be strangers, and then over time, I get that feeling that I’ve known them from before, far longer than is actually the case. That is what happened with my ex-fiance and now with another person. I am certain that I know this person from a past life. I don’t think he is entirely open to me just walking up to him one day and saying this, but he does think I am a reasonable person and does take my advice from time to time. In the past, in this lifetime, he nearly fell off a high place and I literally saved his life. What is really crazy about that is that that night we had both been drinking but because of my care for him, I was somehow on his wavelength and I just knew to suddenly walk across a very crowded room and go next to him and tell him to be careful. I think it is because of our connection from a past life. Other things happened as well, in which there were two different other situations where I just knew he needed my advice and my help so I made sure that I was literally by his side and I helped him. In two out of these three stories, we actually had travelled together, as colleagues, once locally, another time internationally. I want to know how I can remember who he was in a past life, in regards to me and who I was to him. I care very much for this person and it has always been the case with him that an inner prompting will lead me to be literally there with him in moments that are highly significant for him. Without his telling me verbally. It’s like its a silent understanding between us that I need to be there. His presence in my life has always been positive and uplifting in a way that is incredibly beautiful and that is somehow very special. I feel that there is more to these things than just an ordinary friendship. I really feel that there is a deep spiritual and emotional connection and bond that has been in place for a very, very, very, very long time and that we found each other in the same time and place in this lifetime for a reason. Moreover, I am from another country than he is, so this is again another interesting sign. I am wondering if there are any exercises I can do on my own to remember or to know more about this topic especially as it applies to my situation with my very wonderful friend who I care so much for.

    • You are very in tune to recognizing those you’ve had past lives with or have know before. So validate your knowingness. Even though some don’t remember their lives doesn’t mean that your are wrong. The man you are friends with this lifetime that you interact with and are there for him relates to a mother past life. So they ‘mother energy’ you have allows you to be there to ‘help’ him in many different ways. As to tuning in more. You can take classes or you can meditate and allow your past life knowingess to open up more. With how in tune you actually are you are well on your way to seeing more lives.

  62. after 30 years of my life; with relationships on and off with nothing every cross my heart and I felt that I was missing something. There’s this girl my relative introduced to me and family; first time I saw her I felt this great connection as it’s like i have know her for forever

    For the whole night I just sat there with little word and people must have thought that I’m a shy guy with little word to say. But inside am total shock and speechless.

    After the late dinner end I drop her off the station we said goodbye this and that. I spent 2 consecutive nights waking up and couldn’t sleep during the night and thinking of her; could she be my previous life partner? I meant life is about chances that you take, but could it be faith that brought people back together?

    From today its about 4 days since I last seen her, so I made the call and she seem to like me as well.

    So hope my story would add believes into someone’s faith

  63. Hi Vickie,

    Thank you so much for posting this article. I’ve always wondered about my past lives but I hadn’t been fixated on it until a week ago. Recently, I saw a man on TV that I didn’t take much notice of initially but now it’s like my mind did a double take and I can’t stop thinking about him. It sounds absolutely crazy I know, especially since I am not one to swoon over TV personas or anything so this has been very odd and distracting for me. Could it be possible that this man and I have some kind of past life connection even without physically meeting in this life? This definitely threw me for a loop since I was very happily attached until this mysterious man who I may never even meet took over my thoughts.

    Thank you for your insight.

    • Hello JE;

      Yes. You’ve had a past life with him. And it was unrequited which means you loved him in the past but he did not love you in return. Him being unavailable this lifetime creates another experience like the previous one.

  64. HI Vickie,
    I recently met a man who is a native American healer and licensed massage therapist. From our first massage session, I recognized that what he was doing to me was not only physical, but spriritual as well. We have a very easy cameraderie and are becoming better acquainted. Last time I saw him, right before we left, he did an energy channeling. That has never happened to me before and it has affected me profoundly. I have a deep, primal sense that we meant something very special to each other in a previous lifetime. I’ve never even had this kind of thoughts before.
    What do you think? Your input would be very helpful as I find my way through this experience.

  65. Hi I have been wandering lately about what people from my life at the moment were in my previous life. One person in particular I shall call A and another C and D. any help please? there the people I have strong connections with in this life. Also would you know anything about y previous life?

    • A lover. C husband. D best friend. The life showing up for you is a female life during a war. I get it took place in Spain. You are mourning the loss of a husband. This lifetime says it is influencing this one.

  66. hi vickie, met this guy recently and for some reason I feel like I have known him, something about the first time when I looked into his eyes, its like a deeper connection,whenever I bump into him we never leave eye contact until we away, his eyes are as if I have known him from somewher, but I could’nt cos he is from another country and just moved here recently, before I go to sleep, I see his face clearly, I dont know who he is or wher he is from, or why I feel like I have known him

  67. Hello there! I know someone that I might have had a past life with. I’ve always felt this unexplained closeness to him… I just feel content and peaceful when I’m around him. He’s familiar, you know. He has wonderful brown eyes with a sort of mischievous quality in them and he’s always very joking and playful. We get along well and our opinions and tastes are in large part the same.
    I’m always a bit skeptical of my feelings regarding him… I would like to know your opinion. Is he really from my past life? Who is he?

    • You’ve had past lives with this person. The ones coming up relating to you is older brother, boyfriend and just friends. The lifetimes are: during the depression in the 1920s. Late 1800s in North Dakota.
      1835 in the Mississippi area.

      • Thanks and that’s interesting – I’ve had the feeling, though, that we might have been married at one point. Am I wrong? Do you think, with some searching, I’d somehow be able to figure out the specific people we used to be?

      • Looking deeper I see this relationship. It was a hard one. To find out about your own lives requires being able to read them so you can get the names, place, etc

  68. Hi Vickie,

    I’ve known “G” for 10 years and we’ve bumped into each other several times over the past decade. We’ve never spent much time together so we don’t know much about each other, but we “know” each other. I always thought we couldn’t be together because he had a long-term girlfriend, but it became apparent later on that that wasn’t the case. His long-term relationship finally ended and he got a new girlfriend right after that, to which I felt offended because I never got a chance. I didn’t stay mad about that, however I just saw him with his “new” girlfriend the other day and he completely ignored me as if he didn’t know who I was. Can you see what our past life(s) were, the reason behind our strange karma, and what it’s supposed to mean/do?

    There’s another man I’ve had an extreme connection with who hurt me four years ago. He would not open his heart to me and I was wondering if you can see what we were before, and what that was/is about, and what I’m supposed to learn from it?

    Thank you.

  69. Hi Vicky, Im from India. Many years ago i had read somewhere in an article about reincarnation. It had a phrase which said that if you have known someone in your previous life, you were sure to recognise them in this life at that first look. “Foo Poo Sani wat” or something. I would like to know the correct phrase and its origin. Its very important Vicky. Thanks in anticipation.

  70. Hi Vickie,
    I met Wayne about 2.5 yrs ago and we dated briefly. 3 days before meeting him I knew I would meet him. Each meeting with him was preceded by some sort of “TV” like play of events in my mind’s eye (I’m normally pretty psychic in all ways but with him I was extraordinarily so). Very early on I recognized him as my “husband from a past life”. I live 3 hrs from where I was born though my ethnic origin is Asian. I have lived in a variety of places and it was only after moving here close to my birthplace I started recognizing people from past lives (I didn’t believe in reincarnation till then!). With Wayne, our relationship – I always felt happy, content and peaceful. We had intense intuition and chemistry. At the time we dated I found out he had just left his marriage and asked he contact me after his divorce. So he quickly filed for divorce, got a court date etc so we did go out a few more times and I ascribe that to the intensity of the connection. I did tell him he couldn’t divorce for me, it had to be for him. Anyway for whatever reason it ended suddenly as I wouldn’t compromise and he disappeared.

    He has been in a long term relationship with a woman for the last 2+ yrs and they live together.After he got with her, his divorce stalled for a long time and then he finally got divorced a year ago. I know she wants to marry him but they are not married.

    I still see him and I still have strong feelings for him and still channel his thoughts and feelings. Whenever he is around, I feel a gentle tickling at the nape of my neck and sense his presence. I feel helpless and locked in as I wish we could continue. I don’t sense he is happy with the woman, she is exactly like the wife he divorced, whenever we see each other the tension is so thick…when he thinks I am not looking he stands there and looks at me and even looks when I am looking. He won’t muster upon the courage to come talk. His gf yelled at me in public in the beginning of their relationship for some stupid reason to tell me she “owned” him… and I sensed then he still had feelings for me.

    I honestly don’t know what to do. I am about to move interstate. I am okay with doing so if this man is no one important to me karmically. But what if he is ? In my heart I believe he is the one.As trite and cliched as it sounds.

  71. Sorry I forgot to add : I first met Wayne under some peculiar circumstances-I was working in a haunted place and needed someone to clean it up-he so happened to come with the person I hired and he ended up cleaning it up for me. And became my hero! In fact I sensed for months after that he was the protection behind the place for me. Always made me feel protected. Also he has come to me in lucid dreams where I see, hear, can touch, talk and feel him and sometimes I see him as a silver light. In any event we have or at least I regard him with a spiritual reverence/admiration of heart and soul. Thank you for letting me post and ask your advice.

    ~ With Love,

    • Hello Monica;

      I don’t normally believe in soul mates but I saw that your souls recognized each other on that level. You do not come back each lifetime to be with each other as you need to learn from others also.

      This lifetime is allowing you to grow in ways you wanted and needed to. This being able to live your life in a manner that you grow as a soul. Not allowing another to ‘do and provide’ everything for you. As to moving and coming together really soul search this. What is it that YOU want to learn from this life this lifetime. Once you understand this then you can be you in a relationship with him.

  72. Dear Vickie,

    Thank you.
    Ah the lessons! I’ve had to grow a lot since I met him. I ruefully remember my Buddhist teacher saying pain is a sign of growth. Not being in a relationship with man and rejecting him when he wanted to be with me has hurt me so much. In retrospect I see I was not ready 2.5 yrs ago to be with him emotionally or spiritually. In the process of cleaning house I’ve learned some very important lessons in humility and understood some of the essence of life. I got a better perspective of his very “human-ness” and of his soul.That no matter who it comes from or goes to love is of the same universal source. Love is not a give and take emotion. It just is. It’s like a balloon…you press it, it bounces back. It fills every crevice and corner…like water, and comes from within and from without…like light.

    What other lessons am I learning because of him in the background? In recognizing how judgmental I was of him, I am kinder to others. I used to want a life partner who would be a spiritual guide later I changed that to companion….now I’ve learned my inner compass will take me places and also can respect another’s path if separate and different from mine. I’ve come to recognize my anger and bitterness and impatience and am letting them go…learning to show my vulnerability and faults and need for others so that my independence does not isolate me.

    Why do I want to be with him? Used to be that apart from wanting to share the rest of life, I hoped that we could come together to bring forth something big and of lasting value for humanity as we are both so talented…now I see that I shouldn’t wait.

    I am still learning the lessons in the Serenity Prayer. My most important lesson has been that I am not alone, God is with me and has always been with me. I am more joyful, tranquil, and at peace with this knowledge that there is this immense resource within me and all around me and everywhere that I hadn’t tapped into all this time.

    Once again, my heartfelt thanks. I am not sure of your definition of “soul-mate”. I’ve had kindred spirit (who’d fit the soul mate definition on a different level) such as my young son who knows my every thought and need intuitively, my Buddhist teacher who was in my life for about 3 years and again we knew everything about each other-I recognized him from a past life, he’s gone.

    The way I feel with Wayne is different as there is the “husband” feeling I don’t have with others. An intensity of intuition and love, a kind of love I have never felt for anyone else – etc.

    Maybe it’s just semantics 🙂 and we both know what you mean!

    My love to you ~

  73. Kathleen Says:

    I was brought up a strict Catholic & never believed in past lives, but I’ve recently started dating a man (we’re both in our 50s, have been married & divorced before), and even though we only have known each other 6 weeks, from day 1 it seemed we’d known each other all our lives. We are so comfortable together and just “fit.” I started yoga almost 2 years ago and I’ve opened my body and mind to accept positive energy and push away any negativity whenever possible, and my whole life has changed for the better. We have been discussing how we must have truly known each other in a previous life because there is no way we could be this comfortable with each other so instantaneously. I’ve even purchased a house a few blocks away from him and feel no sense of alarm or, What the heck am I doing? I’ve only known this guy a short time…it all just seems so natural and right. We don’t want to move in together or marry just yet because we don’t want to ruin what seems so good right now, and because I still have young children in the house and don’t want their lives to feel like they have been turned upside down. Do you have any advice or knowledge to give me?

    • for each other.Hi Kathleen;

      Definitely had past lives together, and are here this lifetime to have a ‘perfect’ life with one another. You’ve been lovers, sister and brother, brother and brother, sister and sister and so on…. Because of the many lifetimes in many different bodies this makes you in total awareness of each other. Which is the natural and right both of you feel.

  74. philb22 Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    I feel attracted to my dance teacher and she is interested in me too. We already live in the same town and our kids are in the same school and grade. I feel like we have been brothers and sisters. What do you see ?

  75. Angelina Says:

    Hi Vickie, I met a person 6 months ago on a trip the moment he spoke to me I felt that I knew that guy and that I can trust him. I met him again 1 month ago on another trip he was talking with his friends and me and the moment he said somthing about his habbit to smoke I told to myself I love this guy and smiled,which is quite strange since i hate smoking. Then we meet 1 week ago and talked for a while again somebody called him and the way he answered the phone and moved was so familiar. When I talk to him it feels as if I am talking to an old friend. When I look at his eyes it is like I loose myself. It is so strange and we keep meeting I dont know what we were in our past lives Do u have any idea ?

    • When I look at the the two of you I get that you’ve been lovers in many lifetimes. And that the past lives allowed the two of you to spend long periods of time together. Which creates the easy way of getting along with each other this lifetime. What also shows up is that the two of you traveled to many countries together. This adds to the comfortable way the two of you interact with each other.

  76. Hi,
    I’ve recently met someone working on a house rehab with my husband. i felt an immediate, comfortable connection with him. We’ve spent a very limited amount of time talking with one another (I’ve seen him 3 times) but we seem to have many similar ideas on religion and life in general. For some reason I can’t stop thinking about him and believe we are connected by a past life or lives.

    • You’ve had several lifetimes with him. The one that shows up relating to the closeness is during the time wagon trains came across the prairie to settle the middle of the country. You are 15 years old. He is one of the men leading the wagons. During the journey the two of you would talk and he would tell you stories about his life. And a very special bond was forged between you.

  77. Hello again Vickie and group!
    This seems to be something that is becoming more common for those to recognize that the soul is in fact eternal and that they have met many people form past lives over many lifetimes. I expect it to further increase as global consciousness continues to raise.

    I thought I had my past life goal or purpose for this go around with one of my exes (DK) and I felt as if I completed that goal but I still receive soul callings from him , the dreams, the thoughts, and the corded feeling, as well as “feeling his pain”. I am not sure what else to do this lifetime to fulfill the purpose. I have been able to tap into previous lives and encounters . However, not enough information has been relayed to make the soul calling subside. How does it work when souls agree to come back and fulfill a purpose yet one seems to have done their end of the bargain but together there is unfinished business because the other part has not fully recognized the union or awakened for that matter? Also a thought regarding this topic and the influx of individuals seeking this deep soul connection. I wonder if it has something to do with how people yearn for the soul union,on a conscious level, yet truly are yearning or working toward a merging of mind, body , and spirit, on a subconscious level. it is almost like love equates to the divine or higher self as a universal pull. It is almost like love is the end and beginning of it all. I would love to her your thoughts, I love what you do here. I get updates all the time on this thread and it seems to be growing more everyday. Thanks again ;o)

    • Metaphysical
      We all create a life blueprint before we take another life. In this blueprint are all of the ‘things’ we want to experience. Most of the blueprint is about relationships because we learn more from them than anything else. Even though some complete what they wanted to learn and grow from and others may lose their way. Or on some level what they wanted to learn was more than they anticipated. Or they weren’t actually ready to do ‘so much’ this lifetime.
      Every lifetime we take allows us as souls to learn and grow and become more complete on all levels. Love is the biggest component to help us grow as it hits all levels of who we are.

  78. Hi Vickie,
    I am so relieved to read this. I have known this man for 6 yrs. he is a pastor at my church. We have only had 5 conversations In all that time until this year. I have always loved to hear him preach and felt like he was speaking directly to me. I look up to him and have great respect for him. This year, he offered a class, and I took it. The class was very intense and required me to speak to him one on one about very personal and private information about my life that I had not shared with anyone. I thought I would connect with him easily, but every time I am around him, I feel terrified of him, but strangely like I know him very well. I want to run away from him and not talk to him, but I also seek his approval for some reason. There is no logical reason for me to be scared of him. He is a wonderful person who I respect and admire, but I wonder if I have known him before.
    Can you help me to understand who he is?
    Thank you so much,

    • Hello Jennifer;
      In a previous lifetime he was a very powerful man in the Catholic Church and he took his position ‘seriously’. Anytime any one sinned they received severe punishment. In this lifetime you and your family were part of the church and were very pious. You were the youngest of the 4 children they had. At age 13 you were showing signs of turning into a woman and he told your mother to make sure you were kept in loose clothes so you wouldn’t attract men. He did this with all the other young women also, but he was actually attracted to you.

      Thus needless to say he pursued you and punished you for your beauty and being a woman. Leading to your running away from home and eventually losing your life in the hands of another man.

  79. claire2318 Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    This is a very interesting conversation that I stumbled upon. I’ve been feeling a strange connection with a man I don’t really know and I know it’s not appropriate because he’s probably 15 years older than me and married. He’s in one of my favorite local bands. Once at a show he was working the crowd and came up to me and whispered “you’re beautiful”. Another time in between sets I walked by him and he extended his arms to hug me. We’ve only spoken a few random times.

    I haven’t gone to one of their shows in a while because i don’t want to see like a crazy fan, but I keep running into him. He frequents the same place I go to for lunch during the week. We usually nod or say hi. Then sometimes I see him around my neighborhood too. Yesterday I saw him once walking down the street and then a second time at the grocery store. We laughed awkwardly and he said “I see you everywhere!”.

    I know he has a lot of female fans, but it seems like he has noticed my presence too so I wonder if he senses this uncanny connection. Whenever I see him I usually have intense dreams about him that night. It’s driving me a little crazy because I know there’s really no point since he’s married and the age gap. I would love to hear your feedback.

    Thank you!

    • Hello Claire;
      You’ve actually had several past lives together. The first one that came up for me was a father. In this lifetime your mom died when you were 3 so you were raised by your father. He took you everywhere. He taught you to hunt, fish and ‘schooled’ you. As you lived in the ‘woods’ of Oregon and there were no schools around. Another life was a husband with quite an age difference as this lifetime. He treated you like you were a treasure and gave you everything you wanted. You died in childbirth and it broke his heart.

      Vickie Parker

    • Hello Claire;
      You’ve actually had several past lives together. The first one that came up for me was a father. In this lifetime your mom died when you were 3 so you were raised by your father. He took you everywhere. He taught you to hunt, fish and ‘schooled’ you. As you lived in the ‘woods’ of Oregon and there were no schools around. Another life was a husband with quite an age difference as this lifetime. He treated you like you were a treasure and gave you everything you wanted. You died in childbirth and it broke his heart.
      Vickie Parker

  80. claire2318 Says:

    Thank you for your reply. Very intriguing indeed. I am starting to realize there are people that come into your life that you have inexplicable soul attractions too – more complicated than just a crush. I have no desire to be involved with a married man, but it’s comforting to think that maybe we had a deeper connection in another lifetime(s). I have not felt very treasured in my relationships, so when that finally happens I will appreciate it.

  81. This is weird. But I met a woman at the job I recently got, and I feel so attracted to her. I am a 22 year-old girl, and I am not a lesbian. There is a difference of age between each other of like 32 years. I don’t understand what this is. I feel, I actually felt it even before we started speaking more often to each other, that I’ve known her forever. Just looking at her I knew. And not necessarily because she may have a relative’s smile, it was something beyond that. Something more special, more profound, and I’m not really sure if we have that chemistry where “we get each other”, but I still feel so attracted to her. I feel pushed to respect her no matter what, and help her with anything, from the most little thing like bringing her the mug, to helping her cope with problems like her dad being ill. I actually feel that I want her to be my mom, and what I feel towards her, I don’t feel towards my own mother! I see her so perfect…this is really weird. I can’t explain it why….
    So, to make it clear….it’s not the chemistry that I feel, it’s the attraction, and the sense of knowing her forever. I feel like she’s been part of my life before. I feel the need to protect her too, to take care of her. I want her to be well, it’s making me sooo sad seing her sad. It’s almost like I feel what she feels.
    We get along well, we laugh and say jokes, she confesses to me, so it’s the beginning of a friendship, I’d say. But all this is driving me nuts, because she’s 32 years older than me, so I’m not a priority on her friends list, she’s got friends her own age, friends she’s had for years and years.We get along at work and that’s it. Sometimes I tend to feel jealous, therefore.

    • Roxana;
      This wonderful woman has been a grandmother to you in several lifetimes. And in these lives she took care of you because your mother past in childbirth. Your parents died in a car crash. I also saw that she has had other roles as a twin sister, mother, aunt and best friends. You’ve had many lives together. Thanks so much for sharing.

      • Vickie, I want to thank you for replying. I didn’t think you’d take my post in consideration. I cried when I read it 😀
        All the best,


        P.S. Has it ever happened that people have written things like this to you, feeling they’ve known someone in a different life, but turned out they hadn’t known each other in other lives?

      • No. I believe we all have certainty as a soul, and that soul remembers.

  82. Hi Vickie,

    I’m hoping you can help me make some things clear so that I don’t think I’m just crazy. My story is a lot like one of the woman that have written to you…Gretchen..desperate for an answer.

    I worked at a company for about 3 years before I met one of the product managers there. According to him, he had noticed me and came around so I would notice him too. Well I did, and it’s weird because I was married….I wasn’t happy but I had no intentions of ever going behind my husbands back. I wasn’t interested in finding someone and had never even looked at anyone else. But it was so weird, when we talked I would just stare at him and this feeling would come over me, but I’m not really sure what the feeling was. I know I’m probably not making any sense, but the truth is that I cant really explain it myself. I fell in love with him very fast and I know that he fell in love with me too. We were inseperateable, we would sit and talk for hours and hours but it only seemed like minutes. Whenever we were together time just flew by. Like I said I was married and he wasnt at the time, and maybe he really didn’t think i was going to leave my husband because he got back with his ex-girlfriend and she soon moved in with him. We broke up….or tried but we just couldn’t and no, I can honestly say this is not just two people being unfaithful….the attraction, the connection….i swear i never felt anything like it. I thought I was in love before, but this is different. A year ago he moved to Germany, and again he tried to brake up with me….and again we started emailing each other and he’s come to the US a few times and we always meet up when he’s in the states. In November, I found out he got married and I was heart broken and torn and i broke up with him. It was the first time I told him I hated him and called him names, but thats not how I felt. No matter what he does to me or no matter what I do to him, we just can’t say goodbye and again, its not like past relationships when they were unhealthy. I just think that we know we should’nt see each other but at the same time something keeps pulling us together. About two weeks ago I did email him and told him I couldn’t be second best anymore. I think this might be it, but when I think of living the rest of my life without him to talk to, or to cry to…he was so much more, he was my best friend. I feel in my heart of hearts that we are destined to be together maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not in 5 years….but someday. I go to psychics for fun but they’ve all told me one thing thats the same exact thing….that I’m supposed to have two kids….and I meant to have a boy….well I already have a girl and I can’t help thinking that the boy will be his.

    Please tell me Im not completely crazy.

    Thank you….Linda

    • Hello Linda;
      This is a very deep connection between two souls who have had many lives loving one another. But I also see that there is some love karma that needs completed. This is the hidden why you want to be with this man. In the previous life together I see that you got angry with him for loving another woman and you killed him. This lifetime you wanted to come together to end the karma but you are still caught up in the energy of attraction. And again there is another woman. Be patient and you will have another chance.

  83. Hello- a few years ago i was on a mission to adopt a dog. I originally had another dog in mind, but couldnt get that dog because he/she wasn’t eligible yet. I went back the following day to show my bro the dog and this other dog came running towards me and I was putty in his hands ever since. I adopted him and somehow I feel like I was meant to save him and he’s someone I’ve known in a past life. I feel this way about a few people and animals, but I really want to know about my dog Bigglesworth.

    • Vickie Parker
      Bigglesworth has been in your life many lifetimes and recognized you when you came back with your bro. He made sure that you would bring him back into your life. When I look at you I see that you do have strong intuition. Always trust what this knowingness.

  84. Hi, I have an unusual situation that I just cant figure out. I have known a woman for about 4 years for a work relationship. Over the past several months we have gotten much closer suddenly and it is very intense. We both have brought up feelings of knowing each other from a previous life time however dont know how it is possible. There is something so familiar with her. The more we get to know each other the more we are drawn to each other on a level we dont understand. Our personalities are absolutely identical. Our strengths, weaknesses, habits, fears, everything just seems identical. Even though we have only been really close for about 8 weeks we can read each others thoughts, feelings, and have even finished each others sentences before they are spoken. When we look in each others eyes it’s like looking in a mirror and we can feel what the other is thinking and feeling. When one person is thinking of the other, there is often a text or a call almost at that exact time. There is a deep, mutual love, and connection that we both can not explain. It just simply exists and it feels like, home. We have both commented that it feels like we have cared for each other very deeply for decades but dont understand how it could be possible. We have both been contememplating checking outselves into a Psychiatric unit because this sounds so crazy. The worst part is that we are both currently married to other people and have children. Do we have a previous life bond ?? If so, why did it take us 4 years to recognize it ??

    • Hello Haus;

      You show me that you and this woman our soul mates and come back every 200 years to be together. Finding your soul mate has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, and love. So just allow yourselves to enjoy this marvelous experience of being together again.

  85. C Shell Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    I just came across your page and amazed by the experiences people have had. In my life recently I met someone and felt a strong connection to him..having a dreams of him just after meeting him..dreams that seem like from a different life and time…we contacted one another casually about working together on a few things and as we spoke more we both reveled our feelings about being drawn to one another, a feeling that we knew each other from before…that we were connected some how some way…. just wanted to share my experience too. Thank you so much!

  86. I have been looking for an article like this for months now. I met a guy from a whole different country on a business trip and I was married and in an abusive relationship then. Nothing happened between us but this person had blue eyes and I swear I felt I have known him. Its been months and I see him in my dreams every night. I felt a connection however he chose not to talk later. I cant seem to get this person out of my head. I get dreams that are very vivid. Do you think there is a pas life connection. There was this amazing energy. He did not say anything but I knew that the attraction was mutual. I keep wondering that why is he not reciprocating.

    • The two of you have a past life connection. The reason he is not reciprocating is because of fear. The dreams you are having are because the both of you are out on the astral interacting with each other.

  87. follow rivers Says:

    Dear Vickie, I hope you’ll find this interesting and will be able to help me sort some things out.

    I’ve only ever had romantic relationships in this life with men, but I have been in love with girls. the most meaningful relationships and friendships I’ve had have been with people I feet I’ve known before. I have questions about all three of these people.

    One was a boy I knew as a teenager. We felt we knew each other ‘forever’ and it was as if we’d never stopped talking, from the last point we never knew. We could laugh, dream, and whenever we were together it was so intense that it almost scared us. Movies or songs would play on the radio or tv and he’d call me, or I would immediately see him. We haven’t been together for many years, but when his father died I was there for him that night, and I still dream about him. He’ll speak to me the next day after I dream about him. I also saw him and his father in a dream, helping him to understand his father still loved him. I didn’t know it but this dream was the very same night of his late father’s birthday. Who was he to me in my past life?

    My current partner is a male, we met each other and immediately felt like we went together. He is quirky, we share thoughts about life and the universe. He always helps me problem solve, but I always feel younger than him. I wonder if he was my father or older brother in a past life. I always know when he’s thinking about me, we call each other, text each other at the same time. I feel very safe with him, he is a protector and I look up to him. Am I right about thinking this?

    Now, there is a woman who is almost a decade older than me. We are very drawn to each other and say we’ve known each other in our past lives but we aren’t sure how. We are extremely comfortable and safe with each other, but it feels very intense when we’re together. She asks me if I’m real, since I seem like a joke someone is playing on her because our interactions are as if we’ve always known each other. We share dreams about the sea and places that look like they are in Greece, we’re both afraid of drowning. I see her as a male, even though she’s not. We text or find each other at the same time, she dreams about me and the context is what’s happening to me in my life currently. How did she and I know each other?

    • Vickie Parker

      The first person is considered a soul mate as the two of you are very much the same person. Having the same experiences with each other. The second person has indeed be a father and a brother to you. The woman has had several lifetimes with you. As a lover, wife, husband, sister, best friend………

  88. Hi Vickie,
    i got this nagging feeling, that my 2 pass partners were in my life before, its like i have unfihished business with them. Dont give me wrong, im very happy with my current partner, we had an instant connection, he was married when i met him, but i KNEW i will be with him. It freaked me out, i even didnt know his name at that stage.

    But what is happening lately, im having this REAL dreams and im meeting this 2 guys at different stages and they are very close to me, and i feel love. I dont want to feel guilty towards to my partner, but i cant talk to him about this, he wouldnt understand. I also had instatnt connection with them, but it didnt last. Whats weird, the relationship with one of them lasted only a month, but i still feel it should be longer. This is really weird, but i feel i was married to both of them before.
    PS: I’m Sagittarius

    • What is happening is that you and these two guys are completing ‘the relationship’ energy you had with them in previous lifetimes. When we don’t complete a ‘cycle’ with someone we will come back and do so. This allows everyone to be able to move on without dragging past life baggage with them.

  89. Vicki,

    I had to post here as my search brought me to this page with the exact same thoughts on my mind. Here is my story.

    I met a young woman at work about 12 years ago when she first hired in. She was 22 and I was almost 32 but I felt an immediate connection to her when she turned and looked at me. And since that first day, I’ve always had a sense to help her.

    I felt three years ago, that she was pregnant and I felt two weeks ago (when she applied for her new job) that she would be leaving us. I can’t describe the overwhelming senses I’ve had about her. I told her what I felt when she became pregnant, but that caused a temporary rift in our relationship. Because of that I did not tell her my sense about her leaving…until today.

    Circumstances aligned late this afternoon that I finally had the opportunity to tell her how I felt about her after nearly 12 years. She is married now and I would never do anything to ruin her or my marriage. I don’t know how she really feels about me, as she is a rather closed person. And, I’ve had other impressions about her, but these are far off in the future.

    I told her that I didn’t know why I sensed things about her and nobody else and that it bothered me. I also mentioned that the only thing I feel now is that I just need to wait.

    I don’t want to lose contact with her and feel that in the future, we will be very close. Although that seems so improbable now.

    There is so much more I could write, but let me say the connection to her is the strongest I’ve ever felt with anyone, aside from my wife.

    Am I crazy? Has what I felt all these years been real?

    She was born in July 13, 1977 and I was born August 21, 1967.

  90. Hi Vickie,

    I found your site very interesting and hope you may help me understand the feeling I have toward my husband. I have been married to my husband for 17 years, have 2 kids, people see us as a happy Christian family. I got married to him without my parents’ consent, even though everything is all fine now with my parents, I feel very sorry to have done it because of the emotional hurt I have brought upon my parents and myself. My husband is a very responsible and intelligent man, but I have the feeling that he is not my soulmate. I feel like I am here to fulfill my obligation. I was very submissive to him and his family for a very long time, to a point that I felt so suppressed of my own nature and so sad that I wanted to walk out of the marriage. Then one night, while I was lying in bed thinking about why I brought this upon myself, a little voice told me:”you’ve done more than enough, you don’t need to do it any more.”. From that day, I started to rebel against his unreasonable requests, and my own personality started to emerge again. Needless to say, it brought quite a turmoil to my marriage, but thanks to God’s grace, we went through the troubled time and learned to respect each other. Somehow, I know God put me with him so I can lean how to love unconditionally. It would greatly help me if you can shed some light on my relationship with my husband in the past live(s). Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Mandy;
      He is not your soul mate but most of the people we have lives with aren’t as we learn and grow from all kinds of experiences. What I see in this life with this man is that you had to have these experiences so you could really grow this lifetime. As you said you came to learn unconditionally and now you have the strength and knowingness you asked to have this lifetime. Very awesome.

  91. Yesterday I had a dream that my husband had been my child in a past life and he was angry at me. Our relationship in this life time has been very complicated…we met in Africa as teenagers, met again in Paris 4 years ago…I was happily married to someone else and living thousands and thousands of kms away. Even so after our first encounter neither of us could let go of each other. It has taken us many years to get to a point where we can actually experience life together. And the path has been very stormy and difficult, there has been more sadness than joy. Even so we haver never let go. We just got married but are still in different countries. I know we belong together but I’m not even sure why…May ask for your opinion? Thank you so much

    • Olivia;
      Thanks for your post. You have had many different lifetimes with one another. And the child is only one of the many. I see you as lovers in the 1400. Man and wife in 1588. And Mother and son in several lifetimes from 1610 through 1813. You are souls that are part of a soul group and each time you come back you choose hard lifetimes that allow you to grow the most. You are together this lifetime to see how much a relationship can take before you stay or leave it. You chose to stay.

  92. Thanks Vickie, but i feel i didnt finish the cycle in this life with one of them, i think there is more to come in next life, the energy is just too strong to ignore. I dont want to do anything about it now, but its good to understand what is actually happening.

    • Razmie Collyer Says:

      Hello Vickie and fellow readers I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to have found this page. To explain, I too feel I have a past life connection with my partner. We have had a pretty rocky start to our relationship and in the beginning things were based purely for living in the moment and partying. We broke up many times because of this. Also it seems that each year we went through a cycle where we would break up and then get back together, that was until I had our son at the beginning of this year. I feel that we have broken the cycle of breaking up by settling down and communicating better but I’m still unhappy because of other issues we are experiencing. Sometimes I feel like leaving him but every time I go to something pulls me back. I’m wondering this struggle with him is due to a past life connection and I had the strangest repetitive thoughts to explore it further. I was reading articles through Google and This is how I came across this page. Please do you have any comments? I’m very interested in your

      • Razmie
        Looking at the ‘energy’ of your post the contract I’m seeing that you made together was a ‘test’ to see what kind of relationship the two of you would have this lifetime. That it would be pushed to the limits to see how both of you would grow as souls. In the soul realm both of you are still on the ‘young’ side and this is part of what you are experiencing with each other. Look at this coming together as if you’re in college and doing your masters. Be open to the experiences and ask what you are learning this lifetime.

  93. Vickie
    A year ago, if someone were to tell me that I would be here posing a question to you (or going through HALF the things I went through!), I wouldn’t believe it. So here goes. Back in January 2011, I met a man. Let’s say it was an instant attraction/connection. Our very first phone conversation was a little more than a work day (8 hours!). He’s a person that does not share his feelings normally but he really opened up to me on a lot of issues effortlessly. We got to know each other. We shared an extreme sexual attraction for each other but never spent any quality time with one another. My feelings grew deeper. The deeper I felt, the more he pulled away (saying at first nothing was wrong). Then finally he started giving weird excuses why it wasn’t going to work and avoiding me suddenly.All the while, contacting me and never completely letting me go. More time grew between when we would see each other until months went by. In this time, I came to realize…..I could not shake this man. Our relationship was quick and intense. In our conversations, I felt so connected to him and really drawn (he claimed to feel the same in the beginning). When he spoke, although he was speaking to me…my soul was definitely being spoken to as well. IN my heart, I knew this was someone I could easily spend the rest of my life with-without hesitation. Being 42, it was the first time I could speak so confidently on someone in my life. I’ve never felt this for ANYone. SO now that the absence is growing wider every month….my soul still has not been able to let go. I attract people and very often I hear that I have a very strong aura-if someone has a resistance to me…I find it off-putting because even strangers are “strangely” (lol) drawn to me. This man is purposely staying away from me (stating wild and varying reasons to flat out ignoring me/blocking me out). I can’t sit here and deny when I feel so deeply. I can’t move on. I can love without him obviously but do I want to? No. My soul cries for him……….there is no way I can shake this man-no matter how I try. Because since the very first time we met, not ONE DAY has gone by without him in my heart and in mind. And in this absence….I really feel like I’ve waited lifetimes for him. I can’t describe the feeling, as I’ve never felt such a fierce connection with another person. Its more than a connection. Its from very deep within…..I can’t control it and I certainly can’t forget him. I just need to know…who is this man and what is he to me….IN such a short span of time, he left such an impact on me. And I guess my long-winded question is…did I just fall for him (a first for me. I’ve loved but never have I felt ANYthing on so many levels such as this) or…am I right in what I feel….this man has been in my life before. I am really hoping you can feel the energy in this and maybe provide some clarity to me. Thank you so much ~

    • Hello Ro;

      You and this man have had several lifetimes together that were just like this one. And you came together this lifetime to understand what this type of attraction was about. He does not trust himself, and does not want to be consumed by this type of love. It scares him and at the same time wants to have it. You have to step back and ask yourself what you have received from meeting this lifetime, and then move on. Not many people have this experience EVER! They never get to know what it is like to be have this type of relationship. Turn your experience into something from a higher plane and you will find peace.

      • Thank you Vickie…I do feel comforted. Its a relief to know I’m not *insane* (!) but kinda sucks too. That’s exactly what it feels like….loving and losing him…over and over…..not a good feeling). Part of me(okay, ALL of me) wonders though….we seem to have these “resting periods”. Something that he said to me very close to the beginning of everything….about us having a “story”. I didn’t really think much of it at the time…but its kind of crazy that it would have such a deep meaning to me now. If this is truly the end of our story in this lifetime…..I will look at him as a gift. Maybe next time~

  94. mary lou Says:

    Hi Vicky,

    This is the first comment i have ever posted on a public website, but i cannot help but want to know your insight. About two years ago i met a guy who i believe was the key person in helping me transform my own personal state of being, all for the better. I was drawn to approach him and the first words we ever exchanged with each other were perfectly matched sarcasm and we were immediately friends. We never dated but we were involved and had so much in common it unnerved me, but at the same time i felt like we were complete opposites. We shared a lot of deep information with each other, but he would hold back on simple things (like where he was born;i still have no idea.) Just under a year of knowing each other i experienced the hardest time in my life and he helped me more than anyone during the peak of the chaos even though much of it directly affected him. I don’t want to begin to think about what may have happened without all the patience and understanding he offered me. I never imagined someone could treat me like that and expect nothing back, and still have a hard time grasping how no matter what i did i couldn’t scare him off. We stopped seeing each other because i told him i couldn’t be just friends with him and asked if he thought it was too good to be true and he said you never know. Have seen each other a handful of times in the last year and the only balanced and stable part of our connection to me has always been how extremely comfortable we are with each other. I have felt for quite some time that i knew him from a past life and when i asked him if he believed in soulmates he said yes and if he thought we met each other for a reason and he said yes. We are both single and early 20s and very much free spirits. Also, when i was having issues i was convinced that he had something to do with my brother i had never met who my mom had given up for adoption in 71 and had no contact with since that day. 9 months ago on this guy’s birthday, my mom received a facebook message from my brother’s wife, and two weeks later while my mom was out of state at her 40th high school reunion, she met my brother for the first time and we have since been reconnected (i never told him about this). I have changed my way of living and being in almost every way in the last year and have now reached a point where i feel that even bigger changes are coming my way and i want to fully commit to them, but a part of me is holding back because of the way i feel about this man. I feel that i don’t have the guts to have an honest conversation about where we stand with each other and everything that happened simply because i have never felt this way about a person and cannot understand it. I am grateful to you for reading this long winded message and would love to hear what you think. Thank you Vicky!

    • Mary Lou;
      When I tune into the energy of this man I get ‘angel energy’. Which tells me that they were to be there for you to move forward on your path. Finding out so much more about yourself because of the relationship. On the other hand you have also helped him understand more about himself and where he is going. I too get a strong feeling that he is connected to your brother. Helping him find his way back to you and your mother. Just let the relationship unfold as it wants to. Enjoy what is coming in for you and embrace your next steps.

  95. dear vicki,
    is it possible that you meet your soul mate from every past life in one person as a kid? see, it has been 7 years since i have seen him and still he creeps his way back into my mind always around this time of year. i dream about him and me together in different time periods but always it end that we part never to see each other again. and they always are the same dreams every year. mind you these dreams have been occurring since i was 11 and i am 18 now, and i have been in many different relationships and always i find myself comparing my boyfriend or dates to him in ways that are not possible if i hadn’t known him previously, right? anyway please help i feel real aggravation when it comes to this situation and i would like some clarity.

    • Marina;
      Yes. This person is ‘the love of your life’. Some would call it soul mate. Some call it a soul who comes back over and over with someone so they can have certain experiences. I get that the two of you have had 25 past life in person relationships with each other. And they were over many years each lifetime. We do not have these kind of relationships every lifetime as we want to learn and experience other people other experiences.
      Vickie Parker

  96. Vickie,
    I would truly truly appreciate some insight on understanding why this is happening to me and if these situations have ties to past lives. In high school there was a guy who found me on a social network in august who would be going to the same hs as me in sept. We talked everyday online before the first day of school but when we would see each other we just said hi to each other and never spoke in person because we are both very shy people. We never admitted to that being the reason why we never had a real conversation in person but it was pretty evident. We stopped talking in October over a petty issue that was never confronted but I would always see him in school and we would ALWAYS make eye contact. I could be so far down the hall and our eyes would meet. I always liked him ever since we started talking but I never told anyone. When we first started talking he said I look familiar but I never met him before. Time went on and the feeling still remained. It was so strong anytime we would pass each other I would get a rush. He made me look forward to going to school and when I would be in the same room as him I would feel at home. Looking at him I feel at home. So this went on again for sophomore year, we never spoke but not a day went by that I didn’t think about him. I truly think he felt the same way because of the way he looked at me and the way he would change when he passed me an just that feeling that overwhelming feeling. So many crazy coincidences have happened its insane! I couldn’t take seeing him and feeling these strong feelings and him not talking to me. I was so fed up and hurt from it all that I transferred out of my hs after sophomore year, I felt crazy for feeling so strongly for a person that I barley knew yet felt I knew. I never spoke or saw him after that but not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him. So I spent two years in another school where no one gave me a feeling that compared to his. This late august that just past I started college. One day I was walking to the library and I was walking with my head down and when I looked up I saw this guy who had this glow around him that was looking back at me. When I saw him I was so attracted to him but I thought I would never see him again. After that day I kept seeing him and he would always look at me. He reminds me SO MUCH of the first guy they both give me the same feeling but the first guy just a bit more but for the most part the same. They are so similar they both drive similar cars, dress similarly, walk the same, and look at me the same exact way. The 2nd guy I would see in the most coincidental places. I have never spoken to him because anytime I’m around him I get this feeling of nervousness that I can’t even speak. One time I spoke to him briefly telling him that a computer doesn’t work and he said oh ok and looked so nervous and when he walked away my eyes were watering. I’m on summer vacation now and I always think about him and the first guy. I feel strong connections to both of them even though I never had a real conversation with them in person. I want to know why I’m I put in the same situation again? help… these feelings take over me and have been taking over me since 2007. Thank you so so much.

    • Dee;
      You’re showing me that you planned on having a relationship with the first man this lifetime. But the both of you ‘set up a certain way’ the two of you were to meet. And if it didn’t happen in that certain way then you would not be together this lifetimes. It was destined for you to leave and go to another school so you could meet the second person you contracted with. This is the person who you are suppose to be with. So you need to decide if you want to talk and open the door to a relationship with this man.

  97. Hello Vicky,

    I love your article. Interesting ‘insights’. I am 29 and born in Singapore, hindu. Just few days ago, my bf dreamt about MY pervious life where i was a daughter born in india to a big-shot dad and had 5 brothers. Its seems like my bf and i loved each other but things were not turning out well due to difference in caste or status… not sure about that…. but this life my bf and 1 have known each other for 10 years. We started off as friends and we have gone on with each other for 5 years. Getting married seems so difficult for us. The problem we face now is that his business not doing well at all for the past few years and me doing my degree… We know we are just meant for each other. But things are not moving for him… so mine are not because of him…. wat’s happening??????? 🙂

    • Ray
      One of the first things I see when I ‘read’ this intuitively is that both of you are resigned to your ‘status’. Which means you are stuck in traditional ways as you were in the lifetime you described in your post. The reason you are together this lifetime is to create that ‘married’ life both of you desired in the past, and now again in this lifetime. Ask yourself what steps or commitments are you willing to make this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  98. Kristijan Says:

    hello vicky i am very happy to find website like this and reading this stories, I have some questions and i would be realy gladly if you help me. I am croatian , so my english is not so good.
    Past year i meet girl Eva with who i have explosion of dejavu , we are still in relationship , but is hate and love relationship , I realy has on start very strong emotional conection with here , i see as like old people in some village with great love. I was thinking she is my soul mate , but she has great problem with alcohol and emotion who is realy messed up (but i carry with it because I work in psihiatric for 4 years as male nurse) . I dont know if we need to go on or not. I realy want to find my soulmate i was thinking i have one 2 years ago with who i was 4 years in relationship and i have strong feeling that she was my sister in past life, but she hurt me strong, i didnt do her anything to end relationship like she did :/ . I need some direction what to do or i have feeling i will go in worng path in my life. Pls help me . Tnx

    • Kristijan;
      When I look at you I see that you came to learn how to ‘assist’ others this lifetime. Thus the profession you work in. Psychiatric. I also see that you came to test your abilities to help people heal themselves, but at the same time to heal yourself.
      The relationship with Eva is to fully engage in the skills you are learning in your trade. At the same time you are being shown that you need to look at finding someone who can also help you heal. You show me with your words that you already made a decision to move on. Live the life you planned for yourself this lifetime.


  99. Hello Rebecca;
    You’ve had several lifetimes with this man. The first that comes up is twins, and just not once. The two of you served together in the Civil War. The first World War. Always having each others ‘back’. You created quite a formidable fighting machine. Another life that comes up is lovers and then a mother.
    Vickie Parker

  100. Dev Malfoy Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    Finally I can find an artical like this 🙂 I’m a Scorpio ( zodiac ) from Vietnam. I’m a Vietnamese so my English is not very good.. sorry!
    I first saw Him when he was crossing the street near our school ( I was waiting for my mother at that time ) and immidiately attracted to him. I don’t know but his eyes obsessed me. His face looks very attractive and quite… cute 🙂 I am that kind of person who is almost attracted to every handsome guys but I just feel nervous when I see him, just him.. His class is quite near my class. And when I crossed his class, I didn’t even look directly into the class but I could easily find where he was. My friends don’t find him as attractive and handsome as the way I do.. They said he was just somewhat cute.. I’ve dreamed about him several times (2 consecutive days) I even didn’t talk to him before 😦 I just want to know if we had met in our past life ??
    Thank you very much . Wish you all the best!

  101. Dear Vicky
    When I was a kid I meet these two adopted sisters I became friends with the younger one almost immediately became as closer than sisters with her and the older one I had the same response with except it was a feeling of extreme trust and it turned out that our parents were good friends and we stayed freakishly close we got into a street fight once and I took the younger ones hand and bolted not because I was scared for myself though and she yelled at me for leaving the older one by herself but I believed she could handle herself and my older sister was with her and it felt like I knew that they would be ok in a fight and hold there own and I was actually panicking about the younger one even though she was with me

    I haven’t seen them in 1-2 years and every now and then i cry about it my sister calls me weak but to me it feels like I’m missing something huge and me and my sister get along but I don’t trust her because she’s sneaky and lies but yet I feel this strong feeling that I owe her my life I personally cant explane why I just always have and not to mention I openly call her my rival in every thing my other childhood friend’s younger sister feels like more of a sister than my real sister ever has and she calls me mommy? even though she is old enough to know I’m not and her older brother I feel the same feeling of “sibling?” love for as long as I can remember and I feel happier and much more at peace when I’m with those two

    and this is extra I once had a dream that my sister and my two cousins got caught in a riptide and the cousins got out but my sister was dragged out really far then those three were about to go swimming when I freaked and felt like I HAD to stop her from swimming so I told her why don’t you put on some more sunblock she refused so I begged and I NEVER beg so she put on sunblock and sure enough my cousins got pulled in almost the exact way i dreampt it do you have anything to say about this and I always get a very strong feeling that I’ve done this before it’s so strong I have to close my eyes and grab the closest to me because I get dizzy i am very confused so if you got advice that would be very nice oh and this happens at least once a day

    • Hello Andrea!

      You are tapped into past life energy between you and the other women. You also have precognition. Which means you know beforehand that something is going to happen.
      Trust what you ‘see and know’.

      Vickie Parker

  102. Vickie,
    First of all, let me say I am so happy to have stumbled across this site! I’ve always taken an interest in past lives, and believed we live several lives (even though my parents were both always against the thought) My story begins about 4 years ago, I met this guy and we both felt an almost electrifying instant connection to each other. He has such a strong presence about him it makes everyone want to be around him, but when we first laid eyes on each other it was like from that point on we just wanted to be around each other all the time. After only 5 minutes it felt like we had known each other our whole lives, we agreed on almost everything, we had the same views and even the same humor. The problem was, he had just got with his girlfriend a couple weeks before we met, soon after we met she got pregnant. I knew I shouldn’t feel the way I did for him but we couldn’t help but just stare at each other, and smile like a couple of idiots whenever we saw each other. After a long series of events we lost touch, and his girlfriend became his wife. I ended up getting married and having a child of my own. About 8 months ago we ran into each other, and the same feelings came rushing right back. We caught up for a while, I told him how I was getting a divorce and he told me how horrible his marriage was and how he wasn’t happy. Over the next few months we talked and became very close friends, but eventually I found out he hadn’t told his wife that we talk. He told me he wished things were different because he’s so in love with everything about me, he kissed me and I’m ashamed to say I kissed him back. We really fell hard for each other but I didn’t want to ruin his marriage so we decided not to talk anymore. I had a really hard time with it, it’s sad to say that I cried harder over him than when I divorced my husband. He still makes small comments on my profile post once in a while, but other than small talk that’s it. It breaks my heart because I feel like we are somehow supposed to be together in this lifetime but I’m sure that’s impossible. I always wonder if he thinks of me, because I hate to admit it but I think of him all the time, and I feel like a part of me is missing. Is it possible we knew each other in a past life?

    • Hi Adie;

      Yes. The two of you have known each other for a very long time. Each lifetime going deeper and deeper into love for one another. This lifetime you planned on ‘seeing’ one another but the two of you previously agreed that you would meet to reconnect in the physical. But also decided to have relationships with others to learn and grow in different ways this lifetime.

      Vickie Parker

  103. Hello Vickie,
    I have been troubled by a possible past life connection, or rather the meaning of it. I met John at a university, where we attended the same class for a while.

    I felt instant fear and attraction, which I have been struggling to understand. We found it easy to talk to one another, but the topics never got too personal. Initially I found him very similar to me in curious ways, but he never showed a similar sense of recognition or awareness, which made me lean again more towards doubt and mistrust. Which in turn felt unfounded, so I was left with confusion.

    I tried to back out of the strange situation and with him leaving the studies the contact faded. I met a few of his friends, quite by coincidence. Now, a year later,we have rekindled the contact from outer circumstances, and this time, outside the class environment, our communicatiom seems llight and easy.

    I realize I really do wish only the best for John in his life, as he seems kind and generous in unexpected ways. I no longer harbour great expectations, and treating this matter with acceptance has felt good so far.

    My only worry is that after seeing him again, the questions of our past connection pop up again just as strong as before, which lead me to begin my search again and now, to your site.

    I am indebted for any information or your advice regarding this matter. I feel unbelievably strange finally voicing all this, but I feel I need to know the truth to move on.

    Thank you,

    • Mia;

      The instant fear and attraction you experienced is from a past life that forbid you being in a relationship with someone not of your status. In that lifetime you allowed yourself to love him and you ended up banned to another country for your dalliances. The love between both of you was deep and down to the soul level but not to be had.

      Vickie Parker

  104. I have been in a relationship off and on for about ten years. I do believe I have shared past lives with this man as we’ve always had a strong easy immediate connection. We even have a child. He has not always treated me the greatest and has betrayed me many times. I am confused on our purpose anymore.
    I have a male friend who I also had that same easy immediate known you before connection. We have lost contact several times and most recently last week he appeared in a dream and was on my mind all the next morning. That afternoon he contacted me saying I had been on his mind recently. We had not spoke in nearly a year. It seemed awful coincidental. I am curious if my intuition is right and we know each other from a past life as well and more so why we keep reappearing in one anothers lives this life.

  105. Hi Vickie!

    I’m so glad I came across your website/webpage. I never thought I would be one of the people posting my story and a question, but here I am!

    Since high school 13 years ago, I have had a very special connection with a student there who was not really one of those regular ‘buddies’ you hang out with, but something else I can’t define. We’ve never dated or anything like that, and I’m still not sure if there is anything sexual about my feelings for her.

    She helped me through a very tough time at school and since then, I’ve basically been in love with her. After graduating from high school, we’ve randomly been bumping into each other, but somehow have not been able to stay in continued contact. I’m not sure if she feels the same, although she has told me she thinks of me often. All I know is that I’m absolutely drawn to her and love her unconditionally. I basically just want her in my life and want her to be happy, however it is she chooses to be happy. I will probably end up confessing to her if our relationship becomes more regular, but I’m not expecting anything from her. She’s one of the few people in my life that I’m feel sure I have shared a past life with.

    May I please have your thoughts on the possibility of a past life connection?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Kaylin;
      Your intuition is correct. You’ve known each man in other lifetimes. With the first man it feels like your child had to be born with you as its parents. With the second man you’ve had more past lives. Friends, lovers and husband and wife.
      Vickie Parker

  106. Dear Vickie,
    Please help me..I am feeling so confused.

    My husband and I married 13 years ago, when I was just 26. It was a whirlwind courtship abroad so I never met his family until after our wedding. A few months after our wedding, his sister and her 2 sons, aged 7 and 3 at the time, came to visit us. I couldn’t explain it, but when I met her elder son, I felt a certain kind of ‘recognition’. I am Catholic and never believed reincarnation (my husband is Hindu and that’s how I started exploring the concept of reincarnation). After their visit, I didn’t see them again until recently when her kids are already grown. Last Christmas, my sister-in-law asked me to travel and stay in their house (the first time I did) as my mother-in-law was ill and wished to see me. I did, and that’s how I reconnected with my elder nephew who is now 20. I can’t explain it, but we both felt a very different pull of attraction there that is beyond physical. It’s like we connected in so many ways from the moment we set eyes on each other. We didn’t even have to talk..its like telepathy and we know what each other is thinking. We also discovered that we share so many common traits. I felt very guilty about the attraction so I emailed him after I left and told him I was just probably lonely and that’s why I allowed a certain flirtation going on between us during my visit. My sister-in-law read the email and basically forbid us both to contact each other again. I moved on with my life and tried to put everything behind me, but I just can’t get over him, which is weird because I know I love my husband, and I am not at all the type who would even look at another man while in a relationship…much more, with one who is so much younger, and a close relative. I heard from family members he’s affected too..he got drunk for the very first time a couple of days before my birthday, and had also asked his mom if he can come and visit us by himself for a few days (naturally she said no). My question is, do I know him from another lifetime? I had a very vivid dream months after I married my husband 13 years ago (when this nephew was just a kid). In the dream, I was about to get married again, to a man who now looks like my nephew, and I was heavily protesting in my dream saying ‘how could I get married again when I am already married’ (to my husband). I felt very upset in the dream and woke up with tears in my eyes. If indeed my nephew was a husband from my past, with whom I felt so negatively in the dream, why do I feel such a strong attraction for him now? Please help me,Vickie. I am afraid I am losing my mind.

    • Hello May!
      You’ve had many, many lifetimes with this young man. This is why he is so familiar to you. You both recognize each other. You’ve been lovers many times. Mother and son. Girlfriend and boyfriend. And so on and so forth.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank so much, Vickie, for confirming my hunch. It is just unbelievable how that immediate connection happened. I am re-reviewing aspects of my faith now and exploring more the concept of past lives. Thanks again…May

  107. Hi Vickie,

    Are there ever instances where a person might think they have a connection with someone that stems from past lives, but in reality, they’re making it up in their head? There’s this strong connection I’ve felt with a man for over four years. I know his mom and brother, but he and I haven’t really spoken before. But there have been these weird synchonicities and moments of telepathy that we share, that are difficult to explain.

    I had this dream a year ago that on a certain day in a couple of months, I will wake up and he will be next to me. And I wrote a particular day in my journal that the dream will occur in reality, not really understanding or knowing why I was writing that particular day down. I’m very much in love with him, but it’s difficult, because he’s in the public eye and I know he has a girlfriend. I feel as if we’re meant to be together in this lifetime, but I doubt myself too. If my dream was right and he and I are suppose to be together very soon, how can that happen if he’s still with someone else? I’m so confused Vickie.

    Am I just feeling these feelings because of a past life connection? And are we meant to be together this life?

    • Christina;
      We think sometimes that we are making it up but in reality we do have a strong past life connection with the person we are picking up on. When I look at what you’ve written and how you wrote in your journal that the two of you will meet. You are already meeting but not in this awareness. This time frame. Out on the astral.
      As to if you will meet. I get a yes.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you so much for your reply Vickie! I struggle so much with believing whether or not we will meet. One day I’ll just know…without explanation, that we will meet one day soon. Then another day, I’ll doubt myself and try to logically reason out why we won’t meet…

        I would love to get a more in-depth reading with you, if you’re available. How can I do that?

      • about 3 years ago i met mark and i felt very attached to him the first day i met him i dreamt about him that we were near this fountain and i had told him i love you and im never letting you go and we kinda talked and he would get after me and treat me like a child we no longer see each other and i always hope to run into him and i dont and i always dream about him that i love him and that we are together were him and i together in previous lifetimes because the first time we talked it felt like we had known each other since forever

      • Marissa
        Yes. The two of you have had past lives together. The life that came up when you said he treated you like a child is one in Illinois where he was considerably older than you. He was a father of a friend of yours and he was attracted to you. But he would not allow the feelings for you to surface by ignoring them. He remembered this on a soul level this lifetime, and would not allow anything to happen because of the past life memory.

        Vickie Parker

  108. Hey Vicki,
    Was just doing a search on past lives and how to recognise people from past lives and came upon your page(most surreal thing to happen to me in a while and hence my unnatural action of writing this very public comment to you…you’ll see why in a minute).

    I have experienced times when I’ve felt a deeper connection to people I’ve never spoken to but have seen around often(like this old gentleman who used to take a walk at around the same time I did and we never talked; he didn’t know I existed but I used to call him Pere cause he looked like a Dad or a teacher or something and I always believed he taught me something though I don’t know what. Like automatic teaching, by just being in the same physical space…if that makes any sense.)

    Anyway, I’m not a stranger to surreal experiences but lately I’ve just been on like a downhill slide, like how one’s intuitive aircraft would drop a fair few notches in altitude. Something was there, guiding me and now I can’t feel that something anymore and try as I may I can’t get myself to meditate or enjoy the things i used to once like. I was sure of things before, I knew the right thing to do, I never jinxed myself. Now, I see I consistently jinx myself and I am not sure of anything anymore and I seem to, almst by design, do the (seemingly?) wrong thing. Is there something I’m missing? Something I should know? Can you shed some light on my past life? Was the old gentleman my teacher?

    • Hello PD;
      You definitely had a past life with the old gentlemen as a teacher. The reason you are on a downhill slide is that you are second guessing yourself and you can’t do that. You have to allow yourself to have the experiences so that you are in tune with all the past lives you’ve had. And you have had many.
      Go with the flow. Be with yourself and let you experience you.
      Vickie Parker

  109. Danielle Says:

    This article is very interesting!
    I’ve got something to tell you and it would be nice to see what you think about it.
    Around the age of 12, I met this lady I automatically told everything to. the first time I met her, I told her a lot than other people that knew about me. She was a school teacher.
    Since then, I’ve always talked to her, asked for advice, and basically counted on her whenever I needed someone. At age 16, I became homeless and she took me in. We were more close than before. As before, I can say I got dependent on her. During the months I’ve stayed with her, I felt this thing.. like I couldn’t live without her. Which was very strange to me.
    I remember thinking “if she dies, there’s no meaning to life or if she leaves, I’ll be depressed.”
    I forgot to mention I asked her one time to adopt me when I was 12 or 13. That is very funny.. What do you think it all means? But if course, as life goes on, I feel distant from her now. She has not talked to me like before in a very long time and that made me feel like I just been forgotten. In that case, I haven’t talked to her about my personal life. Yes, we talk sometimes but not like before.
    Got an explanation from my past life if it has anything to do with that?

    • Hello Danielle;
      You’ve definitely had a mother and daughter past life. Not one but several. I’m also seeing a grandmother past life. As to the distancing it has more to do to her letting you live your life than separating herself from you. She is hoping that you are able to create what you want in your life and gave you space to do it.
      She has love for you but she also knows that you have to make your own way. What an awesome lady she is.
      Vickie Parker

  110. Hi Vickie!

    My boyfriend and I share one of those bonds you have described. We both agree to feeling extremely comfortable and at ease with each other, right from the start. This has come as a great surprise to both of us as we are both shy and introverted by nature. It did not take any effort to feel at ease with each other. While the comfort and joy are overwhelming, I do not feel a sense of familiarity as if I have known him before.

    We have many things in common. Same interests, same fascinations, same ideals… list goes on.

    We even had the same dream one night – we each remembered the dream from our own perspective. We’ve never had this happen before! It was a dream relating to the future not the past though.

    Really curious to hear what you might have to say about this relationship – past, present and future.

    Thanks Vickie.


    • Hello Joyce;
      The two of you have had many past lives together. Brother and sister. Husband and wife. Best friends. Sister and sister. Brother and brother. What I’m seeing for both of you this lifetime is you are completing each other. Each of you equaling a piece of a part of a whole. Creating one spirit. Thus what you’ve created is to have both a male and female experiences in two different bodies is awesome.
      I don’t run across these type of lifetimes often. Really allow yourself to have the full experience.
      Vickie Parker

  111. Christina Says:

    Hello Vickie

    I have always been interested in past lives and would love to know what some of my past lives were. 🙂

    There are two people in my life right now that I have had huge connections with and always wondered if they were in a past life.

    The first one is a guy who I’ve known for ten years. When I first met him he was my bestfriends boyfriend. The first day he and I met we felt such a strong connection to each other and a week later he broke up with my bestfriend to get to know me better. Which caused my bestfriend at the time to become my worst enemy and she still hates me ten years later (I think she was in a past life aswell). Him and I are best friends now and in our past we have been both friends and lovers. It is strange but I cannot imagine that there was a time in my life where I did not know him and he has mentioned the same thing to me. We have got into huge friendship/relationship breaking fights but we always end up back together somehow. There is so much backstory to this relationship but people in our lives could never understand how we managed to stay friends through all the drama that has occured between us.

    The second person is another one of my best friends. Her and I have known each other for fifteen years and we are so much alike, our families are even alike. We have had times where we have not talked for a couple years but get reunited and pick up our friendship exaclty where we left off. That has happened alot, we seperate just because of life happenings, but always get reunited somehow. We always joke that we can move to oppsite ends of the world but still one day will accidently meet up somewhere in the middle.

    Have I had past lifes with these friends?

    Thank You

    • Hello Christina;
      Yes. You’ve had past lives with these people. What is interesting about past lives is that we come back over and over again with many people to explore and learn from the encounter. Some of those we come back with can be often or every now and then. In your case it is a regular occurance.
      Thanks so much for sharing.
      Vickie Parker

  112. theflowerrrgirl Says:

    Dear Vickie,
    I have two things I want to ask about, and I have no idea if they relate to things in my past life and I am hesitant to ask, but I want to see if they are because I have always wondered.
    To start off, I am a girl in high school. People ALWAYS call me cute and call me the little names parents call their kids. I find that I like things that young girls tend to like, like princesses, dolls, hugs and other cute things like that. I like acting like a young child too because I love all the attention it gets me. I LOVE babies too. But for some reason, I don’t like when my parents hug me. Do you think I was a baby in my past life?
    The next thing is that I always want to be friends with older girls. I am straight, by the way. I’ve always wanted an older sister, and the older kids always are the ones calling me cute, adorable, etc. I like when they are the ones to comfort me when i’m sad and need someone. Do you think those two things are connected to each other and/or to my past life?

    • Hello Jill;
      You’ve had a few lifetimes where you died as a baby. So you never got to experience the child part of those lives. The dolls and all the things young girls do. And a couple of lives where you died during plagues and epidemics as a child. Which again is showing up in this life. The reason why you don’t like your parents hugging you is that they have been your parents before. They did not keep you safe during the times you died. So there is a lack of trust.
      Vickie Parker

  113. Dear Vickie,
    I have a question about a guy I’ve known since high school, we’ll call him Evan. We always used to flirt and I had a huge crush on him, but he was in love with a girl that he was good friends with all through school (although she was always playing mind games with him, and she never did end up with him) I ended up getting with the guy who became my first love and Evan became extremely jealous. Apparently after my boyfriend and I had broken up, he had written me a love note and slipped it into my locker but my ex bf got word and got into my locker and ripped it up before I got it….so the poor guy thought I was blowing him off, when really I didn’t find out until later! We all ended up graduating and losing touch, and a couple years later I got back with my first love and we were married. Things didn’t end well and we’re now divorced. Lately I have been running into “Evan” again because he has become good friends with my brother and we all have the same circle of friends. He has been very obviously flirting with me, keeps asking about the divorce, about my kid and was even playing with him a little bit when he was around. But by the time we started talking he already had plans to move half way across country. He just left a few days ago and I can’t get the last time we saw each other off my mind. We have always had a connection, we always just tend to stare into each others eyes, if one of us walks away from the group too long we end up going to look for the other and end up in deep conversation. When we said goodbye at his going away party he hugged me tight several times, and linked pinkies with me. He kept hugging me and whispering to me that he would be back to visit in September and “don’t worry, I’ll be back in two months and you’ll see me again.” He said it several times. We just stood staring at each other for a long time before we had to force ourselves to walk away. (Which was so hard to do!) When I looked into his eyes I felt something, it was deep like I had known him forever and there was a connection, like sparks and even though we didn’t kiss or anything I know those feelings are there….It’s just hard because the timing isn’t right. He keeps mentioning wanting to settle down and have kids, that he’s tired of partying and dating around. We were close before but just in a few meetings I feel like this connection was so deep, it kind of shook me a little bit. I need some help, I know we both have always had a thing for each other but I’m not sure what our connection is. The timing has never been right for us even though we both know we could have something really strong. Sometimes I feel like giving up because it just seems like it won’t happen but something keeps telling me not to. I see signs like I’ll open a page and my eyes are drawn to phrases like “You have to keep fighting” or “Don’t give up yet.” I don’t want to give up and miss out on something that can be so amazing, but I don’t want to hold on for nothing. Any insight you give me would really be helpful! Thank you,

    • Hello Adrina;
      The two of you have had past lives together. When you were planning to come back this lifetime you made a contract with your son to bring him in. So this is the first person you had to ‘take’ care in your life. You’ve had past lives with your son.
      Regarding Evan. The two of you have had many past love relationships and both of you want this one to be the most open and deepest of all of them. Separation makes the love between the two of you deeper and deeper. And yes the two of you will be together as a couple this life time.
      Vickie Parker

  114. Hi Vickie, I have a friend that I have been drawn to from the beginning. Ever since I met him we were inseparable. Even though he is involved in another relationship now I still always felt that I knew him my whole life and I just met him a few months ago. Have we crossed paths in another life?

  115. Ani

    Hello Vickie.
    Can I ask you on what basis are u telling other people’s pasts?

    All these people who are asking you for help , their names could be fake (they could be using a cyber nickname) … and even if their names and place which they say are true , even then how can you tell about their lives?

    Hello Ani;

    I connect directly with the soul of the person.

    Vickie Parker

  116. Abigail Jacobs Says:

    I think I might have had a past life because I feel so drawn to certain people that are in the culture I’m interested in.I think I might have been an inca girl or a Mexican girl in my past life or even a Native American.I live in South Africa and I’m 13 years old.I don’t feel like I belong in this country and I feel drawn to another country and I have a strong urge to go there I don’t know why.

    • Yes. You’ve had native lives in the past. I do see an Inca and Mexican Life. But I also see you as a young woman in the Andes. Whenever you have as strong draw to a country you’ve usually had a past life there.
      Vickie Parker

  117. Dear Vickie,

    I have spent my whole life searching for my twin flame even before I knew the term. I was told I have been hurt in a past life so badly that I have never gotten over it. (lost a husband in the Civil War) I have recently met a man (Joe)19 years younger than me and I am overwelmingly attracted to him. We look into each other’s eyes while speaking and I feel like he looks into my soul and I look into his. I am married to a wonderful man, but know in my heart that if this man were to admit an attraction to me, I would not be able to resist. I feel very protective of him and I think he is drawn to me. I believe there is nothing I wouldn’t do for him. He has a very stong bond to my son whom he coaches as well. I just wonder if he feels the same kind of attraction to me as I do him, or am I just going crazy. I have made many attempts to try to “forget” about him and I do so for a short time but then feel the “pull” to him again. I don’t even feel like I can control myself. I love my husband but can’t even say that I wouldn’t act on my feelings for Joe. It’s been absolutely horrible to be honest. Should I just do my best to forget him?

    • Hello Seeker;
      I see that the two of you have had several lifetimes together as lovers/husband and wife. This is why you find yourself powerfully attracted to him this lifetime. When I look at the energy of the two of you coming together this time I get a ’No’. Both of you have different reasons to be here this time.
      Vickie Parker

  118. Water Bearer Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    I really need your insight and advice on a situation. I recently began to work at a company where I felt an instant connection to my immediate supervisor. She even looks like me, but about 10 years older and many people saw the resemblance and said that we looked like sisters.

    She has traits that are like family members of mine too.

    I feel like I’ve known her all my life and I experience empathy for her. She’s always stressed out and I can feel it so I’ve done my best on the job to perform at a high standard but, for some reason, she has responded very adversely to me and frustrated my every attempt to get along with her, even lying on me and creating problems that resulted in me leaving the job.

    Only, I still feel the connection. For the first time in my life, I really feel for sure that I was her sister or something in a past life. I’ve had some of the strangest dreams about that connection and I just can’t shake the feeling. I have not had the closure that I want in this situation and I want to know if I will ever get it and if she really was my sister in the past. I also want to know some more details about our past life and how it ended as I have some suspicions that I need confirmation on.

    We are both from the same area, we both have a similar religious heritage and persuasion, we both have the same horoscope and the resemblance is striking!

    While I worked there, we’d arrive at the same time most days, even though we had no idea what time the other one was setting out and when she wasn’t deliberately trying to frustrate me, I could sense a synergy that came so naturally when we worked together. It produced remarkable results and I had really looked forward to building my career there but I still can’t understand why she behaved the way that she did. It was VERY EXTREME negativity and deception, where she’d show me one face and go behind my back and do something else. That’s whenever she showed me a good face. Most of the time, she’d be angry for no reason though.
    Even though she was like that, I felt an inexplicable comfort and familiarity around her. It was an energetic comfort.

    I keep dreaming that I have a role to play in her life now. I keep dreaming that I should not give up on her or be angry with her despite all that she has done. She has done some very mean things and set people against me for no reason, yet, I feel sorry for her because she’s making her life miserable by being so wicked.

    I don’t want her to be unhappy but since I left the job two weeks ago, I have no contact with her. That is, no worldly contact but I still feel connected to her in spirit and I feel a void due to her physical absence. I wish somehow, I could have a chance to make things right with her. I have only been good to her and she’s the one who’s done me wrong, yet I am the one who wants things to be right. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I have some kind of debt that I owe her from the past.

    • Water Bearer;
      I’m seeing that the two of you have been sisters in other lifetimes. Some of the lifetimes were twins. When I look at this other woman on a soul level she hasn’t forgiven you for being the ‘special’ sister in those lives. Thus the ill treatment by her this lifetime. As if she would be open to hearing any of this. I get a NO. She wants you punished for ‘wrongs’ done to her in those lifetimes.
      Vickie Parker

      • Water Bearer Says:

        I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share your great gift with all of us on this forum. I still need your advice though…since she wants me punished in this lifetime and in this lifetime, all I want to do is reconcile and make things right with us, then what should I do? I can’t help it. It hurts real bad that she hates me so. What exactly were the “wrongs” that I did and how can I fix them this time around. Also, will she ever get past her current mentality to a point of forgiveness and does she even realize to herself that, even though it’s negative on her end, there IS AN ENERGETIC CONNECTION that affects us both.

        Also, I did have a very strong feeling that she was my sister, yes, even a twin. Now, I still feel like she’s my sister, even more than my real sister. If anything is wrong with her, I feel energy leave me. I have to get it right IN THIS LIFETIME. Will I ever be able to? Please elaborate a little bit more. I really feel awful and I don’t even know what I did but I know that I can’t leave it like that.

        You know what else? Even in this lifetime, it’s like I’m the favorite again because since I left the job due to bad treatment, all the rest of the managers are angry and so are the co-workers because they liked me a lot and now everyone knows it’s because of her pressuring me. Please, there’s got to be a way for us to work it out. It would even help her too if she learns to drop the baggage of hurt that she walks around with – for past and present.

        Gosh, Vickie, I feel like if her hurt is my own hurt. I don’t like to see her unhappy but everything I try fails and I end up getting kicked by her the more I try. I also need to know, whether she likes it or not, because of our past sisterhood, is she also hurting herself by making things bad for me and will she ever realize that?

  119. Hello Vickie,

    I want to first say thank you for this enlightening article and for taking your time to give all of us your amazing insights. It’s truly appreciated. 🙂

    I’ve always felt odd connections with celebrities, and assumed it was because I’m an artist and can relate to them. However, there’s a strange connection I’ve had with an actor who died over 4 years ago. I was always a fan of his films, but had never felt any particular gravitation to him, himself. But when news reached me that he had passed, I was really struck by it for unknown reasons. It was like I had lost a dear friend even though we’d never met. I’d wake up at the same time in the middle of the night for days in a row after he passed, sobbing and thinking of him. I couldn’t watch any of his films for a long time without crying. It was so odd! And now when I think of him or see him in his movies, I miss him.

    Could these feelings be stemming from a past life connection?

  120. Hi Vickie,

    I see some interesting answers from you. I want to ask you about the meaning of something. When I had my second child, before even he was conceived I saw how he looked at about 4 and when he was born it really was him and when I hold him in my hands I said without thinking: “I am so happy to meet you again.”

    • Ledda;
      You made a contract to bring this child in this lifetime. This is not the first time the two of you have been together. On a soul level you were able to remember that contract. At the time of birth you recognized him. Recognizing souls from past lives is an amazing experience and the connection with these souls is incredible.
      Vickie Parker

  121. Samantha Says:

    I met a young gentleman recently which i was instantly attracted to and got along extremely well with and we were talking non stop like we had already knew each other but it was the first time meeting each other.Also as we were talking to each other we could not keep our eyes off each other and we felt confortable around each other.There was also like a energy drawing our eyes to each other.The gentlement said ‘I ‘ve never felt like this with someone in my life but i feel like I already know you like I’ve known you in a past life.I also constantly have him on my mind and miss him terribly.What are your thoughts on ths?

    • Samantha;
      Definitely past life connections. I see you as young lovers in World War I. Husband and wife in North Carolina 1880’s. The two of you are sitting on a blanket on the grass drinking lemonade. You have reddish brown hair that shines in the sunlight.
      Vickie Parker

  122. Water Bearer Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    I don’t know if we’re only allowed one reply but I need some further advice on how to go about dealing with the situation on my end and what will become of this in this lifetime. Could you please help me out as I need to have some closure and peace where this is concerned.

  123. This comment has been moved here from the Ask Vickie page.

    Feeling confused Submitted on 2012/07/27 at 4:14 pm

    Hi Vickie,

    I have been trying to leave this question for you, but it hasn’t posted so I’ll try it again.

    I came across your blog purely by accident and started reading through the questions on the “recognizing people you’ve known from past lives” page. Those stories were so similar to my own recent experience, that it prompted me to ask my own question.

    Last year I met a man on an online forum and I felt an instant connection to him. We formed a deep friendship through daily emails and online chatting, and then eventually realized that we loved each other. We are both married however, and had no intentions of leaving our spouses. We both felt like our feelings for each other were wrong and severed connection with each other several times, only to contact one another again. It was almost like feeling pulled toward one another. He told me many times that he could not stay away from me and I felt the same about him. The weird thing is that we have never met in person, we have never even spoken on the phone, and yet I feel this strong connection with him. Three months ago we finally severed contact permanently. We felt like this was impacting our marriages and so we said goodbye for good. I am having a very hard time moving on. I still feel a pull towards him and I think of him constantly. I feel like we should be together, but it is impossible. Strange coincidences happen sometimes too. For instance, I can be involved in something, and out of the blue, he will come to the forefront of my mind. Just as I start thinking of him, a song that was special to us will come on the radio or tv. I have never experienced anything like this before. I have never believed in reincarnation, but I find myself wondering if there could be some kind of past life recognition going on. He told me once that he wished we had met in another time and place, but I wonder if we have already met in another time and place…like another life maybe? What are your thoughts on this? Did we have a prior connection or is this all in my head? Thank you.

    • Feeling Confused;
      Yes. The two of you have had past lives with one another. A love that transcends time, and space. Having moments of you thinking of him. The special song plays. You and he have an amazing love affair between two souls that have always been in love with one another. I see the two of you in England in a woods that is foggy, dank and damp. You on a horse and he standing next to it looking up at you. Eyes locked.

  124. vanessa Says:

    hi vicky this is quite a long story but I went with an old lady to see a chropodist and I felt drawn to him and I started to see him everywhere I went to the dentist and he was there at the bottom 0f the stairs staring at me then another time I went into a book shop and I was kneeling down looking at books and when I got up he was standing there and he looked down then straight up at me as if he was shocked to see me and I looked down then looked up and stared at him and we had a moment of staring into eachothers eyes it was as if the world around us just vanished I would have dreams about him. He use to visit a care home I worked at and we passed in the corridor I could feel he was looking at me then when i turned around he was and we smiled at eachother I have moved away since then but I have started dreaming about him again after along time 3 nights running sometimes and I keep seeing signs I don’t know if he still feels this for me but I feel like he has consumed me in a way and I saw him another time in a pub and he stood staring at me Im sure we have had a pastlife connection but I don’t know if he believes in things like that x

    • Yes. You and this man have had past lives together. Lovers. Friends. Brother and sister. Husband and wife. What’s cool about the energy of the two of you is that you’re very open and accepting of one another. Which demonstrates that you’ve had many lives together.
      Vickie Parker

  125. Dear Vickie,

    It seems very strange, but I feel this very strange connection with a person at my work place. The minute I saw him, it felt like a long lost brother, a father. I can’t explain. Also I felt a strange belonging to Sidon and Beirut cities in Lebanon. Where I went for the first time last year. It’s so strange. There are certain places in Jerusalem that I feel a strange connection with. There is a Mountain in Lebanon that I have been seeing in my dreams. There was also this mosque and this house that I have memories of.

    • We have all had past lives in other countries in many different lifetimes. When we visit places and we feel like we’ve been there before we’ve had lives there. Listening to the languages will make us know we spoke them by the awareness we have about the experiences. So you have been in these countries in past lives.
      Vickie Parker

  126. Hi Vickie,
    I met a guy about a year ago that I felt an instant connection with. The first time we met we locked eyes & all throughout the evening I would catch him looking at me. We then met about a week later….and this time the eye contact was very intense. We have since become friends but no more as I am married. Although we have never discussed this connection & I really don’t know what his view on past lives is…I definitely think he feels a connection as well. Soon after we first met he asked me where he knows me from. He has also told me how much he trusts me. I just want to know…have we known each other in a past life & if so what do you think we were to each other?

    • Holly;
      Definitely had past lives together. The first life that comes up is neighbors in the 1880s. He was 2 years older but that didn’t get in the way of being best friends from a very early age. Both of you had no siblings to talk to or hang out with. So the relationship made you there for each other.
      Vickie Parker

  127. Hi Vickie,

    I have a terrible fear of elevators and also chronic migraines. Are these related to past life experiences? Thanks.

    • Hello Marina;
      Yes. The fear of elevators and the chronic migraines are past life related. A life shows that as a two year old a piece of your clothing got caught in the ‘mechanics’ of an elevator. This led to massive injury. The migraine is from having your head bashed in during a battle in the 1700s.
      Vickie Parker

  128. Hi Vickie,

    About a year and a half ago I moved to a different country for work. There wasn’t a particular reason as to why I chose to go there and it really just seemed like fate had pushed me there. About half a year in, I met my boyfriend by pure accident at a club. It was the last place I’d want to meet a guy and I was only there trying to dance away my sorrows from a bad relationship. The moment I met my boyfriend I was instantly attracted,not in an intense way but I felt very comfortable with him. I was close to losing the opportunity to seeing him again if it wasn’t for a number of reasons that made me brave enough to return to get his number. In hindsight all of it seemed like fate to me. Even though we have a cultural and language difference, we are very compatible and seem to have no trouble understanding each other. We seem to both know what each other wants and are very happy together.

    There are times when he has dreams about himself being a woman and me being the man next to him. In one of the dreams he recall us being in an older period, and that we were walking together. The moment he said that I also had an imagery in my head of a certain scene. In general I feel that my relationship with him transcends beyond this lifetime. Would you be kind enough to enlighten me on this? Thank you!

    • Joyce;
      Thanks so much for sharing this. What you’re sharing is exactly what past life recognition is. When we are powerfully drawn to someone and have dreams of them. We are actually ‘knowing’ and reliving the lives in our dreams. This confirms we’ve had past lives with them. Having the awareness that you’ve had both a male and female past life is awesome.
      Vickie Parker

  129. Jacqueline Says:

    Hello Vickie,

    I came across your blog a few days ago while I had been searching for signs of past life experiences. This was a very thought provoking article you have written. Thank you for sharing it with us. I was wondering if you might be able to give me some insight regarding a connection I have with someone.

    Back in March I had met a man whom I felt instantly drawn to. I had such a strong urge to get to know him. Even his face looked familiar to me, yet I couldn’t understand why. We hit it off the very first day we spoke. Since then, we speak to one another every day. I am the first person he talks to in the morning and the last person he talks to in the evening. We have so much in common. One of us will say what the other one was thinking, or we will even say the exact same thing, word for word, at the same moment. This happens frequently. I will be thinking about him and then a second later I will receive a text from him. I feel such a strong, deep connection to him. I have never been more attracted to anyone before. I know that he is attracted to me in return. When I am with him, the level of comfort is so high. I feel perfectly safe with him. I could have had the absolute worst day, but all of that will seemingly fade away. I have felt complete ever since he came into my life. Before then, I had felt that something was missing. I love him dearly.

    Our relationship has been complicated from the very start, though. He is already in a relationship. We have discussed our feelings for one another, and it was agreed that we would be together if circumstances were different. I have tried many times to move on, but I cannot. I am drawn right back to him. He has also tried to distance himself from me to no avail. I know it might be foolish, but I am constantly hoping that we will be together after all at some point. The feelings between us only grow more intense by the day. I can’t help but wonder, were we already together in a past life? Who was he to me?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is very much appreciated.

    • Jacqueline;
      Thanks for this post. When I look into the past at your relationships you’ve been lovers many times. I see him as your lover in a life when you were wealthy and married, and he was an employee who cared for your property. Another life that surfaced is that he was married with kids and you were his mistress. Both of these lifetimes show the same closeness between the two of you.
      Vickie Parker

  130. if you know that you have been in a past life with someone would they feel that aswel thanks x

  131. mandyalli912 Says:

    Hi I came across your article because I have been thinking about how my husband and I ended up together. We met at a young age and were continuously drawn together. We have a great marriage. We both believe it is very possible that we have lived other lives together, probably as husband and wife. We both believe are soulmates of some sort, often people that know us well say we are like sides of a coin- different but made from the same stuff. I just wonder what you might say about us. Thanks for any response. I think we may have contracted, is that the proper term? Not just in this life but others as well.

    • Mandy;
      Definitely two souls that like to come back with each other. Yes. When I look at the energy of your relationship I see that the two of you complete each other. This means that the both of you are one. When I ask why I am told it was a contract the two of you created at the time of your creation. The beginning of when you became souls.

  132. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the posts and the article. I met a man 13 years ago who was close to my age. We met during a very dark period in my life and he became an incredible teacher, guide and long distance friend. There was also intense electric sexual energy that was difficult for both of us to ignore. He was single when I met him and married about six months later. He made his transitiion last year from lung cancer. I can still feel his energy.
    I once had a dream where all I could remember was ” Greek God, Roman Priestess” I didn’t even know the Romans had priestesses. I told him I didn’t know what it meant and he replied that he did. I have wondered if it is possible that we remember that kind of energy and come back looking for it. I do believe we are meant to remember different lifetimes and the lessons from those lifetimes although I am not so sure we are supposed to fully recognize someone from a previous life. What is your take on it?

    • Mesmereyes1
      We create contracts with other souls before we take another life. I am seeing that the two of you do come back over and over again to experience each other on different levels. You and he are very old souls and have had many ‘types’ of lives together. The energy you feel of him, even though he is now on the other side, is the vibration of who he is as a soul. We all have a unique energy signature.
      Vickie Parker

  133. Dear Vickey,
    I have known a person for several years. It is so unhealthy relation between people. We are connected at a most spiritual way, because I can sense its feelings,toughts, sometimes know things before I hear them or see them proven though they turn out to be correct at the end. Though I’m not sure of his ability to do the same.
    But we are the worst destiny upon eachother. We have both been agonyzed by conscious actions of the other one, but it seems that whatever happens we end up in a twisted, demented kind of relationship. never the normal, expected one of people. Sometimes like friends, sometimes like enemys, but always connected.
    I have a need to keep him near.
    I’m having fears that this can go on for a lifetime though I want our addiction to end now, and I’m sure it has roots in past lifes. Though I’m also sure I’m older soul than him. What is this?

    • Valerie;
      There are several things going on between the two of you. One is what is called ‘karma’ where you owe him for something you’ve done. Then he owes you for something he’s done. When I read this I see that the two of you agreed to end it this lifetime, but you remember this agreement more than he does. Another insight I get is that the two of you always want to experience each lifetime together to the fullest, and of course this is happening this lifetime also.
      Vickie Parker

  134. Vicky
    I met a man very briefly in a work place situation. I immediately got this thought into my head that I was his wife. I started feeling an extremely intense connection with him and love for him. I was very comfortable and at ease with him. We are both married with children. It was decided that we cannot work together due to the intensity of the emotion I was feeling. I was almost ” wrapped up” in being his wife. I have no contact with him now. I cannot bear the thought that I will never see him again this lifetime. I want to know if we have any karma left in this lifetime to work together. Will we meet again in the next lifetime. Why was I feeling that I was his ” wife” ?

    • Radhika;
      Definitely had a past life with this man. And. “Yes”. You have had many different lifetimes in many different roles. This is why you recognize him. You were his wife in a previous lifetime. And a lover in another. A mother lifetime where it was just the two of you struggling to survive. The country was Italy.
      Vickie Parker

    • Lupita B. Says:

      dear Vicky,
      i met this amazing guy at work he started talking to me and it is like we are so in sync we have a lot in common although there are things that we disagree on i feel that we are on the same page…he is about 8 years older than i am i really enjoy listening to him and his anecdotes and i really do like him even though there are times where i wish he would just stop talking and be more serious…i miss him very much could it be possible that him and i have known each other in previous lifetimes

      • Lupita;
        When I tune into the two of you I see that you and he have been brother and sister several lifetimes. The one influencing this lifetime shows him older than you by 5 years. The two of you were close because your parents were gone a lot. Then girlfriend and boyfriend at the beginning of the 1900’s.
        Vickie Parker

  135. Christine Says:

    Is it possible to have run into one of your past life lovers on the Internet? Ive been with this guy for nearly 2 nd a half years, and we both know that we’re right for each other, since the beginning, and we instantly fell for each other. We really connected, and had a strong bond.

  136. ….to add on to my previous post…. I was able to talk about his personality, likes/ dislikes without even knowing him. It took him about 15 minutes to drum into me that I actually did not know him at all. …it was a bizarre experience and I still can’t believe that I am missing this man that I hardly knew. I really wish that in some astral plane in future we can be together…..

  137. Hi Vikey,

    Recently i felt strong connection with one woman, She is my instructor. I came to know her since last 4 –5 months. Everytime i think about her . I frequently share e-mail with her. We have healthy kind of friendly relationship. But I felt i had somekind of past life relation with her. Could you please shed some light in it.

    • Rosy;
      Two lives come up for me when I look at her. Older sister and a best friend. During the older sister lifetime she took care of you because your parents died. She was 10 years older than you. The best friend lifetime took place in the 1880’s and I see the two of you playing in a school yard.

  138. Mike Derickson Says:

    Dear Vickie,

    First and foremost, thank you for posting this article. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m hoping I can still hear from you.

    I’m a happy married man but am currently separated from my wife because of green card issues. During this time alone, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends. One of my friends is an ex-girlfriend of a close friend of mine. My buddy treated her pretty bad, and left her high and dry. He moved out of state, changed his profession, and pretty much killed their relationship. For whatever reason I started being her caregiver / support provider during this harsh period. She and I have been “cool” in the past, but I never considered her a close friend, or even really a friend for that matter. But seeing as how my friend, who is like a brother to me, treated her this way, I felt compelled (I guess?) to make amends.

    Long story short, she and I now have a beautiful relationship. It is not sexual in anyway, but we enjoy each others company immensely. We definitely have a special bond with each other, and I can’t help but wonder if I knew her from an existence before? It’s been about half a year since we’ve bonded, and it seems almost impossible that I’d gel with a person so quickly, and so intimately. I feel that I was either her older brother or father, or perhaps even some form of mentor or teacher. What do you make of my situation?

    Thank you,


    • Mike;
      Interesting. Thanks for sharing. Yes. The two of you have had lifetimes together. One I see her as a younger sister of a friend in the 1700’s. You were attracted to her on a love level and her brother (the man you spoke about) didn’t like it. I see you as husband and wife in another life where the both of you are extremely happy and have 2 small boys. And…………..
      Vickie Parker

  139. C.J. Bertone Says:

    Vicki, I am having major surgery on Sept. 6th, 2012. Will the outcome be beneficial?

  140. I give referrals for counselors at my job and have worked very closely with a particular counselor for around 4 years. I’ve even seen her as a therapist because I feel as if we are so in tune and able to understand one another. I have this odd feeling that I have some connection with her. Do you think this is true? Also, Today I was in a session with her and was talking about two old friends I missed dearly. As we walked out the door, I noticed they had moved their business into the same building!! Could we have all known eachother, it sure was creepy…. the people I connect and care about the most, having no prior knowledge of eachother. all moving into the same building!!

    • Hello Rhonda;
      This is great! The answer is yes. The bond between all of you is very strong, and you found your way to one another. Thanks so much for sharing this. It will help others to be aware .

  141. Hi Vickie,

    Please don’t ignore this….:)
    I was just wondering about this lifetime thing today. And I realized that I’ve also been wondering the same thing. So, I just transferred to this school and absolutely don’t know anybody there. But when I saw this guy (just found out that he’s name is Kim) I just know that I’ve seen him before but I have no idea where and when. I just stared at him, well not really staring. But you got the idea right? Anyway, I don’t know why but he kind of did the same thing to me too. We never talk to each others. But I notice that we always did things at the same time. Like arrived at school together, get into the elevator, when we buy drinks, or foods. And when we’re in the corridor, school halls, or cafeteria. We always made an eye contact. But we just walk away to different directions. Or sometimes the same direction. We just don’t talk.

    Maybe its just me being weird. But I’m just not sure. Can you explain this to me? I kinda like him thou. Haha

    • Jen;
      You are having past life recognition of a soul you’ve had past lives with. He is also aware that there is a draw to you and seems to be unsettled by it. But his energy says that he is willing to be open as to what may occur. But he’s not going to rush it.
      Vickie Parker

  142. Hi vicky,
    I suddently feel to think about the past of my life.I am ans my wife was different religion and meet 6 years ago.i gave my number to her through my friend for just enjoy..finally i married her.but now i have question it the relation as wife ,sister, brother will continue like circle all the life? what could be relation my wife in privious life.

    • Shan;
      We have different kinds of past lives with the same people and they can be male or female. When I look at you and your wife’s past lives. I see that you’ve been brother and sister. Best friends. Neighbors. You and she come back together quite often.
      Vickie Parker

  143. Hi Vickie,

    I met a guy online about four years ago, and from the first second I talked to him it was as if I had known him for what seemed like forever. Even four years later it feels like I have known him longer then a lifetime. We live in different countries and he is also four years younger than me, but I just keep having this feeling like we were supposed to meet. We talk almost every day and whenever we both have a chance, it’s like talking to someone that completely understands me and sees my point of view every time, we talk about everything and anything some times for hours and hours, and I never get sick of it. When I first saw a picture of him, I was immediately drawn to it and his face just appeared so familiar to me, like I had seen it a million times over. Also it happens a lot that we randomly start talking or thinking about the same thing. I have even once known he was sad and upset before he said anything. I listened to music I had never heard off that he told me he likes and every song I listened to I automatically felt like I had heard before thousands of times. I don’t know why but I feel so strongly connected and protective of him even though we live so far away from each other and have never met, I feel like we have been together somewhere at some place more than once which seems impossible. Only after meeting him did I start thinking about the possibilities of past life’s connections because of how I was feeling. it’s just driving me crazy feeling like this and not knowing why. I dont even know if what im saying means anything or makes any sense what so ever lol.

    • Hello iBri;
      As I was reading your question I just allowed the thoughts and images flow as to past life images. I saw you as an older protective sister in England tending to him in a nursery. I then saw a young mother holding a baby boy on her lap in a southern state in US. I see the two of you as teenagers in love in another image. So the two of you have had many lives and will continue to be contacted in the future.
      Vickie Parker

  144. I definitely believe my boyfriend and I are soul mates, who’ve shared love, acceptance and guidance to each other in more than one life time. When we met each other I felt relief that I finally found him, as if subconsciously I was searching for him directly. Our bond is unbreakable. It’s truly a wonderful feeling.

  145. Hi Vicki,
    I came upon your article while searching for some answers about my familiar feeling about my boyfriend. We met earlier this year in college (at basically the perfect time) and we both feel so connected and that we’ve known each other much much longer, his scent is familiar to me and I feel like I definitely knew him in a past life. Do you sense that as well? Thank you

    • Julie;
      I see a picture of the two of you on a boat sitting in lounge chairs tanning. Based on the swimsuits and that you are wearing a bathing cap it appears it is in the early 1900s. You are married and your energy says that the both of you are very comfortable and at peace with one another. Looking at more of the energy for later connections the two of you have had brother to brother past lives also.
      Vickie Parker

  146. Hi Vickie

    I have a best friend who I’ve known since I was about 8 or 9. We had an almost instant connection, and she probably saved my life from my own hands. I had been bullied relentlessly in my old elementary school, and because of that when I moved I had almost no self-confidence. She gave me that self-confidence I needed a voice as well.

    Since meeting at my birthday party where she actually wasn’t supposed to be at (I didn’t have any friends tjere, since I didn’t have any friends at the neighborhood. Her brother, who my brother invited, brought her.) We have faced ghosts, snoring, and even built a pretend magical world together with our own characters and characters we got from books and animes we liked, and we ruled as Queens.

    Recently I’ve devoloped romantic for her, which is strange because for as long as I can remember I’ve only been attracted to men. I have no intention of pursueing the attraction as she’s already in a relationship, and I have no questions of if we’ve met before in a past life. I know we have. Our bond is so deep it scares me sometimes. Aside from my younger sister, she’s the only one I’ve ever truely cried in front of. What I can’t help but wonder, though, is if these romantic attractions come from memories from a past life.

    • Megan;
      Yes. These feelings come from a previous life together. She has been in many of your lives as a friend, a person you could confide in and be open and there for you. As well as a romantic interest. Sounds like she is quite an open and beautiful being.
      Vickie Parker

  147. I didn’t believe in past lives. I’m a guy, and i saw a guy (friend of my friend) on Fb and i sort of recognized him and felt strangely attracted to him and had an urge to know him. Eventually we became friend. this was over a year ago. He looks a lot like me, though ive never met him. he put his picture next to mine and uploaded and my brother said he had trouble telling which one was me. a week ago, i had a dream. the conclusion of the dream was that him and me shared the same father. his mother and mine were married to him and divorced (at different times) and married elsewhere so we had our real life siblings as well but only as half siblings. and him and me were half brothers. he is older than me but in the dream i was his older brother. i talked to him about it after the dream and he said he always wanted an older brother. I also know the moment i looked at him that he was homo, and so am i. though we never pursued dating or anything. I just want to know, if you can tell, if he really couldve been my brother. We share same nicknames. Ozzy or OZ. I dont know what to do, to meet him or put this behind me?

    • This is a great share on how past life connections impact us. When I read your interaction and look at the energy between the two of you there are actually many past lives that the both of you share. You are two kindred souls. Each a piece of one another. Each completing one another. Always coming back and sharing life experiences with each other. There is a reason the two of you found each other this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  148. Hi VIckie,

    I have always had an extremely discordant relationship with my younger brother. We care about each others’ wellbeing, but we never seem to be able to get along very well. I’m wondering what kinds of past lives we might have had (if any)?

    Thank you!

    • Hello Cathy;
      Tuning in to you and your brother I’m seeing that the two of you have been in competition with one another in many lifetimes. Whatever you wanted he wanted or whatever he wanted you wanted . You are showing that this lifetime you want to end this energy between the two of you. On the other side he agreed to do so also. But he is not remembering it.
      Vickie Parker

  149. confused wife Says:

    My husband met a woman online that says they were lovers in a past life. The relationship became more intimate and they were chatting everyday, sending poems and love songs to each other. They even video chatted as they are thousands of miles apart. I found texts were they declared their love to one another and my husband told her she was his soulmate. Needless to say I am devasted. I’m not sure what to do? Any help would be appreciated. Not even sure if past lives are real. Do I leave him so they can be “lovers for eternity” as she told my husband they were?

    • Confused Wife
      Past lives are the real deal. Some use past life reasoning to lure in others for a relationship. In this case I see that this woman has had a past life with your husband and that she is using that ‘energy’ to keep the relationship going. I can’t counsel you on whether you should stay or not. You have to go with what your heart tells you.
      Vickie Parker

      • I appreciate your reply. I feel like this women is evil, telling my husband to deceive me and trying to come between us. Why would anyone who claims to be so spiritual do such hateful things? Even if she believed they knew each other from a past life, he is not her lover in this life. She has a husband and family, shouldn’t she put her energy into that. I believe he went along with her because he was flattered by the attentions of a women 20 years younger then him. I even wrote to her and told her the problems she was causing in our lives. Isn’t she just being very selfish?

  150. Hi Vickie, I’ve seen a young girl & felt that I’ve seen her before but i could not find where’s the place I’ve seen her before. I’m five years elder than that girl. Shes’a just 14-15 years years ago. I felt like she’s my little sister & no any sexually emotions about her. At the first days i’ve seen her i din’t need to be her boy friend. but i used to see hr. I was looking at her since 2007. but I couldn’t even face her. but now I love her so much. & I need to start a relationship with her. I can wait till she gets to right age for a relationship. I felt like she has same facial shapes of me. feels like she’s very familiar to me. both of us working in same field in this life. I’m a Buddhist. so i believe in past lives. & I believe lovers can wish on their fiance or fiancee to be his/her fiance/fiancee on next life too.was she my little sister or my Wife at my past life? can i be her boyfriend in this life? because I love her so much. I didn’t even start any relationship with any girl because She’s the only girl I can love. Regards!

  151. Dear vickie, I feel that me and my boyfriend knew eachother in a past life, i dont know how or why. i feel especially close to his dad. like ive known the both of them in a past life. me and my boyfriend also have a ten year age difference. Another thing, i felt attracted to his name. we were friends on facebook (what a cliche) even tho i never talked to him on facebook, i felt drawn to his name. like i felt oh yup i know im going to meet him. After being togther sometimes i pick, up bits and peices of what hes thinking. like hes saying it outlould, clear as day hear it. and vice versa. i felt like me and him and his dad are all connected. He pretty much just fell into my lap. i showed up at my sisters house and he was there too. never met him before. as soon as i saw him i felt like “oh yeah i know you… oh wait this is our first time meeting?”

    • Given
      As I read your post I see images of the boyfriend and his father standing together in brown suits and hats. It feels like it is a specific religion that they belong too and that this scene is in Pennsylvania. When I ask to see you a young woman shows up and your ‘energy’ says that you are married to the younger man. Also that when you married him the way you lived changed because of the religion. But you are tremendously happy in the relationship. When I ask for other previous past lives with this man it says that the two of you come back ‘often’ to be together.
      Vickie Parker

  152. Dear Vickie,
    I’m just a teenager. But, I’m in love…
    Since day one, I knew it. The moment I saw him, I instantly felt this… connection between us. For a long time, he didn’t seem like he wanted anything to do with me. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were supposed to be close. Or we were going to be. Or we had been. I pushed my friendship on to him, and we became close very quickly. But, that was three years ago. Our friendship is still with me, but we don’t talk as much. I saw him yesterday for the first time in two years, and instantly felt the connection again–not that it ever went away. I’ve in no way let him know any of this… But, Vickie, I’m really just curious if you see anything having to do with me and him in a past life, maybe? Something that could maybe help me figure out what I should do in this life? He’s in love with someone else, and he’s so happy with her. . . I guess I’m just looking for closure.

    Anything helps.

    P.s. Vickie, I’ve seen a few peoples past lives, before. It all came to me when I was out of a perfect state of mind, but I still saw it. They were even pretty sure what I saw was probably true. It’s just, no matter how hard I try, I can never see my own..

    Thank You.

    • Hello Breelyn;
      One of the first lives I see is that he is older and he is a teacher and you are one of his students. In that life you have a crush on him but he was married. When you talked or interacted with him he could tell that you ‘liked’ him more than you should. And this theme of you ‘loving’ him and he doesn’t allow a relationship has occurred in many lifetimes. When I ask you what is it that you are learning this life time I get that way back in history you dumped him for a man of higher status and that this created ‘bad blood’ between you and this man. What this means is he remembers this lifetime and will not allow anything to happen between the two of you. Look at allowing yourself to move on.
      Vickie Parker

  153. Vickie,
    I met a man 5 years ago in the work place. A few weeks before I was due to marry the father of my children, I started to fall in love with my co-worker. I went through with the wedding anyway, but twice during my 1st year of marriage I left my husband for this other man. Neither one of us could betray the fact that I had a family. I was heart broken when things ended and went back to my husband & family. now about 2 years ago we started talking again online and we both are still so in love with eachother. But now he has a family too and although we recently had a one night stand, things wont ever work out because both of us are married with children. I’m heart broken again. I cant get him out of my soul!! I’ve always felt like I’ve been with him in past lives before. I dream about him often. And I always get a sense like when I move on to my next life, he and I will be together.

    • JFC;
      Yes. The two of you have had many past lives, and most of them being lovers. I see marriages and the compatibility and comfort the two of you had together. But both of you prefer a combined love affair and a marriage. This is what the two of you have been striving for in your lifetimes together.
      Vickie Parker

      • This makes sense and I could feel the connection from the moment we met. You say MOST lifetimes we were lovers? Can you see what our other relationships have been besides lovers?And when you say we’ve been striving for, do u mean we have been trying to make affairs work while maintaining marriages for lifetimes? Or we’ve been striving for a marriage to eachother. He’s a soldier and was knocked unconscious while deployed, and he told me that I came to him in a dream and told him he needed to wake up and I slapped him in the face. I know he feels this INTENSE connection too. But he’s catholic so I doubt he would ever consider the thought of us sharing lifetimes together. Unlike my husband, whose spiritual beliefs are just like mine. Can you see anything about my current husband and my past? I feel like he could have been a husband, business partner, brother or father or all of thee above in a past life. Our marriage is so easy together. Rarely a fight, or quarrel. I have not one thing bad to say about him. He takes care of me and I do feel guilty for betraying him and at the end of the day I dont think I’d have the courage to leave him. When I left him for this other man twice, 5 years ago, I was scared to let go of my husband. Like I have this dependence on him. I appreciate your response. It’s helped immensely.

  154. Dear Vickie,
    I am currently on a working holiday in Bali in Indonesia and i have to go back to Europe next week. Less than a week ago I was riding on my scooter with my sister to meet my friends in the evening at the beach. I turned down the wrong street and had to stop to check the map. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a western looking guy who had also stopped as there were some police in the road pulling people over. I didn’t see his face but I had a strong senseation that there was someone there, I can only describe it as feeling his energy and his presence, but I shrugged it off. I turned around and continued driving. I saw he was going the same way as us and I wondered where he was going. Then he came up along side us and I asked him where he was going. I have no idea why I said this, it is totally out of character for me. He said he didn’t know so I asked him to come with us. He came to the beach and met my friends too. I had a really strong sense of wanting to know who he was and wanting to just be with him. When he went off to answer a call I told my friends that there is no way I could be in love with my boyfriend because I felt such a strong pull towards this guy. If I am in a realtionship I am never interested in anyone else. We later locked eyes and I had the strongest feeling that I knew him. We arranged to meet the next day for him to teach me surfing. The next day I just wanted to see him, and be with him. I never loose my head like this for a guy and so I knew there was something strange going on. We met at the beach and it felt so good just to be with him. We started talking and I just had the feeling I wanted to know everything about him. We went out for dinner and ended up talking until 2 am. I have since broken up with my boyfriend and this guy wants me to stay in Bali and told me that he had exactly the same feeling when we met. He said he’s never felt an instant want to be with someone like he does with me. He wants to be with me all the time. He said he’s sure we had a past life together and I have exactly the same feeling. When we hug it’s like the most natural thing in the world. Am I crazy?! I have never experienced anything like this before.

    • Becca;
      Yes to past lives together. The two of you have been in many scenarios together. Lovers. Husband and wife. Best friends. Brother and sister…. You are souls who come back over and over again to experience the different ‘love’ that the both of you have together.
      This lifetime the both of you wanted to bring in many ‘aspects’ of being together from other lifetimes. So that the both of you could be 100 % present for each other. Beautiful.
      Vickie Parker

  155. Hi Vickie,
    Just wondering if I had a connection in the past with my close friend. We have similar interests but he is super-intelligent, and I am more people-oriented and emotionally in tune with others. A lot of people don’t “get” my friend, but he and I understand each other very well. We have a great give-and-take relationship and keep each other’s confidences. I’m not physically attracted to him, but love him dearly as a cherished friend. We keep in frequent touch via the internet. Any insight on past lifetimes together? Thanks so much!!

    • Marnie;
      Looking at past lives for the two of you I see the two of you working together in the ‘40s in New York. It is a newspaper company and he is an ad man and you are the secretary. Both of you hit it off when you first see each other in this place of business and have a close relationship during your time there. Another life coming up is the best friend of your husband in 1887 in rural Arkansas. You have 5 kids and have your hands full keeping track of them. Your husband was away a lot on business so this man would check up on you and make sure you were ok.

  156. Dear Vickie,

    About 3 years ago I met a man at work. As soon as I saw hime, my energy went crazy. I was in a relationship at the time, but I was so drawn to this man. I did pursue the impulse of my energy to be around him and see him, but soon later I moved away as planned before meeting him. After I moved away from him, leaving the state with my current boyfriend at the time, I felt guilty about ever being involved with him while in a relationship. I ignored him for about 2 years, but he continued to text me. About half a year ago, we started talking more and more. One day I was sitting outside on my porch and I felt this tingling sensation come into my forehead, and all I could think about was him. I felt like I was instantly falling in love with him even though I hadnt seen him since 2 years ago. My pupils dialted and my whole being felt amazing. I called him and told him what I was going through. A month later we met up for the first time in years. Right before I left to see him, my menstral cycle changed. I met with him and, we decided to get married within 4 days of seeing each other. We got married and when I got home, 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. It seems odd that my cycle changed right before I saw him. so that I would be ovulating during the week that I was scheduled to meet him. It also didnt make sense in my mind why I was getting married so soon to someone I barely knew, but i felt like thier was a force guiding me to get married to him. Everything has happened so suddenly, and my mind does not know how to make sense of this all, but it feels right in my heart. I really wonder if he is a soulmate, or what connection we have.


    • Nikki;
      One of the first things I get is that the pregnancy had to happen as you had a contract with the child to bring them in this lifetime. Another thing I see is the attraction was to bring the two of you together so you could create a lifetime where the two of you actually had a long life together. As compared to the previous lifetime where both of you were killed for your beliefs. When I ask for more info on the two of you I get you are actually ‘two pieces’ or two aspects of one being who is actually quite old. Wow!!!

  157. Dear Vickie,

    This is not quite a question about a past life connection to someone else, but something a bit more unusual.

    I am almost in my thirties now, but I’m yet to experience romantic relationships. I’ve only had a couple of long-term unrequited loves in the past (I doubt the other people even knew about my interest in them).

    Starting from my early teen years, however, a strange feeling that there is/was someone else and that s/he is embedded within myself kept coming over me. Often, when I feel sad at night, I feel like there’s a voice telling me that I am meant to be on ‘our’ own and that other people do not belong with ‘us’. I’ve often felt like this is keeping me from forming romantic relationships with other people. The thought of sexual sharing with others almost seems like cheating to me, and it seems that any potential romantic relationship should purely be platonic.

    Am I just imagining things, or is there another reason why this is happening?

    Thank you for any advice,

    • Elle;
      Normally I won’t respond to anything that isn’t a past life question but I felt compelled to respond to you. What I’m getting is that actually early on in a womb there were two of you and that she ‘did not make it’. By the time this happened you had established a connection with her that became part of you. You need to accept this about yourself and understand how you combined her with you. Once you accept this you will be able to get on with your life.
      Vickie Parker

      • I’m speechless. What I did not disclose in my question was that my mother actually had a near miscarriage in the early period of being pregnant with me! Everything you said makes sense. Thanks so much, Vickie! : )

  158. Three years ago, while living in a different country, I saw someone at a work retreat, for whom I didn’t feel attraction at all, as in nothing! A few weeks later, at work, I heard a voice, deep and reassuring, I turned around and saw this man very briefly. He stopped by our lab to borrow something. I only realized then that he worked at the same hospital! From that momen on, I felt something in me was reawakened. I felt a strong pull towards him and was constantly thinking of him. Strangely, I didn’t know a thing about him, except for his profession and where he worked. Months passed, one day, I suddenly had this irresistible urge to approach him. I wrote me him an email, as a secret admirer, telling him about my admiration for him, and that was about it. I had no plans whatsoever on revealing my identity. Soon enough, he found out who I was and paid me a surprise visit at work. I was so nervous I could dig a hole I could crawl into. I hardly said a word to him and could tell he was smitten with me, and wanted me! Problem was, we were (and still are) both married to other people. And I still was trying to figure out what I saw in him or wanted with him. I just could not go down that road with him. To make it short, nothing really happened between us during this one year. One reason being, he felt rejected by me and ignored me for months; though, we got to say goodbye to one another before I left to move away to another country. Now, the connection I feel with him has been more intense than ever. I just can’t let it go. It’s like our meeting has been both a blessing and a curse. We are hardly in touch now as he has stopped responding to my messages. At one point, I thought he had moved on until last month, when he out of the blue wrote me a short email, stating that he is looking forward to the the day I come back…

    • Vibeth;
      This is a love that has been around for centuries. The two of you contracted to come together this lifetime. This was to occur after the both of you had completed some ‘things’ in your life and got to a point that both of you were ready to meet. I see that this energy will stay in place until you both meet face to face to talk and share time.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thanks, Vickie! I truly feel that our meeting was fated, that it isn’t just an “infatuation”, yet at the same time I sometimes question if there’s really such a thing (past lives, soulmates, etc.). I feel compelled to share it with him, but I’m also afraid of how he’ll react or think of me. I’m very interested to know a past life that he and I shared…

        Thanks again!

  159. Thank you Vickie!


  160. Dear Vickie,

    i was living with my 16 yr old son, after getting separated from my husband who had multiple extra marital affairs. Three months back i lost my son in a road son was very supportive and more than a son he was like a best friend to has become difficult for me to live without him. can you please tell me what was my connection with him in previous life.i feel shattered without him.please let me know.

    • Anooshka
      You and your son have had numerous past lives together. Mother and son is usually how the two of you share lives as you learn much from this type of relationship with each other. Brother and sister many, many times. Husband and wife. Father and daughter this is why you miss him so much as I see he was always protective of you in these lifetimes.
      Vickie Parker

  161. Hi Vickie,

    I am currently having a bit of a dilemma! I fell in love for the first time with someone when I was 8. He’s a family friend, but a little older than me, so I never had the chance to approach him very much. However, ever since the first time I fell for him, I have had this strange feeling that I have known him very well- and this was before I even knew what past lives were. I was in love with him for a long time until he got married to someone. With some help from family and friends, I convinced myself that I was just being silly and ‘got over’ him. However I recently found out that he is getting a divorce, and now ‘that feeling’ has returned, much to my horror! Even though I go for long periods without thinking of him, he usually appears in my dreams.

    Could you please tell me if it’s better to go with my gut instict and have some hope for any sort of chance with this guy in this lifetime, or is my feeling of having had a past life with him just an illusion? I’m not someone who would ever chase after anyone (not even him), but it would be nice to have some insight from someone with special abilities like you!

    Thanks, Vickie!


    • Hello Tiah;
      You have had past lives with him. I’m seeing you were a younger lover for him in the 1800’s. You were a house servant in a very wealthy household and the two of you feel in love. He was 20 and you were 15. He kept this a secret because of caste reasons. There are other past lives relating to arranged marriages with him. He is considerably older than you in these lives.
      Vickie Parker

  162. Hello,

    First time on this site, read some of the other entries and thought I might try to get an answer to things that have been plaguing me, as I have been feeling quite confused lately…

    First, I was wondering about this lady (she is no longer in this life) and the reason I have been drawn to her ever since I was a child, her initials were S. P. …

    And I also keep thinking about my Grandmother Rosetta, I ache because she is no longer here, but I always say (and felt) that she was my Mom…

    And last, my children: Is there a specific reason why I feel as if I am their peer even though I am their authority figure.

    If you have time to answer this, I would be most thankful.

    Sheila M.

    • Sheila;
      The lady has been a grandmother in past lives and cared and protected you. Yes. Your grandmother this lifetime has been a mom to you before. Your children have been brothers and sisters in previous lifetimes as well as friends.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I would like to do a phone reading some time soon if that is possible…

        Again, thank you !

        Sheila M.

  163. Vickie,

    I would like to know what you see about my husband and me. Have we shared past lives before?

    Thank you,


  164. River_Goddess Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    I found your website while searching for stories of others whom had reconnected with loves from past lives. I have a very special story, and forgive me if it’s long, but I would love to share it.
    About 16 months ago something happened that changed my life. My boyfriend and I moved into an intentional community in B.C and it was the first night meeting and celebrating with all my new friends. I was dancing and laughing and enjoying myself when I looked up – and there he was. Right away our eyes met and I recognized him; I didn’t know how or where from, but I knew immediately and urgently that this man was important.
    Over the next few months we spent a lot of time together. We hit it off marvelously, like kindred spirits. We became friends fast and fierce. We would speak nothing but the deepest truths to each other and could easily share all feelings like the oldest of friends. When we spent time together it was usually in the woods, talking, walking, and silently communing with nature. Whenever we were together it felt magical and intense. Animals would approach us, the sun would shine just right, and everything was as it should be. It was neat because much of our conversations were even about this – recognizing that our connection was really special and deep, and agreeing that it was important to keep each other in our lives.
    Now, during this time we were definitely attracted to each other physically and romantically, however that piece was always kept aside because we were each partnered. We were both offered career opportunities at the same time which we both accepted and ultimately moved us 2000 km apart.
    At that time he split with his partner and did some travelling before moving to the job site. I took my partner and packed up and moved to my new job location. While he was away, we wrote to each other occasionally. Even with the distance my feelings were strong and ever-present. I started having dreams and visions that included him, and they were definitely from another time and place – we were dressed in old clothes, the most clear vision was of us hand-fasting in the woods, in a circular grove. One night in particular I had a vivid and profound dream. The next day I received an e-mail from him saying that he had been having these visions, and that the previous night he had a dream… he described it – and no kidding, no joke, it was the VERY SAME dream. From thousands of kilometers away, we met on some astral plane and shared that experience.
    All the moments were adding up – the shared visions, dreams, gut feelings, the deep soulful recognition. After nearly 10 months apart, I needed to see him again. It was time.
    Last month I ended things with my partner and went to visit him. We were finally able to make some real eye contact (that was avoided while we were partnered, as it was too intense and stirring) and be with each other the way that felt right.
    Those two weeks were the most earth-shaking, mountain moving moments I have ever experienced. It felt BIG and SCARY, like we had opened up something bigger than we could understand. When we were intimate it felt like we were entering a whole other realm, visiting a truly sacred space. When we spent time just doing normal day stuff it felt so easy and quiet and comfortable. It felt like coming home to the oldest, truest home one could have. He said he didn’t understand it but that being with me “felt like being with some kind of ancient wife”… and I felt the same.
    We definitely have discussed how we feel connected from a past life. Now… what do we do with it?? We live in different countries now and it will take some time and untangling to shift towards being in the same place again. We both definitely have to patiently process this connection and make space for something so big in our lives. It’s agreed that we want to be together in this life, but don’t know when that can become reality.

    I’m curious what you get from this – I feel like he’s my oldest lover, my husband from before the word even existed. We are both practicing wiccans and I can feel his energy feed my power in the most amazing way, like his mere presence on this Earth makes me a stronger being. I speak his name out loud and he hears it across the continent. I can feel what he’s thinking or feeling in many moments. It feels like a piece of me is off floating around in the world, and having him come back to me will bring a wholeness that will be so joyous. It’s more than most people can comprehend, and boy I’m certainly still working on processing it.

    Thanks for letting me share – I left out so many of the special and magical interactions and experiences in order to not hog your whole blog. I love him from a place that I never even knew could exist.

    • River Goddess;
      You have been together from the ‘beginning of time’ and how marvelous to have something as amazing as this connection. As well as well as being totally aware and accepting of how you feel with one another. One of the things we all have to realize is that each lifetime we come back we are learning and growing more about who we are through those experiences.
      When I step back and look at the two of you coming together I get that it will happen but only after the each of you complete what you want to learn. But. Being in a physical body with a mind can complicate life more than it should be. So when the two of decide it is time the ‘Yes’ has to come from the soul and not the ‘body.’
      Vickie Parker

  165. Dear Vickie,
    I have a strong connection with a guy about 2 years.I actually didn’t recognise him immediately but there’s a strong connection that I am not able to break,I feel like I’m bonded to him.Everything about him charms me.When I was thinking to start his school I couldn’t do it because of my friend but then next year he left his school and came to mine (at that time we haven’t met yet).Does he have a connection with my past life or is it possible??

    • Tugce
      I get the words. “Young lovers’. When I asked to see this life it showed the two of you laughing and enjoying one another’s company. When I look further into the future of this life it shows the two of you totally in love with each other. But you are also best friends and companions. Almost like each one of you is half of a whole person.
      Vickie Parker

  166. Hi Vickie,
    First time on this site, I’ve been thinking about past lives for awhile now – so I was so excited that I found your blog!

    Please help me..I am feeling so confused.

    My husband and I married 8 years ago, when I was 29. Didnt have any child yet. Few years back i work with the company the boss and i have strong connection to each other we still contact each other and few months back i meet one guy i just cant stop thinking about this 2 man …

    Can you please help …


    • Cindy;
      Your boss has been a father to you in many lifetimes. The man you met a few months ago shows me he has been a lover to you in at least 4 different lifetimes.
      Vickie Parker

  167. powerofmind33 Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    Just like so many of the users here, i also stumbled accross this blog by accident. I recently transferred into a new deparment at work. I have been experiencing very strong emotions and feelings towards the Director of my new team. The Director is my manager’s boss. He is also one of the persons i interviewed with and the connection/energy i felt towards him was instantaneous. I feel an extremely strong attraction towards him. I am a very well collected and strong woman. I have never had any problems keeping my composure when faced with strong emotions. However, i can’t seem to focus and sometimes even speak or think when i am near him or see him. I feel nervous, excited, clumsy and just get completely lost in his eyes. It’s like something about him just draws me to him….to point i have to tell myself to focus and not make it obvious. He is a married man and i a married woman. I am not about to jeopardize either relationship and much less my job so i can’t give in to these feelings of course. But i need to understand where this is all coming from and is there a way to control these feelings? I had never seen or known of him before. This is all very strange to me but i have begun to think maybe this is a result of a past life we have had together. I would love to know. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hello powerofmind33
      I’m getting a past life in Spain where you are visiting a friend whose father is the man you reference in your post. When you saw him for the first time you respected and admired him as he was handsome, rich and very powerful. He was also very open and would talk to you and his daughter in a very open and friendly way. Because of your own background with a cold and distant father you opened up to him, and fell in love with this man. He could tell you were too attracted and stepped back and became distant with you. Maintaining the relationship that you were his daughter’s friend and nothing else.
      Vickie Parker

  168. Vickie,

    I feel like I am stuck. SIx years ago, I had an interview with someone who I was instantly attracted to and who I thought I had met before but I noticed he was probably married. He hired me – he was married, so I tried to let go of the attraction. After having been my boss for two years, he asked me to join him at a restaurant, after work. I did. This was the beginning of an affair. During this affair, it was so eerie how well he knew the smallest things about me and how he seemed to be able to read my mind. After two years of this on again and off again affair, it ended. However, although it has been two years since I’ve seen or spoken to him, I can’t seem to move on. This is strange for me as I was married for 20 years and got over missing my ex-husband in a shorter time frame. Do you thing this man was a significant person in a former live ? Your insight would be greatly appreciated as I want to move on.

    Thank You,

    • Zena;
      I’m seeing that in a lifetime around the beginning of the 1900’s you were a maid in his home. He was married and had 2 children who you also a nanny for. You were from a background of maids/nannies and had already worked in a home of one of his friends. When he saw you you were a ‘breath of fresh air’ for him. Which means you brought something new and interesting in his life.
      But since he was married he had to eventually give it up and move on.
      Vickie Parker

  169. Vickie,
    I recently came to know a man who I had never seen before. When I first laid eyes on him, it seemed that I had seen him somewhere before. As time went on, I came to realize that I was very attracted to him. Every once in a while, I’d get an overwhelming sense of deja vu, or like I’d seen him make a certain face or say something once before. There’s always an overwhelming sense of security and calm when Im around him. I’d really like to know what’s going on.
    Thank you,

    • Kaley;
      Definitely past life connections. I’m seeing that the two of you have been husband and wife. Brother and sister. Lovers. So there have been many lifetimes in many different roles.
      Vickie Parker

  170. Marielaurentii Says:

    Dear Vickie,
    I was reading these comments and I thought I was the only person who has this problem. Fall of last year I met a man who left a lasting impression. We had only met for business purposes but something about him over took me. Since the last time I seen him I’ve had vivid color dreams about him.. Just about every night. I have dreams about him where we have a daughter together and then an other dream he’s my boss.. Dreams about us in different time periods. I even go out of my way to try and avoid it and nothing works. Do you know of he knows about me and has this same problem about me? I don’t feel like I can love anyone until I know why this is happening.

    • Hello Marie;
      He is not as aware of the past life ‘connections’ that you’ve had together as you are. He wondered a bit about why you seemed familiar and what it meant, but he looked more at that you are ‘interesting’. That he liked you and then he let it go. You will have to decide if you want to take the step and open communication with him because only you can ‘tell’ if he is the one.
      Vickie Parker

  171. My daughter and her boyfriend broke up about two months ago i have always felt they are to be together i’ve always felt that he was and is my son and it broke my heart when they ended it . she still loves him and he doesn’t call or text her but i feel that they are to be together am i wrong.

    • Hello Kim;
      When I look at the ‘energy’ of these two from a past life or lives perspective I see he has been a son of yours. I see that his ‘coming together’ with your daughter was more for you than him. So that the two of you could interact this lifetime and then he would move on.
      Vickie Parker

  172. Hi Vickie,

    I have had many personal struggles dating back to my late teens into my early 20s and ended up in a group home setting. This is where I met a woman whom I grew close to as she worked at this home. I lived there for over a year and was able to get back on my feet but had many internal ups and downs with this woman. I can literally remember asking the cosmos, sending out energy, etc that I wanted this woman in my life months before we met. I even asked for specifics that she fit (that she was a Virgo and older than me – I am Aquarius). She had and has had the most powerful affect on me. She felt the need to disengage and ignore me because I clearly had developed feelings for her. I have since moved out of the home and progressed in different areas of my life. The whole experience with my rough past seemed to be a cleansing process. I always wished I could understand the hands I have been dealt and if it is all karma and a cleansing? I had literally gone from a 95 average student-athlete to homelessness and fugitivity in the course of a few years and never understood the deeper meaning but felt it was part of my path. Anyways, back to this woman, no one has ever affected me like she has, not for this long. I have had great conversations with her and could spend all day with her. Earlier, this year, I confessed my feelings for her to her in a phone call. Our relationship progressed in that we were able to mutually enjoy each others company as a result. I literally had moments in the past few months when I could feel her in my aura. Is that real ? To sum everything up, this woman came into my life at quite possibly the greatest watershed moment of my life and she was the greatest motivation in another person to move forward. I opened up to her about my feelings in person recently and although she literally seemed very excited the exact moment I told her, she told me that it could never happen and she doesn’t feel the same while acknowledging the bond we share. If that really is it, why have I been so in love with her all these years? Is it possible that we were together in a past life but are not meant to be together in this life?

    • Hello SR122
      This is a great share on past life recognition and working through this energy. Not only from the viewpoint of the relationship, but from what you chose to experience this lifetime. You ‘remembered’ this woman, found her and drew you and her together. In a prior past life there are similar patterns to this lifetime that showed up when I was reading this post. That you were a young homeless person in the 1930s and she worked at an organization that feed these people. She worked in a lunch line that feed people hot food. Again a connection was established and she opened up and talked and interacted with you. There was a closeness that developed but she got scared and ended the relationship. That was the last time you saw her.
      Vickie Parker

  173. Dear Vickie,

    I really liked your article and am very interested in the concepts discussed. I wanted to share my story and get your perspective.

    I have been a firefighter for almost 10 years now. I saved a young woman from a house fire in my second year with my company. We had thought that we had saved everyone but I had a very strange intuition and went agaist the captain’s order. I went back into the building alone and almost felt as though I was saving someone I knew, like this was very important to my purpose. As, I fought my way threw, I could feel this person calling me. I didn’t hear voice her but I felt her presence. I did indeed save this girl and received recognition within my company.

    I stayed by her side at the local hospital while she recovered from some first degree burns and minor injuries. I felt as though I had just saved someone who I had known for a long time even though I never knew her. It turned out she was in her last year of college. She told me when she had recovered that she knew that I would save her. I couldn’t even understand even though I felt it too.

    To make a long story short, we remained close friends because of this great connection but lost contact as she moved away after she graduated college. Eventually, I reached out to her and we not only rekindled the connection but we are now seeing each other. It is an amazing bond that continues to grow deeper from the day I met her and saved her life.

    Do you see us together in any of our past lives?

    Thank you!

    John L.

    • Hello John;
      You’ve had many past lives together and you chose a very hard way to come together this lifetime. One with odds stacked against the two of you. It was almost like a life and death test to see if you would find one another this lifetime.
      The trust she had and the certainty you had before this lifetime that you would find her ‘no matter what’ was lodged in your soul. Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this journey of two souls finding each other again.
      Vickie Parker

    • That is a beautiful story ! ;o)

  174. I’ve knwn this boy for quite a long time and loved him for 10 yrs nw. Over these last 8 years weev spoken for a few months. Den fought den again become frnds. He knws I love him. But he says he dsnt wnt to be ina commitment. Smetyms I feel I shud giv up. But then I feel a very strong connection to him. I want to marry him. Could he be smebody frm a past life? Do you think things will change between us?

    • The two of you have had past lives together but they have always been where it was hard for the relationship to happen. I’m also seeing that as a soul he always has ‘a lot’ to do each lifetime that gets in the way of him committing. This lifetime is no different. I see that the relationship stays the way it is now between the two of you.
      Vickie Parker

  175. PurpleSummer Says:

    Hi Vickie – I recognize several people in my life that I think I’ve shared past lifetimes with. My husband and I, for one, are extremely compatible personalities. Our relationship was very familiar and comfortable from the start. We are true partners and teammates in all situations. He understands me seamlessly. Whenever we talk about our plans for having children, I get an overwhelming feeling we’ve been parents together before. I feel comforted everyday to have him by my side.

    There is also a man at work who I have had intense feelings for since the moment we met. We have now become close friends and I discovered that the feeling is mutual. We are both very happy in our marriages and don’t understand why we feel so strongly for one another. Although we are very different, we are strangely compatible and work well on projects together. I love the philosophical discussions we have, and I feel more articulate and witty in his presence. He’s often very stressed and I love being the stress-relieving person in his life. I want to protect him and support him in any way I can. I long to be physically in his presence. With him it’s all about fiery, passionate feelings, witty conversations and supporting one another professionally. I don’t feel guilty about it anymore, and that makes me feel like I’m a bad person. Each feels so separate.

    Have I been with them both before? Can you see what kinds of lives we led together?

    • Hello Purple Summer;
      Definitely had many lifetimes with your husband. I’m seeing past lives of brother and sister, many husband and wife lives, and mother and son. In regards to the man at work I see that you’ve had male past lives with him. Friends, brothers, cousins, and many other roles. A life that shows up is one where the two of you ‘created and invented’ together. This life is full of emotion and throwing ideas back and forth.
      Vickie Parker

  176. Hello Vickie!

    I have been communicating with someone telepathically for awhile now and he is from London and I am in the United States. I first saw a picture of him online and I just knew it was him….I felt like I needed to be with him and talk to him. I asked a friend for techniques and I started to communicate with him. His name is Harry. Awhile after talking to him I started having dreams and visions of us together in what seemed to be past lives. One was set in Arthurian times and he was Sir Gawain and he was sent to kill me because I was pregnant with a baby that was prophecised to bring destruction upon the kingdom but I got a chance to flee from him. Then I had a vision of myself as a Harem Girl and he saw me. I was scared because I had been kidnapped and I had no idea what would happen. He took compassion on me and took care of me well and I grew to be a great dancer.

    I also have images of me running away with him in what seems like a medieval setting. Whenever I see him I want to run away with him. I think he is coming to visit me soon and he has talked to both of my friends already. It is very real for me. Things have not going very well in my life so I hope he comes soon…He has helped me through a lot. I also think he was Helen of Troy and he was Paris since I remember many things in detail like being abducted twice, getting married to Menelaus, and I remember the suitors too. I remember the Trojan War also. I also feel like we both have something very important to do in this life that we never got to complete in other lives,

    • Hello Princessserrena;
      Thanks for sharing. It is great to hear about past life recognition where the memories are still a very aware part of us. And that you are very much in tune with the person you had them with. I do see that the two of you connect and explore what this life will bring the both of us.
      Vickie Parker

  177. I am very open and observant of people and energy’s around me. I know some people in my life that have definitely been in past lives, and am very grateful that they are in this one! However something that is bothering me is there is this ‘celebrity’ out there who I am extremely drawn to. I watch him and feel like I know him! Seeing his face I just feel his energy around me. It’s irritating in that he’s a celebrity and I don’t want to feel like a crazy obsessed fan, but I just feel like I have to meet him sometime. It’s such a strong feeling, but then logic says hello, he’s a celebrity, there’s no way. But if I try to follow the pull, do you think it would work out somehow? Are we suppose to meet people again in other lifetimes? I’ve always been taught to follow my intuition, but it has me stuck right now! Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Danielle;
      Your post is interesting as there are other people who have reached out to me about their attraction to a celebrity. When I look at this energy for you I see that he has always been a ‘celebrity’ of some form or another in other lifetimes that you’ve been in also. I see him as a very important judge in Louisana in the early 1800s and you were a wealthy landowner’s daughter. Your father and he were friends and he flirted with you for fun and you enjoyed it. Where I’m going with this post is that there has always been a yearning to know ‘him’ in other lifetimes. Sometimes we meet those we’ve interacted with in previous lifetimes and recognize them, but it doesn’t always mean we will be part of their life the next lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  178. I recently have met someone (last year) through work. We work for different companies and only see each other a few times a year as we live in different cities. I could not get over this feeling that I have met hime before…and more recently that we were close…perhaps in a previous life. When we look at each other I feel a connection that runs deep into my soul. I have never felt this way about anyone and I feel like it was meant for us to meet up again. I cannot stop thinking about him and recently cannot stop thinking that I am meant to be with him. He is about 14 years older than me and is divorced. I am married to a wonderful man, whom I love…but I am not sure if this new thing is just infatuation or something I should explore more. I am not sure I am ready tpo give up a marriage to explore it either, as I am not interested in cheating. I do not know if he feels the same….I just know that we see each other more often and correspond as much with each other about projects as we can through work. Any thoughts? will he let me know if he feels the same?

    • Michelle;
      Definitely past life connections between the two of you and he is aware of a connection. What comes up for me is that the two of you have had brother and sister past lives that have always been close. First life that shows up is in Ireland. Your parents died during an epidemic. He was 10 and you 5. He became your guardian and caretaker. Raising you and marrying you off. The next life that comes up is in England during the 1500s. He was your tutor. You had an infatuation with him. He knew it but didn’t allow anything to happen. What I get this lifetime is that the role is the same he will. He will help and assist you and that is all.
      Vickie Parker

  179. Vickie,
    I need help. Like Danielle L, I feel a connection with a celebrity. To help you understand, I guess I need to tell you the full story of what’s going on. I started listening to his music a year ago, and since then I’ve felt this impossible closeness to him. I recognized him from somewhere, though I had never knew him. Listening to his music made me feel safe. I started having vivid dreams about him. After having those dreams, I would feel his presence around me for a few days after and then it would fade. I started wondering if maybe I had known him in a past life, so I started trying out these past life regressions on my own. A few times I had some vivid visions of what I believe to be memories. One, I was standing outside of a cafe and turned around and he was standing there. We got into his car and drove away and that’s when the vision stopped. Then I had another. I walked out onto this roof of a building and was looking over the edge when I turned around and he was standing there with a very intense look on his face. He said, ” I dare you to jump. ” And so I did. As I was falling, everything started to black out again. I assume I died after that being as we were very high up. These vision startled me. I didn’t know what to do . I let it go for a while and it wasn’t until I was listening to a song of his a few days ago that I noticed how much his lyrics were similar to my visions. Like extremely accurate. I started looking up the meanings of his songs and one of his actually had to do with getting in his car and driving away from people who didn’t want his relationship to continue. As he and the person were driving away, they were murdered. In the song of course, not in real life. This sounds a lot like my ‘memory’. I don’t know what to do anymore. I miss him very badly even though I’ve never met him and have the extreme urge to find him. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. I guess what I’m asking is if you can look into this and see if we were actually together in some life. And if so, is he aware of our past lives? Is that why he’s writing these songs so close to my ‘memories’?
    Thank you very much.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      His songs are about past life remembrances. The memories are so part of him that is why he plays them. I see past lives with him. Yet. When I ask him if he is aware of ‘Your’ past lives the answer is both a NO and YES. Subconsciously he knows the songs come from the depth of who he is but he doesn’t know why. The memories are there and he has to put it to music.
      Vickie Parker

  180. Hello Jennifer;
    I see many lifetimes as lovers. So the connection between the two of you is quite an old one. If you were to journey back to the days of castles and imagine fog and cold and two people kissing you would have the images that I see. Allow yourself to understand that the two of you had a contract to interact with each other this lifetime so the both of you could have that connection again. The two of you came to learn specific ‘things’ this time and to support each other with your communications. Talking, laughing, concern but that is all.
    Vickie Parker

  181. hey this year i went from NY to GA i was scared, never been down south, nd i was taking the greyhound bus, im only 17 nd im a dude, but other than that, my grandma and aunt dropped me off at the bus station in NY , i saw this other dude, felt like ive seen him before , we stop at virginia, i ask him a question, nd i ask him don’t i know you from somewhere, he ask’es me the same question, it was the most weirdest day, like i knew him from another past life, felt like it could be a brother to me, we switched numbers, i ask him if he ever went to ny, he said only twice, im from up north, he said he lives nd born in Texas, i ask him, has he ever lived near a salon , he said yeah but in texas, but my child hood memories aren;t really remembered, cause some of it, its just a blank, like i blanked out of it, but then i remember older stuff than that, i always wanted to know what kind of stuff is this, who was he, i need , i want an answer, email me ..

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      Hello Carlos;

      You and the person you met have had many lifetimes together. You have fought wars side by side. Been twin brothers, friends, foes……… The two of you are also of the same soul group.

  182. Hello Vickie;
    I just met my nephew for the first time the day before yesterday. He is 7 years old, my older brother’s son. I live with my parents and my brother, wife, and their son were coming for a visit. They had spoken to my parents about coming to visit, but I only found out at the last minute. I have had a strong feeling of insecurity about meeting my nephew ever since he was born, and put it off for as long as I could. Almost a feeling of knowing that meeting him would change my life and I wasn’t ready for that. My life wasn’t completely together around the time he was born and I felt in my heart that I didn’t want him to see me until I was at my best.

    The year before he was born I became pregnant unexpectedly by someone who I wasn’t sure I could trust to be a good enough father, and I decided sadly to take the abortion pill and end the pregnancy right away because the father wanted the child but did not have similar ideas about marriage as I do and I couldn’t deal with the emotional effects of parental backlash from an unplanned out of wedlock pregnancy. The ensuing months and years introduced a sense of sadness and longing to my life I’d never felt before. Two months later my brother’s wife became pregnant with my nephew. The relationship I was in with the father of my unborn child continued but remained extremely difficult for me emotionally and physically. This seems part of the reason my relationship with my brother became more distant and almost completely lost contact and I never was directly invited to visit them even though my parents visited twice a year over the past decade. The man who was the father of the child I aborted is still a part of my life and I find it very difficult to move on completely from him and even question if I should. (another expected heavily karmic relationship…which maybe I could ask about at another time)

    The night before I met my nephew, I was crying alone in bed and extremely emotional and worried about meeting him. I thought about leaving and checking into a hotel alone until their visit was over, so that I wouldn’t have to meet him. I felt like I didn’t want to deal with it at all and that this meeting would change everything in my life. They arrived late at night, and I pretended to be asleep so to avoid them. As they talked with my parents I heard his little voice and it filled me with happiness as much as I tried to continue to stay bitter. It was as if all the pain I’d harboured since the abortion and all my relationship worries and the sadness about my brother and I drifting apart was lifted and I was immediately healed. I felt joy for the first time in years. I finally let go of the hurt and insecurity, and when he walked past my bedroom door the next morning, I got the courgage to open it and I saw him for the first time. He was standing next to his mother. I instantly knelt down and opened my arms and he and I hugged instantly and with great ease and affection even though we had never met before or spoken. While his mother chatted to me for a few minutes, I kept my hand on his shoulder tenderly, and he waited patiently close to me with my hand on his shoulder for his mother and I to finish the obligatory chatting and hellos. Then once that was out of the way our eyes met in gladness and we instantly felt joy in being with each other’s company. I felt a lot of love and concern for his well being. It is my first time being an aunt, and I am the youngest child in my family so I have never been around children. But I had an instant motherly instinct when I saw him and was worried about making sure he was eating, and healthy, and happy etc. For the first time in years, I heard my own voice clearly when I spoke. I felt like I could communicate clearly with everyone else in my family (which was a problem before…many arguments and much confusion because no one seemed to understand anything I said or how I was feeling..) But when my nephew and I were together from the very beginning we could exchange a glance and know what the other meant just by the expression on the eyes. We understood each other’s body language and thoughts even without speaking. We were inseperable during their short 2 day visit until it was time for him to get in the car and make the long drive home with his parents. We hugged and he clung to me not letting go,and without saying anything until we finally separated and he want into the car. There was a feeling of certainty that we’d be in each other’s lives, and all the insecurity and years of no contact were obliterated from my mind. We promised to call each other once he made the long trip home. He called me from the car just a couple hours into the trip home with much love and excitement. The next day he called me as soon as he got home from school. He wants to call every day. I haven’t ever had this kind of regular contact with my brother or his family since before he got married 10 years ago. But my nephew cant wait to call me and see me again, and I feel the same as if the rest of the world has just disappeared. I feel as if our family is being healed through the two of us coming together. The rest of the family is amazed at how well we got along, and how much fun we had together, as if we’d known each other much longer than just having met one day ago.

    I know that children bring joy to almost everyone, and maybe it’s possible that this happens often with children, that they bring such a feeling to others, but I wonder if there could be more to our connection. I have a constant smile on my face now. It’s almost as though I know when he’s thinking of me and I can sense that we both wish we could see each other again right away. I find myself laughing at his jokes when I’m walking by myself. I get the feeling he can feel what I’m thinking and that he’s happy at that moment too and he knows Im laughing myself at that moment. He has already asked when we can meet again. Even silence was comfortable when we were together and filled with a sense of just knowing how the other is feeling at that moment and the silence is still comfortable on the phone as well and when we hang up the phone and go on with our lives in separate locations. I feel like because of this deep understanding of the other’s feelings, the instant we speak we’re on the brink of laughter with the sense that as long as we’re together everything is ok. Is it unusual for an aunt and nephew to feel this way about each other?

    I may be just a lovestruck new aunt, and perhaps he’s behaving like any open loving child, but any insights on my relationship with this remarkable child would be precious. Thanks.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      Hello TS
      What you experienced is the recognition of two souls remembering each other. The two of you have had many lifetimes together. He and you come back during most lifetimes in many different roles. This lifetime you decided to do some ‘hard’ experiences and the two of you agreed he would show up late to make your life better. You chose to have a deep inner life, as you shared, and he agreed to come to show you the love and light to make the journey easier.
      Awesome. Awesome.
      Thanks so much for sharing.
      Vickie Parker

    • You’ve had numerous lives with this ‘being’ and what an amazing depth the two of you have. Amazing!!!

  183. Hello again. I need help. The celebrity I had known in past lives is starting to take a towl. I feel so alone and broken without him. I’ve tried to move on but it hurts so much. I feel like I need him badly. Perhaps he’s my soulmate. Perhaps not. But I’m scaring myself with the amount of love I have for him. Its taking over my life. I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  184. Hello. First of all, I’d like to thank you for this article,it was very helpful as I was looking for something like it and haven’t found anything until now.
    If you have a few minutes to help me I’d be very grateful.. I met someone and I feel a strange connection to her. I see her in my mind’s eyes in different clothes, from a different era, and I’m not imagining. It’s like I would remember what she wore yesterday, just that she never wore such a dress. I also feel sadness, and the need to be near her. I feel like she is from my family, but I met her a week ago! I have never experienced such a thing and all these feelings are triggered especially when I look into her eyes. How can I remember more? What should I do? I wish to know who she was and who I was then.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      Hello Claudia;
      I get an image of her standing in front of you wearing the clothing of a wealthy English woman. Her look is one of sadness and dejection. When I ask her what your connection is she tells me she has been your mother, sister and many other roles to you in other lifetimes. But she also shares that her lives were hard and that she came this lifetime to release some of it by having other experiences. Laughing. Enjoying life but it escapes her.
      Vickie Parker

      • Oh my God it fits so well! She is smiling all the time now and yes, her clothing was of a wealthy English woman! I always see her standing in some type of garden! Could you find out what her name was back then or my name? I feel that it is the same she has now but I’m not sure…Anyway, Vickie Parker, thank you so much, you are an angel! I wish I could meet you one day!

  185. I feel I have to leave my comment. I am now 60 years old. When I was 21 years old I went to work at a restaurant I had previously worked at during high school. One day during a busy rush hour, I walked up to a table to take an order. You have to understand the last thing on my mind at this time was meeting a man for romantic reasons. I was busy and just trying to get through my day like all the days before this one. I looked at this man at this table and something happened. I did not think this was a handsome man nor was I attracted to him and yet there was a LOUD voice in my head saying “This is him. Take a good look because this is your destiny”..I had never experienced such a thing in my life. I thought for a moment I might have been losing my mind. I just took his order, served him his food and went about my business. He ate, paid and left. End of story..Except I was troubled by this strong feeling that had come over me. I really tried to laugh the entire thing off. About two weeks later I was driving to work and that same feeling came back. I knew he would be in that restaurant when I got to work. He was. I’m not even sure we spoke this time as I was not his waitress but I was very aware of him and I knew he was looking at me many times. To make a very long story short. He kept coming in and we became friends. For more than a year we were only friends as I still did not find I was attracted to him but the connection was strong. after about a year and a half I realized I was in love with him. We spent the next 23 years together, loving, fighting, hurting and always such a strong connection we were unable to walk away from each other. I will tell you this was not a fairy tale romance. There was alot of pain involved with this man and I really thing the only thing that endured even when all else had died was this strong connection we had to each other from the first second we met. We are now both with other people and we no longer see each other (it all ended in 1996) but every now and then I will get an email or a phone call from him. Almost always I know before the phone rings that he will call me on that day even if it’s been a year since we have spoken. Im still not sure what our past connections are but they had to be strong for it to carry over into this life so strongly that even through incredible pain we stay connected. I wish I understood it.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      You two are connected from eons ago. Usually the roles the two of you had would be short and brief and then gone. You each contracted to come together to learn the depth of what a relationship was actually about. This is why you had the ‘Complete’ experience. The loving, fighting, hurting where you were unable to walk away from each other. This relationship allowed you to grow as a soul and it was the same for him. Past lives are about us the soul having earthly experiences because having a human body is a 3D ride. This is why we keep coming back.
      Vickie Parker

  186. christine very confused and lost Says:

    I’m not too sure where to begin. The first time I net him he had my attention. First it was attraction, Then anger. Later on , after about a years time , he expressed interest and as much as I fought with myself over going for drink with him, I did. I kept trying to find a reason to turn him down and I simply could not. I was drawn in. He felt so familiar, something about him , the need for fulfillment matched on both sides. He soothed my soul and despite my efforts to hold out on feelings, I could not. it didn’t take me long to fall. he seen how lost I was, I could just talk to him , an open book. I can’t fully explain the effect he had on me as I could go on. Our time together was short , he covered and ended it and I wish I still didn’t feel so compelled to be near him. I feel such an emptyness inside , he occupies many of thoughts, I wish I could explain more. How I felt for him , how I feel , is on a very different level and I can not understand why being apart feels so wrong and at the end of the day… I worry about just being a broken hearted woman not able to let go when I pray to be able to let him. I guess my problem is still just how wrong and un natural it all still feels don’t understand why I feel such a connection with him if Im not “the one ” he looking for because I still feel like he is home.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      Hello Christine;
      When I read your post I’m drawn to look at the meeting and leaving part of it. As the two of you decided to come together to do the ending that didn’t occur in the last past life you were together. So this is why the time was short. And. Why he decided to move on. Not because you were ‘not the one’.
      Vickie Parker

  187. Dear Vickie ;

    Was I around during the 60’s? It seems very familiar to me, and I have never known why especially the music and musicians seem so familiar when I see or hear them. I also feel like in another life, maybe not in the 60’s but before that, I identified with a large group of people. I don’t know what kind of group that was or what we were doing. I feel like if I knew it would help me in my present life. I would be grateful for any possible insights that you have. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this and for all of the other insights on your blog.

    Thank you.

    • Vickie Parker Says:

      Hello Isobela;

      Yes. You were around in the 60s. I see you as a young woman at Woodstock. You are with 5 other young hippie type people taking in the whole experience. You have a long dress on with long blonde hair. You are dancing and laughing.

      Vickie Parker

  188. Hi Vickie,

    I’ve been wondering if what I’m experiencing is a past life problem and whether there’s some kind of a karmic explanation for the ordeal I had to go through.

    I was assigned an internship at a hospital. Right from day 1, my supervisor and I had a very volatile and destructive working relationship. Although I didn’t realize it in time, she’s a very charismatic but harmful individual. Every chance she got, she belittled me, made up lies about me, made it impossible for me to speak out about what was happening, made me feel absolutely worthless, and tried to blackmail me about my future career prospects. I left the internship earlier than I was supposed to because I couldn’t take it anymore. I was an emotional wreck. In the early stages, all I felt towards her was respect and admiration. By the end (continuing to this day), I feel a lot of hate. I have never hated anyone this intensely in my life. I have been wishing a lot of ill on her because I’m so powerless to actively do anything about it (despite consulting all possible people about the issue).

    I don’t know if I have some kind of ‘psychic’ power, but I have wished ill before on another occasion with the exact consequence I was ‘wishing’ for. It seems that this is now occuring with her as well. I do not want to let this negative energy consume me, but I feel like there’s some unresolved business in a past life that has now made itself known again in this life. Has this woman been some kind of enemy to me in any of my past lives? Or is there some other kind of past life connection? It would be great to understand it as I really do not want to become ‘evil’.

    • Hello Karen;
      When I take a look at this woman I see that the two of you have been ‘foes and competitors ’ in many lifetimes. Always wanting to get one up on the other. Always wanting to best the other at the expense of the person they are in competition with. So how do you not get pulled into this type of ‘energy’ and let it go? This is what you came to learn this lifetime. We always get the same experience to go through until we get it and let it go.
      Vickie Parker

  189. Karo confused Says:

    Hi Vickie,
    there are several things in my life i don’t understand. I am very passionate about dancing. When i hear any typ of music my body automatically starts moving and its like i’ve been doing nothing else my whole life. The thing is that I never had professional dance lessons though I always wanted to sign up for some dance classes but never had the time or chance (because of my parents) to. Since I was a kid I always dreamt to go to the USA. I was never happy of the country I am living in now. As something is just waiting for me there. I automatically connect things in my life with the USA.

    And on the other hand there is the relationship with my mother. I feel soooo close to her, that sometimes I’m afraid of losing her. I can feel her pain when she is sad or hurt. Why do I always feel that she is going to leave me?

    Another thing I’m confused about is that I’ve been very unlucky with guys. I’m 19 and never had a boyfriend. It’s not that I’m not pretty (I personally and my friends think that I’m really attractive), but I always feel that some boys just want to be good friends with me and nothing more. It’s almost like they are afraid of dating me – I don’t know how to describe the feeling. I experienced horrible things when I was younger – I am not comfortable of writing them down here. But I think they could be the reason why I am a little bit afraid of commitments and believing in true love.

    I hope you can help me. Thx 🙂

    • Karo;
      All of what you sent me ties together. First. You were a well known dancer around the beginning of the 1800s in France. You decided to come to America and make a name for yourself. You became very popular in the US. Your mother died of an illness while you were gone. And you beat yourself up for it because you didn’t stay in contact or go see her. Your beauty stunned people and men sought you out.
      You asked to come back this lifetime to do it different, but you haven’t figured it out yet. Allow yourself to find your way.

  190. Hi Vicky,
    I met a man through my partners work function and as we shook hands I noticed he looked twice at me. As if he knew me before but not sure where. We have never met before and he lives on the other side of the world. I was also drawn to him and we connected straight away. He said I reminded him of someone he once loved and I could feel that there was something strong there. I wondered why we crossed paths and have the feeling that he was a past love just checking in to see if i’m ok. I feel my partner now is also someone from past lives but in those lives we never had the chance to be together. I had a dream of finally finding him.

    Would love to know your thoughts
    Thanking you in advance

    • Hello Kelly;
      When I read your post I got an instant image of the two of you sitting in an old Victorian having tea with each other. You are married and have been for quite a number of years. He is a banker and you an artist. The love between the two of you is comfortable and fulfilling. The two of you have had many lifetimes together.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thanks Vickie, It’s lovely to know that those you have loved once before come into our lives even if just for a visit. x

  191. I have had the same experience. I started for the company where I am today. Just happened to run into a guy that worked here as well. We just started talking on day we started talking mostly on my behalf because there was a connection instantly when I met him. Over time of talking we came to find out how much we had in common & there was an attraction between us. We could tell things where more intense by the day. As time past & our feelings grew I knew I had to back of as I am married. We tried everything to stay away. I could feel when he came into the office I didn’t need to see him. A year later we have started talking again & the intense feelings are still there like there had now time had past. There are so many details but, even to a point I pick up on his emotions or when he is thinking about me.. Like I said hard to explain but, I have never felt this away about anyone…

    I would love some input.

    Thank you,


    • Melissa
      Not the first time being attracted to each other. Past life lovers for sure. And the love between the two of you never acknowledged due to commitments with spouses. Over many lifetimes.

      Vickie Parker

  192. Hey, So i started University this year and my friend introduced me to her boyfriends friend. I knew him instantly I told him her looked familiar and he said the same about me.
    Since then we dunno what happened we became close and felt comfortable with each other. Its a weird attachment

    I have known him since march and now I am currently his girlfriend have been for the past 2 weeks.
    Is this a past life experience?

    • Amy;
      Yes. The two of you have been together before. And. The relationships you’ve had have always been close and comfortable. Past lives for the two of you. Brother and sister. Best friends. Husband and wife. Father and daughter.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you so much for you reply. They boy i was talking about has a question he is curious if like in the other comments you can see a time period at all? We both have a set period in our heads which is weird as we did not converse this at all. Until we both said it at the same time?

      • Since the two of you have had many lifetimes together it was more important to look at the whole picture and not a set period of time.

      • Also this boy has always said he thought maybe he would of been my brother is this weird at all?
        Thank you your comments are englightening

  193. Dear VIckie
    I met a friend in a hallway of my university last year and we became instant friends, people think we’re twins now. We’re so much closer than me and my real sister are. I’m much closer to her than many of my friends who have been part of my life for 15 years.

    A few days ago she told me her cousin was coming to study in the same country. I just decided to see how he looked like on facebook.
    I immediately experienced a very weird feeling. I then met him at a party a few days later and he asked to exchange numbers almost immediately. This was very weird as we only had spoken for 10 seconds.

    Eversince, I’ve found myself thinking of him, dreaming of him and even wishing we were spending time/doing things together. This is very weird for me as I am not usually the type who fantasizes about spending time with someone I barely know. Everytime his name is mentioned, I feel so weird as though there is something unsettled between me and him.

    He did ask me out once, and when I replied, he ignored it.

    I never believed in ‘love at first sight’, and in fact used to ridicule those who did. This feeling is something new and awkward to me.

    Is it possible that me and him have some past life connection that causes me to feel this way? And, in your opinion, what is going on right now? Will he reciprocate and will something blossom from this?

    • Shelia;

      You’re ‘showing’ me one past life in particular. This life is one of where you weren’t actually available but you flirted with him. And he fell in love with you. He soon found out you wouldn’t leave him for the other person. So you have a bit of ‘karma’ mixed in with how the relationship will be this lifetime.

      Vickie Parker

  194. Hi Vickie,

    It happened to me too and I am completely baffled by all this. I had him as my interviewer and we both felt that connection during the interview, though did not much realize that time. And we were both married at that time.For 5 years we worked in teams that were close to each other but we never worked directly with each other. And I always felt very odd whenever he was in the same meeting room or somewhere near. We spoke to each only rarely. One night I had a dream where he was my teacher and was attracted to me, I was not how I look in this lifetime. I remember this dream very vividly and then I went and told him about it although we only talked on rare occasions. That’s when we both realized that we were both attracted to each other all this while. It is unfortunate that we are both married and have kids. I want to shake this connection off from him because it is so much of a heartburn. He is very busy in his life while I am pained by all of these feelings for him.
    Is this karmic? Do I need to go through all of this heartburn? Will I get back to a normal life? How am I connected to him?

  195. Hi,

    I met a guy over the summer and the moment i saw his face, I thought to myself, Oh I know him, but i didn’t know him! I just had this feeling that i should say hello, over the course of that month he was around me a lot and I would always feel his presence. I would get uncomfortable around him since the connection was so strong. after a while i gave in and went out with him. he also expressed this feeling of a connection!

    Is he from a past life? i forgot to mention that I was visiting the US and I’m based abroad.

    thank you


    • Hello Laura;
      Yes! There is a connection. I see the two of you in France standing in front of the Eifel Tower. The wind is blowing the scarf you are wearing. Both of you are smiling. You are telling me you are newlyweds and this is your honeymoon.
      Vickie Parker

  196. Dear Vickie,

    For some time now, I’ve wondered if my immediate family has been an ongoing soul group? It may sound quite strange, but I feel like most (if not all) the members of my family may have had familial and other types of relationships in past lives. I used to feel very possessive about my mother and one of my sisters as a child and teen respectively. I also feel like this sister’s fiance may have been in this soul group too- I’m normally a very anxious and tentative sort of person, but I feel surprisingly comfortable around him. What do you think?

    Thank you kindly,

  197. Dear Vickie, I wonder if you can tell me anything about past lives I’ve shared with a man that recently came into my life. It seemed as though destiny arranged for us to meet. First time i looked into his eyes i felt recognition so strong that it took my breathe way, there was no way i could have met him before as there’s no way i could forget him. We have a connection so strong that it floors me but we cannot be together as we both walk different paths in this life or so it seems, We are both single but with commitments that lead in other directions. Even though its heartbreaking and confusing at the same time i am comforted by the thought that we have lived other lives together and I don’t think i will ever led a life where he is not somehow part of it. Since finding him i have found myself, to look upon him is too look at my soul. Please can you tell me anything about our past lives.

    Thanx very much

    Bethan x

    • Hello Bethan;
      You are two very old souls who always are together at the same time on this planet. Each one of you ‘doing’ something in particular to learn and grow from each lifetime. One of the first lives together the two of you were lovers, and when the two of you came together you felt completed. From this completion you both chose to do something special each time you took another life.
      Vickie Parker

  198. HI!
    I dont know where to start but.. okei, we try!

    When I moved 6months ago i wasstarting at a new job and i was sooo exited.

    But i got a “picture” of 3 ladies that was working at the new job
    The first lady felt like she was my girlfriend or a admirer(or something). The other lady was more like lover for me andthe third i Dont know. The thing is that they all are pretty and sexy and I think I know wgat they think about me to(the same way). Know they are my bosses.. but I`ve just talked job with them, so I dont know what they feel. (I`m 20 years and the laides are 30 – 40)

    I`m am actor too, or just started.. but I was doing a commersial and it was 20 -30 people there.. I didnt get any pictures of these only a feeling about I Knowthem or theymeen something for me (directors and actors/actresses)

    Please answer

    • Hello Patrik;

      You’ve had past lives with all three ladies. And you all agreed to come back this lifetime to interact with each other. I think you are going to have your hands full.

      Good luck.

      Vickie Parker

  199. Vickie Sharp Says:

    Vickie, my name is Vickie as well. Recently I’m having recurring dreams of a man who I feel extremely strongly for but in all my dreams we are pulled apart. Every single dream he kisses me and then we are separated right before I wake up. I don’t know his name, and honestly can hardly remember his face exactly but I KNOW it is the same person every time. Is this just a random dream or could this be someone I knew in a past life? My heart breaks every time we are have to go our separate ways in my dreams.

    • Hello Alex;
      Attraction is attraction. And this guy is someone you’ve known. The two of you have lives together in many forms and they have all been male lives.
      Vickie Parker

      • Vickie Sharp Says:

        Uh oh! I think there was a mixup! I’m not Alex (I don’t think lol). I hope whomever Alex is, that he finds his answer here.

      • He is from a past life but he is also on the planet right now. He has been looking for you. And he spotted you on the astral plane. Visiting you at night is the only way he can actually be with you. As he has committed to ‘doing’ other things when he is ‘awake’.

  200. Hello Vickie,
    I too am experiencing a connection to someone and it is driving me crazy! It all started when I was visiting my brothers at a local pub about a year ago. They both have a mutual friend that I had briefly went to school with and I was reintroduced to him. He shook my hand and I felt an instant connection. He sat for awhile with me, my brother and my long time boyfriend (who I also feel is a soul mate) and we talked. Throughout the evening I kept catching him look at me. So sometime later I added him as a friend to my Facebook. I don’t talk to him online but he constantly likes my postings and shares quotes.

    I recently ran into him again at a Halloween dance and he came over to me right away peeking under my huge hat to get a
    We made eye contact and it felt very intense and electric. The rest of the evening I danced away with my boyfriend who was also there and tried to focus attention on enjoying my night. Yet again he kept his distance but kept checking me out even with other girls dancing with him.
    At the end of the night a group of us were outside talking and he came over and spoke to my boyfriend telling him that he knows we both have great hearts and that he could tell we are good people. He looked at me intensly and said that I especially had a wonderful heart and soul and that it was great that two people like my boyfriend and I are together. I felt like he was trying to cover up what he really wanted to say and it felt like he was playing safe with carefully chosen comments. But I still feel like there is much more and I am confused as i love the one I am with but feel like I am destined in some way to be with this other man too! I constantly think about him and it is causing a feeling of longing.

  201. Hi, so i’m into guys, but I saw this guy maybe 2 weeks ago at school, and well, I’m not sure but I just felt like I know his face from somewhere, I’ve never met him, never seen him but i just felt attracted to him..I’m just 17 and he’s maybe 16..but its weird. I’ve caught him a few times staring at me and even from across the cafeteria at school when our eyes meet…my heart just starts racing and its something I’ve never felt..I’ve crushed before, but never felt like this…what’s going on?!! Thanks! P.s- I know this is the first post of the same sex thing…but hey we’re all souls right? 🙂

    • Hello Alex;
      Attraction is attraction. And this guy is someone you’ve known. The two of you have lives together in many forms and they have all been male lives.
      Vickie Parker

  202. Hello Vickie,
    Another thing I would like to add to my previous comment is that I too feel like I was alive during the 60’s era. I love the music, the concept of freedom and revolution and feel mostly out of alignment with todays ideals and standards. Very much against the grain. Awhile back I tried a past life regression exercise I found in a book and many visions came to me and one was actually a lifetime during 60’s or early 70’s. Although, I died an early death. I was just wondering if there is any connection there as well?

    • Hello Krysta;
      Yes. You know this person. It relates to the second post you sent. About being alive in the 60s. This is where you know him from. Madly in love with each other in that lifetime. And you’ve had other lives together further back.
      Vickie Parker

  203. Clementine Says:

    Hi Vickie!
    I really enjoyed the article! I came here looking for answers, and closure. I was wondering if you could see anything for my story as well? I met an older married man at work, who I fell for. The very first time we met, I couldn’t stop staring at him. It’s a cliche to say it, but it was like a moth to the flame. It felt on several occasions like he had an invisible light around him. I wasn’t attracted to him sexually at first, just couldn’t figure out where I had seen him before. I remember one time he gave me a ride. I could feel his presence around me, kinda like it was on top of me. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like his presence was crushing me almost. It wasn’t a negative feeling, just intense. I was extremely sensitive to his emotions, and could feel his feelings when he was sad. I could feel his anger too, but not exactly in the same way. He would make comments that suggested he was sensitive to my emotions too. He was always purposefully bumping into me, and would invade my personal space constantly. Anyways, I never kissed him or anything inapropriate like that. However, it has been a long time since I have seen him, but sometimes I miss him. I definitely think I still love him. There’s really no explanation for this kind of love. Especially, for someone I’ve never even kissed. I just want to know once and for all so I can have closure.

    • Clementine;
      Unrequited love coming in from a past life. There was love on both sides that was not openly reciprocated during that past life due to cast differences. And. Because of the emotions attached to that life there is lingering energy this lifetime. So when the two of you saw each other the memories of that life surfaced.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you so much! I think that makes so much sense, and is spot on with some of my feelings. It’s funny becuz I do have an acceptance we can not be together, and I am ok with that. I wish we could obviously, but…. I also just feel like as long I know he felt the same; I’d be ok with it and could move on. So those feelings make total sense for the scenario you described!I feel a lot better.

  204. Hi! So I began doing zumba (an exercise that consists of mostly latin dancing) over a year ago and have always been attracted to the owner of the studio I go to. He teaches several times a week and I love going to his classes (they’re always so full of people too). His dancing is phenomenal and although he’s not the best looking guy I know, the way he dances makes him so attractive. I don’t know what it is that draws me to him, but he’s 15 years older than me (though he looks great for his age) and married with children. I’ve known him for over a year now, but have yet to find the courage to really speak with him. It seems like he’s always looking at me in class though and stares for longer than necessary at times. I thought at first that I was just imagining it and that he’s probably just keeping an eye on everyone to make sure no one is about to pass out haha. However, a friend of mine attended a few classes as well and randomly pointed out to me that he tends to look at me quite a bit too.

    Every time I see him before or after class, we look at each other, but never speak to one another. He’s said hi a few times, but it never goes beyond that. And when I have made random comments, or have said thanks after class, it seems like he’s not interested in speaking with me.

    Is this some sort of past life connection? Because he knows I exist, obviously, but doesn’t seem to want to talk to me, ever. Yet he stares all the damn time. What’s it mean?

    • He is trying to figure out how he knows you. I see that you were actually a child of his best friend in Italy in the 1400s. His friend’s wife died in childbirth and was heartbroken. He felt sorry for you as your father did not spend much time with you because you reminded him of your mother. So he would talk and interact with you.
      Vickie Parker

    • He is trying to figure out how he knows you. I see that you were actually a child of his best friend in Italy in the 1400s. His friend’s wife died in childbirth and was heartbroken. He felt sorry for you as your father did not spend much time with you because you reminded him of your mother. So he would talk and interact with you. Vickie Parker

  205. Thanks Vickie!
    I often wonder if he feels the same connection as I do? Do you think we will ever be together again?

  206. Dear Vickie,

    My name is Loretta,

    When i was a pre-teen i fell in a love with a boy from my parents’ village. Even though i found him on a social network after all these years i confessed how i felt back then, and he replied how he had no idea nor i gave me hints back in the day. There’s no way i could’ve told him how the feeling i feel for him is the kind of love that lingers in the soul…to this day. I’ve recently started remembering him from the dreams i’ve had throughout the years and why do i get this warm feeling in my heart, which almost leads me to wonder…is he my twin flame/soulmate…i feel like i’ve seen him in dreams in many different scenarios, or am i imagining…?

    Thank you kindly,


  207. Hello Vickie,

    I was friends with this boy when I was in grade school (along with 3 other children in our friendship group). After I graduated from that school, I never really thought about him again. But I’ve always had dreams involving him- they are often whimsical and sometimes make no sense, and he’s always the same age as back then in these dreams (even though I know what he looks like now). We often just talk about random things. The only reason why I think this is weird is because I never even think about him and only do so when I have the dreams. I have him on facebook but we’ve never contacted each other besides him adding me. Is he someone from a past life maybe?

    Thanks Vickie!!

    • You are two spirits who come back together to do ‘amazing’ work for humanity. Love is involved as it requires the two of to ‘do this work’ together. Each one supporting the other so it makes a difference. This work for humanity requires that both of your skills are on the planet at the same time.

      Vickie Parker

    • Meera;
      Definitely past lives. And what you are experiencing in your dreams are the remembrances of them. Not one but many.
      Thanks for sharing. Vickie

    • Yes. Past life connections. The two of you meet up out on the astral to interact with each other.

      Vickie Parker

  208. Hi Vickie,

    First of all I want to thank you for keeping a platform like this open to those of us who have all these questions. It’s very kind of you. About 2 years ago, I met Z. while we were both studying abroad. Like so many others have stated here, I “recognized” him immediately. Our connection was instant, undeniable, and mutual.

    We’ve tried many times to hold off on letting this relationship develop due to the awful timing of it all (we’re both medical students), but we haven’t been able to stay away from each other. Magnets! It all sounds romantic now, but when we met it was unsettling and disruptive to say the least. Thankfully, we’ve each managed to get back on solid ground with the support of the other.

    We’re both 28 and know that this is not “normal.” It’s intense, familiar, and kinda eerie at times. Despite the intensity between us, our relationship has stabilized and feels quite balanced. Our love runs deep, but it also feels “light” and easy (if that makes sense). Like coming home. We’ve grown to be better individuals since meeting and I feel there is some greater purpose we are to fulfill.

    I think it’s safe to say we’re soulmates of some sort, but that doesn’t satisfy this need to know what this is! Even he admits to constantly grappling with the same questions: Who are “we” and what the heck is going on here??? Thank you in advance for your time and insight.


  209. Hi Vickie,
    It’s really kind of you to answer all of these questions. I also know the pain resulting from an unintentional attraction to someone when both are committed to other people. I felt an instant connection to an associate, and it completely floored me, as I was already happy, and so was he. I sensed a lot of intense energy exchange when separate, but it was never acknowledged. I tried to show him that he was important, without actually trying to ruin either of our lives, with the hopes that a reasonable line of contact could be maintained, but in the end, he couldn’t deal when I clearly had to move on for business reasons. I miss him like crazy, and think about him so much. I want to be around him, and it’s not necessarily even romantic, though if he felt that way about me, I easily would too. Still, I’m not jealous of him with others at all. There were so many parallels with him, it was unreal. All I care is that I be with him again someplace even if it’s not in this life.

  210. Mandy Norman Says:

    Hi Vickie, thank you for posting these fabulous answers 🙂
    Im hoping your able to help me too. I have met a wonderful woman who like many on this site have an amazing connection with, we both feel we have known each other for such a long time. I am married and have tried to control my urges towards her however the bond we have is too strong. We have only known each other for a couple of months now however are both blown away with how it feels like we’ve known each other a life time. She is an out of the closet gay woman, I am an in the closet gay married woman with children and feel guilty everyday for cheating on both my lover of 2.5 months and husband of 19 years. We never had a nervous transition into our love, I cried after a week when I thought I was losing her friendship. We have spoken or text everyday all day since meeting. If we are so close now, what were we before? Another thing that has happens with us several times is the DeJa Vu (for lack of a better description). We were laying in bed, and I looked at her and said Deja Vu, your nephew is about to knock on the door and ask you something, I said I’ve seen it, or been here before. She said she could see the truth in my face. 10 minutes later it happened. Even her telling me stories, some of them I automatically say “I know”, but I wasn’t there or heard the story so how could I already know???

    • Mandy;
      The two of you are picking up where you left off in the previous lifetime. You laughed and joked about what would it be like if we found each other again. You never really believing, and deciding next lifetime to be married. You also had contracts with your children to bring them in this lifetime. Because of this life and the previous life not being the only lives together it makes you more tuned into her as a soul. Able to read her and the experiences she has.
      Vickie Parker

  211. Hi Vicki,
    What a great article! I feel like my daughter Chloe and I have lived past lives together. We are so close, she’s my soulmate! She told my mom when she was not even 2 yrs old that they were in a previous life together. She’s a special girl.
    Before I was married(divorced now) I was engaged to a guy named Rodney. I have never stopped thinking about him. I was told a few years ago that he and I have had many lifetimes together but we just can’t seem to get it right. I’m wondering if we’ll get the chance in this life to try again? I miss him everyday.

    Thank you for reading this and for this great article!


    • Kelli;

      Definitely you and you daughter have had many lifetimes together. As mother and daughter. Also. She actually likes to come back as your sister and the ‘oldest’ child because this gives her the chance to interact with you on a different level.

      Yes. To what you see for you and Rodney. Still working on getting it ‘right’. Not seeing that you come together this lifetime.

      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you Vickie so much! That explains a lot! My daughter told me when she was younger that we were sisters and she had to take care of us because our parents left. She seems more like the sister I didn’t have in this life sometimes rather than my daughter. She always told me that she chose me to be her mom and I know that’s true, we had a bond before she was born. She’s 9 now and forgets a lot of the past now but she’s so wise beyond her years!

        Thanks again,

  212. Hi Vicki,
    My name is Michele and I just wanted to know what you thought about my situation. I met someone some 13 or 14 years ago at work. I was in a room one day and looked across the room and saw this guy. I kept staring and staring at him wondering if he was someone I went to school with or where I had known him from. There was an immediate connection. I could not take my eyes off of this man. Well we saw each other every now and then around work but never spoke for years. We always both just stared at each other and anyone near us could feel the chemistry between us. People have commented on what they felt when around us. Most of the times me and this guy will hardly even speak when others are nearby. Finally about 5 or 6 years ago we started speaking some. He came to me and wanted to just talk to me. Sometimes we get strange with each other because we are both married and know nothing should occur between us and nothing has ever happened either. However, no matter how many times we try to pretend that connection is not there we always wind up talking again. We are just drawn to each other. No matter how much I try and ignore this connection it does not go away and vice versa. Could he have been someone from a past life?

  213. Hi Vickie,

    I recently started taking classes at a local studio and felt an instant sense of familiarity with one of my teachers. We have so much fun together in class and I feel like we could be great friends, and maybe more outside of class too but something seems to be holding him back. Once, we locked eyes, and there was deep sense of recognition between us(at least thats how it felt on my part)but of what I don’t know. Is this a past-life recognition and if so why have we come together in this life?

    Thanks very much!

    • Sydney;
      As I read your post I got the image of you and this man in England in the days of castles. He was the son of an Earl and you the daughter of the family who took care of the ‘castle’ and the people who lived in it. From the time both of you were born, only months apart, you were allowed to interact and be with each other. This closeness is what both of you recognize in this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  214. Vickie,
    Ive been intensely interested in past lives since I was a young girl. Can you tell me if maybe there is a message for me in a past life I need to know? Ive also had a somewhat turbulent love life and was wondering if I know the man I am supposed to be with in this life yet? Thank you so much! ❤

    • Annie;
      I asked to see a life influencing this one and an image of a small girl in rural 1830’s Oklahoma showed up. In this picture she is both shy and mischievous at the same time. What you are telling me with this picture is that you have to go for the freedom of being whoever you are whenever you please. Instead of what people want you to be. And. No. You haven’t met him.

      Vickie Parker

  215. Vickie, I just wanted to say thank you in advance for your time, I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about posting this question as I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel drawn to celebrities. I thought for so long that I was crazy but I can’t ignore this feeling anymore. I have felt drawn to a certain music group my whole life. I feel like I know all of them very closely, but the one in particular sparks something in me. What’s strange is my parents don’t like them, no one I ever talked to listened to them until i was older, but I instantly loved them. Not a day goes by I don’t listen to their music and it feels so deeply personal at times. I’ve even had someone tell me the meaning of one of their songs, and I corrected them, telling them what it was really about, although I had no way of knowing I was so sure. When I looked it up, I was right! (and it wasn’t easily guessable) I don’t want to sound like a nut because I know they are very very loved, but I can’t shake the feeling I know them personally. There are even times I feel like I miss them, like we were old friends and if one of the surviving members saw me they’d recognize me somehow. But still there is one person in particular in this group I feel a deep vibrational connection with, it literally shakes me as if I know this person more than anyone else. When I see an old photo or video of him, I feel a sense of knowing his thoughts, the things he felt, I relate to him on so many levels. One day I had been listening to an album and I had the most vivid image I’ve ever experienced pop in my head: I was looking at the other members of the group but not the one, I was looking through his eyes! We were being pushed into this black car, I could see fans screaming but no noise, flashes were going off everywhere it felt chaotic but exciting, I could feel it. I remember looking at the others as we sat not saying a word, they were in just as much awe as I was. There was an air of excited energy between us all that I can’t describe and I remember it felt almost like slow motion as I took it all in. Then it ended. About 6 months later I found a photo of them I’d never seen before and they were in that car! I’m sure it’s fairly obvious who I’m talking about but I don’t want to say his name because it would just be too unbelievable, and I don’t want to give the impression I think I’m so great or something just by thinking I could have been somehow associated with him. It’s just that I’ve always felt like I somehow didn’t belong, I get along alright but I was always so much more mentally aware than most. I’ve always been referred to as an old soul and when I look at him I know that exact feeling, he used to feel that way too. I’ve always been talented with poetry and words to the point it would astound my teachers. I’ve been published and their music is usually my inspiration. Although he died before I was born I just know I knew him from somewhere, not just like friends, but almost like a part of me. I hope you can answer this burning question I’ve had for so long, and hopefully help me feel like I’m not completely crazy! Thank you again!

    • Nikki;
      Actually quite a few bands of that era pop up for me. But the one that resonates the most with what you are ‘showing’ me says that you were with this person. That it was as you describe in this post. Validate yourself for being so in touch with who you are and the lives you’ve had.

      Vickie Parker

  216. Hello Vickie, I just came across this article because I was looking for some insight into possible past life connection with a musician I know. A few years ago I was in a dark place…a very unhappy soul indeed. I remember I was searching for music to listen to and came across a pretty well-known musician, who’s music is absolutely awe-inspiring. I did a search on his name and he was from the same town I had just moved to two years prior. I went to go and see him in concert and when he walked into the venue of about 200 people, our eyes locked, time stopped, and I remember a lot of people in the venue were turning around to see who/what he was looking at (as I was sitting in the back). It was a long set, and different musicians were there…and when he wasn’t playing we were inseperable. He is twice my age (almost as old as my father), and married, but there was no denying this connection. He said in an interview about the concert that the energy was intense, and I can’t help but think that had a little something to do with me. Funny thing is, a couple of years later I gave birth to my daughter, and her birthday is one day away from his…and I feel an immense soul connection with her too. It’s overwhelming at times. It would be wonderful to have your insight into who he is, if there really is a connection and also my connection with my daughter as well. Thank you so much!

    • Davita;
      Yes to a past life connection with both this man, and your daughter. In fact when you and this man were together in that life you shared your daughter was conceived out of this union.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thanks for your reply. Just to give you confirmation, after I posted this, I recieved your message before you posted it. A vision of us three together came into my mind. I had a feeling. I am sure if my daughter and he met, something would be felt. He saw me when I was pregnant and gave me this look I can’t describe. I just wonder if he has any idea. As intuitive as he seems, he probably knows better than me. My heart aches for him from time to time…and I can only really get to feel him through music…but sometimes…I want his physical touch. I should’ve stayed when he asked me to. Oh well…just another notch on the “What if” belt.

  217. Vickie! Thank you so much! I was just talking with a friend the other day about my overwhelming attraction towards this man and how odd it is as he’s not what I’m typically attracted to physically; and I described him as being so..well…English! She was the one who suggested a past life connection which got me to googling online where I came across your site. I feel blessed to have confirmation of this in my life and it will be curious to see where it leads. I will keep you updated as time goes along. Awesome indeed. Many, many thanks!!!

    • Hi Vickie,

      I’ve had an experience that I can only describe as a soul recognition. I am a very happily married woman, and would never do anything to jeopardize my marriage. Nonetheless there is a teacher at my kids school that I feel a strong connection to even though we are barely acquaintances. Last spring I found myself making eyes at him before I even realized what happened, and surprised myself. It confused me and since then I have tried to ignore the connection I felt. It scared me thinking I had a sudden case of wanderlust or something. But now I am starting to recognize his soul and remember a passionate love affair before this life. This is helping me to make sense of the connection, and that it’s natural & not something to be afraid or ashamed of, though of course we cant act on it in this lifetime, and I wouldn’t want to. I need to make more sense of it though. I’m curious to know exactly why our paths are crossing in this lifetime and why I’m recognizing him. I have a feeling we planned it before incarnating, but why? Is there some karmic issue to resolve or overcome? I would tremendously appreciate any insight. Also, would you have any insight on the soul history between myself & my husband? Thank you so much Vickie, God bless, and Namaste:)


      • Hello Elaine:
        Yes. I also get from this instant recognition that there was a passionate love affair in the life you saw. I also see that the two of you vowed to arrange seeing each other again in this lifetime. No strings attached. Just ‘seeing’ each other. Then moving on with your lives. With the current husband more along the lines of different types of relationships with a soul you’ve had several lifetimes with. You and he agree on a main topic to experience in the lifetimes you share.
        Vickie Parker

  218. Vickie,
    I feel bad emailing you again because I did on 11/16/12, but it looks as if I may have been skipped. I am sorry to bother you but I am seriously going crazy about a certain individual.
    There is a man that I met some 13 or 14 years ago and we both are married. There is just such a strong connection between the two us. Hi Vicki,
    When I first saw this person, there was such a strange feeling. I can still see it all so clear in my head today when I first saw him. Exactly who was around us and the feeling between the two of us.. I kept staring and staring at him wondering if he was someone I went to school with or where I had known him from. There was an immediate connection. I could not take my eyes off of this man. Well we saw each other every now and then around work but never spoke for years. We always both just stared at each other and anyone near us could feel the chemistry between us. People have commented on what they felt when around us. Most of the times me and this guy will hardly even speak when others are nearby. Finally about 5 or 6 years ago we started speaking some. He came to me and wanted to just talk to me. Sometimes we get strange with each other because we are both married and know nothing should occur between us and nothing has ever happened either. However, no matter how many times we try to pretend that connection is not there we always wind up talking again. We are just drawn to each other. No matter how much I try and ignore this connection it does not go away and vice versa. Every time he sees me he has to touch me in some way, usually my arm or elbow. The way he looks into my eyes, the best way I can explain it is that he looks so deep into me like he is trying to tell me something. Could he have been someone from a past life?

    Please, Please help me understand

  219. could an unexplainable obsession with someone perhaps be an indication that I knew him in a past lifetime?
    I constantly have the strangest urge to be around a specific friend of my boyfriends, that I don’t understand. I have no romantic feelings for him, nor is there anything about him that makes me want to be his friend. He is a very quiet, thoughtful person, and normally these types of people bore me… But for some reason, I can’t get enough of his presence.
    This has happened to me on about six separate occasions with both guys and girls.
    what does it mean?

    • Dan
      You are recognizing past lives with him and the other people you’ve been drawn. Tune into how you feel about them and see if they have been friends, lovers, family members or…………………….
      Vickie Parker

  220. Hi Vicki,

    I left you a message a while ago now, and I haven’t had a response. My post was about a man I met about a little over a year ago.
    I wasn’t attracted to him right away but I felt instantly drawn to him. Like time stood still. It’s actually hard to describe. When I first met him we spoke every single day and when he switched jobs we emailed like 20 times a day. we don’t chat as much anymore but I still think about the weird connection. Everytime I see him time stops. I barley ever see him in person and I wish he wasn’t on my mind. I try to just put it to the side and ignore it. I’ve never had this wierd attraction before and would like to understand why. I can’t even really say it’s a crush, I just don’t understand it all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Kadance;
      The first images I get is that you and this man have had many lifetimes together. I see you ice skating on a frozen pond as he watches you from the bank. He is your father this lifetime. Next I see him as an older brother and he’s teaching you how to ride a horse. When I ask about the past lives together the word ‘many’ arises. And they were all male lives.
      Vickie Parker

  221. Dear Vickie,
    Someone had added me on the social network some years ago.I didnt know this person but i confirmed anyway.She’s always been very kind to me & always trying to help.I feel like i;ve known this lady before.I grew closer to her & now she feels like family.I dont know her in person but feel like this will happen soon.Is it possible that we;ve met before?

  222. Hello Vickie,

    I’m curious as to whether I have known someone special to me from another time, perhaps as a manner of closure.

    I used to be a homeschooled student, and I thus didn’t have many opportunities to communicate with people outside of online communication. When I left homeschooling and entered junior high, I was rather socially unfit — I had neither an idea of how to groom and present myself nor an idea of how to interact with my peers. I thus seemed to appear like an unkempt misfit, incapable of partaking in normal teenage/tween activities.

    However, one of the class clowns seemed to take an interest in talking to me. So amazed at what I considered to be genuine interest, I instantly developed a crush on him, and he became the sole excitement in my life. However, there were moments I would question the quality of our relationship. In order to endear myself to him, I allowed him to utilize me in any way he wanted: if he told me to perform one funny or odd action, I would do it, hoping to please him. I couldn’t ever tell whether or not I was the butt of jokes or if our diversions were innocent, without cruel intention. But I can say that from my memories, he normally seemed genuinely happy to see me. As time went on and he began dating one of my classmates, I respectfully backed away, but I will never forget the kind of emotions I had for him. I assume this can be attributed to teenage hormones, but I do not think I have felt stronger emotions for a male.

    Fast forward into the future, I am in the middle of college. I have not seen this person for over six years, and he barely comes to mind anymore. A while ago, one of my roommates asked me about my first crush, and he lucidly came to mind. I enunciated his full name to my roommate, and continued on with my day.

    Then, a week or two later, he died in a car accident.

    At first, I was taken aback by the fact that I had just mentioned his name. I later began to be affected by his death in waves every day, creating a considerable barrier to school work performance. I questioned why his death was so painful to me, as he was no longer a part of my life in any way, shape, or form. Additionally, there would be little likelihood that I would see him in the future, as our careers are very diverse.

    In an act of grief, I posted a message to a public form expressing the significance he had in my life. I mentioned that I wasn’t sure if he was aware of this significance he played. To this, his mother responded that she knew he felt the same way about me, that he understood me, and that he talked to her about me. I found this to be a wonderful revelation, but also extremely depressing, as perhaps I missed out on developing a closer relationship with him during this lifetime. For this reason, I am curious if I have had any relationship with him in the past. If so, this might signify that I may see him sometime later down the line.


    • Laura;
      When I tap into your words I can see the two of you in a previous lifetime in the same scenario you wrote about. He and you interacting much like you did this lifetime. When I ask if the two of you will meet again in another life I get a “YES’.

      Vickie Parker

  223. Guadalupe Says:

    Hello Vickie,

    Well i’ll try to make this short. I used to live in La Puente and then i moved to pomona and lived there for 4 yrs when i found out i was moving back to La Puente i started to have like these dreams where im talking to someone i couldnt see who it was but it was a male voice and then when i moved back to La puente and went to La Puente high school i sat at a table with 2 students the guy in front of me at first i didnt pay much attention to him and i didnt look at him but when he talked to me and when i looked up to see him i felt like i knew him from somewhere and i recognized his voice it was the same male voice from that person i saw in my dreams and even that night i had the same dream but this time i could see who the guy was and it was the guy i met in my class his name is Aaron. I’m wiccan and im also a empathic psychic so i feel people’s energies and emotions but with Aaron i feel his emotions more stronger than others i can feel when he looks at me but im looking somewhere else. I trust him but i dont know why and he told me he trusts me too but doesnt know why either and i have a boyfriend right now and he has a girlfriend i love my boyfriend but sometimes i feel jealous when i see Aaron with his girlfriend. I want to know if Aaron was in my past lives

    Thank you

    • You’ve had many lifetimes with Aaron. I see you as a young married couple looking deep into each other’s eyes. You are 8 months pregnant with a little boy. Then I see you as an elderly couple sitting on a porch just enjoying a beautiful spring day. Most of the lives you had with him show a deep closeness that comes with knowing each other as souls.
      Vickie Parker

  224. Hi Vickie,

    My current boyfriend and I have been in a log distance relationship for almost 2 years. When I first saw him I had a feeling of instant attraction and I could only see him and no one else. He is from France, entered my hometown on my birthday and I have found out that his mother even shares the same name as my mother.

    I’ve also had a long standing interest in France since I was a child and as I’ve grown up, I’ve seem to be surrounded by a lot of French people and even dated only French men for some reason.

    When I finally went to France to meet his family, I had a feeling that I’ve returned home. Do you see any past life connections here?

    Thanks so much Vickie.

    • Hello Girl;
      Yes. Many past lives in France. Yes. You know this soul. As I watch the two of you interact in a couple of past lives I see that there is some energy that requires the two of you to release it this lifetime. It is about trust and never doubting the other person. Allow yourself to work through it so the two of you can have the relationship you are seeking with each other this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  225. Hi Vickie! Thank you so much for this blog! I’m excited to start following your blogs. I recently met ‘the one’, and we both know we have met in another lifetime. We feel like we have been apart for a long time and God, the universe, our energy, our angels, have finally put us back together. Can you tell me in what lifetime or lifetimes we have been together? He is now a history teacher (although not working as such at the moment), and I am not working because I needed to focus on my health. He is definately a healer too! Thank you so much, can you also tell me where I can find any books you have written? Have a wonderful day, and smile lots.

    • Marie;
      I get the words ‘thick and thin’ when I look at the relationship between the two of you. So the life that shows up is in the depression era and the two of you are at peace with what little you have. There is also a small dog that is part of your family. The two of you look at everything that if we have each other than we have the world. Very powerful. Thanks for sharing.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thank you Vickie, I have always been very atracted to the 1930s and 1940’s now I know why! I’m very happy you have been blessed with this gift and what you have chosen to do with it. You are a special soul. Sending you lots of hugs and positive vibes from Spain!

  226. Dear Vickie, please help me. I recently met a man that I recognised from past lives. I very quickly fell in love with him,but he left. Im now so depressed that I’ve become suicidal and am still wondering if he even is from my past. Could you please tell me if you see him in my past, and if so who were we? And will be together again in this life? Your help would be immensely appreciated.

  227. Vickie,

    I met a guy a month ago at my job. I was physically attracted to him before I spoke to him. When I did speak to him he kept walking then turned back around and ask me to repeat myself. As I turned around I our eye’s locked and I couldn’t move. He stared back at me with a grin and I couldn’t help but to smile. He kept coming by my job, and I always felt him before I saw him. I am in a relationship (engaged). I had never looked at another guy in that way nor had I felt such a strong connection with a complete stranger. He is not my type but I feel that we are suppose to be together and although we never spoke about our feelings I know he feels the same way. Did we ever share a past life? I recently saw him in my dreams and the only thing he said to me was you have awaken.

  228. I am having a problem where none of my comments make it through moderation and they don’t get posted. I’d love to know whether E and I were connected in a past life. We have tried to be friends now. It isn’t working, but I still feel deeply connected to her, and even wrote something lsst week from her perspective based on my intuition. I wonder what our connection is meant to be in this life, since I know it won’t be romantic.

    • Tasha;

      I see that she has been a teacher in a couple of past lives that you’ve shared. More about allowing you to grow from your interaction with her than her entering into a relationship with you.

      Vickie Parker

  229. thanks vicki for the information on me and Aaron i was wondering in this lifetime are me and Aaron going to be a couple like in our past lifetimes? are we soulmates ?

    Thank You

  230. Excellent article!! Very intriguing information. I am hoping you may have some information to share with me. My husband Rick passed over just a few days ago (Dec 3) and I always wondered what past lives we may have shared. He had a far stronger pull to me when we first met and we just always easily agreed on everything, not having the typical spats others around us always seemed to be having. A huge hole remains in me in his early passing (we only were married for 12 years). I am looking for comfort that he could watch over me until we cross again.

    • Hello Mary B
      Rick is a soul that you’ve had many past lives with. He has also had many past lives which make him more settled and understanding of others because of all the experiences he’s had. He is definitely looking over you. Just tune into him and allow yourself to know that he sends you love and light.
      Vickie Parker

  231. I loved your article! I really never thought about past live connections until recently. I have always believed in “old souls”, but recently I have wondered about my youngest son. I feel a very strong connection with him, like I have known his soul before. He is much closer to me than to his Dad. He also reads and feeds off of my emotions more than my other children. Are my instincts correct?

    • Hello Christy;
      You are correct. He has been of part of your lives in the past. In many different roles. Tune into what you are feeling and become more aware of some of the past life memories you’ve had with him.
      Vickie Parker

  232. Ok, I’m going to give this a shot too. I’m going to cut a very long story short and simply ask…

    …What does the name ‘Edward Stephens’ mean to me?

    • Lizzie;
      The first hits I get on this name is a picture of a very dashing man. Larger than life in expensive swash buckling clothes. A sword at his hip. Time period says it is in the 1300s and he is a duke in England. When I look past him I see this wonderful young woman with big brown eyes staring at him. Very much attracted to him. He is aware of her staring. In this life you become lovers but cannot marry each other due to status.
      Vickie Parker

  233. Dear Vickie,
    Although my stories may not be as intense as others, I am very in need of your guidance. I’m experiencing these strong feelings from this boy I’m interested in . When we first met , it seemed like there was unspoken chemistry. But we haven’t seen eachother 2 months afterwards. 2Months later , I. Find out he liked me , which was sort of suprising. The week after that, we finally saw eachother for the first time in a long time. Feeand we were flirting like crazy, we couldn’t stop staring & smiling at eachother & everyone noticed us. While we were talking that night, he said “It feels like I met you before” I began to laugh because I thought he was joking but he has a serious yet inquistive look on his face and he said “I feel like I’ve met you before” but I didn’t pay him much attention. We didn’t see eachother for another couple of weeks but we texted a few times and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I can’t sbtop tthinking about him and his cell is cut off so we haven’t communicated much. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him and we only been around eachother 3 times but I feel a strong connection .. please tell me I’m not crazy. Normally I don’t feel this way about someone. Help ?!

    • Halle;
      I see the two of you as young lovers in the late 1400s. You are in a barn. Two brown horses are nickering nearby. The light of a early spring day shines through a chink in the roof onto the two of you. Highlighting the spot where both of you are sitting. Darkness surrounds you. You’ve come together again this lifetime to experience the strong love connection that exists between these two souls.

  234. Hello Vickie, LOVE your article and the whole page! I need your help regarding a man i have met about a year ago at work. Before our eyes met for the first time, i had a strong feeling that i absolutely have to meet him (when my coworkers were talking about him). When our eyes met for the first time, i felt a burst of energy go through my body. We like to talk to each other and often meet on strange places (coincidence?). We found out we are connected – my cousin is married to one of his friends. He is married, i am happy in my long term relationship. But the energy that draws us together is incredible. A friend at work said to the two of us that we shared a past life, and almost certainly had a love affair – she felt the energy… Was there such a thing for us? What can you tell me about him, who were we. Thank you and merry Christmas.

    • Anna;
      A very comfortable married relationship comes up first. Early 1930’s in a small city. I get the state of Illinois. The picture that this life opens with is a blonde woman about 23 who is staring out the window of her kitchen. She is deep in thought about how lonely she is. I tune in and see that her husband is a salesman and he is out of town. Loneliness overcomes you but you push it away knowing that when he comes back the two of you will go dancing. Laughing. Being silly. Fulfilling every wish you have.
      Vickie Parker

  235. HI Vickie,
    There’s this girl that works at this pizza place that I love and we always small talk and I have always been drawn to her, and she always seems happy when I come in. I recently asked her for her number and she gave it to me I ‘m kinda shy and nervous about going forward but I keep thinking about her, is it just me or is it something deeper? And for some reason she always says my name should be Marcus but its not

    • Aaron;
      She is recognizing you as someone she’s known from a past life. I see that the two of you have had several past lives together. The one she is remembering as a soul is a past life that you were an older brother.
      Vickie Parker

  236. Tara Stokes Says:

    Hi Vickie,

    I met this man back in October. His name is Mohamed. I was debating back and forth on whether I wanted to go out with my friend one night and I finally decided to go. He ended up running late and so I decided to wait for him where we had planned to meet up. I parked in the parking garage and waited for maybe a half hour and then decided just to get out and go into this reggae club to kill time. That’s where I met Mohamed.
    While I was standing in line I noticed him glancing at me and I thought to myself “please don’t let this guy start talking to me” because I wasn’t attracted to him at all, based on looks alone. He ended up asking me if I was there alone or meeting friends. I told him I was meeting friends and we really didn’t say much more to eachother. So we got to the front of the line and the doorman was letting him in but told me to wait and Mohamed said “she’s with me.” It kind of caught me off guard but I didn’t even hesitate and followed him inside. For some reason I felt comfortable with him.
    We ended up chatting,dancing and having drinks for maybe an hour and then my friend texted me that he had arrived so Mohamed and I exchanged numbers and I left. He was texting me after I left, wanting me to come back but I blew him off. I had no intention of ever seeing him again. He was just someone I had passed the time with. He even sent me a goodnight text and I ignored it and deleted it. Two days later he texted me again and I was about to just ignore it but something told me to respond. He had seemed like a nice guy so I thought it was the least I could do, which was so strange because I usually had no problem ignoring random guys I meet at nightclubs. I’m surprised I even gave him the right number. There was just something different about him.
    So fast forward to two weeks later and we end up hanging out again and that led to being together almost every week for two months until he went out of the country. He’ll be back in two weeks after being away for a month and I’m just anxious to see if we’ll pick up where we left off. I can’t stop thinking about him. The circumstances of us meeting were so random and we felt so comfortable with eachother in such a short period of time like it was normal for us to be together. I would like to know if there is a reason why we came together or if we knew eachother in a past life.

    Thank you

    • Tara;
      The first image I get is that you were husband and wife in at least one past life. Very happy and comfortable with one another, and were childhood friends. Thus the being at ease with him during the time you had together. I see that the two of you pick up where you left off.
      Vickie Parker

  237. Hi Vickie!
    I am a bit confused about a man I have met about three years ago, we are not in contact anymore, but I still have feelings for him. I also had a strong feeling that he is somehow familiar and dear to me. I would like to know if we have shared past lives together… can you see that? and tell me more about it?

    • Pri;
      Husband. He was a husband that was killed in war in the 1500s. The two of you were married about 3 years and did not have any children. You did not find out about his death until the war was over. During the whole war you watched and waited for him to come home.
      Vickie Parker

  238. Hey Vickie,
    I feel a very strong connection with a man at school. When i first saw him i felt an unexplainable connection and chemistry with him. i felt strange around him and wanted to talk to him and felt compelled to meet him and find out if we were meant to be. We both feel a connection but it is hard to explain. We finally got assigned a project together and we got to know eachother. i feel right around him, like we are meant to be, but i dont have the nerve to tell him my feelings for him. We have talked about our past lives we believe we were in. and we both remember a past life where we were brother and sister and another life we remember where I was his mother. I cant think of the time period or anything else. im not sure how to proceed with him. This is a strange new concept to me about past lives and i am very confused about these previous lives with him. How many lives have we had together and why am I so confused about my relationship with him?

    • Hally;
      Because the two of you have had many past lives with each other is why you are confused about the current relationship. It is time to get up close and personal and ask what kind of relationship you want with him instead of being pulled in many directions. One of the first things I get is to sit and talk with him. Sharing and exploring the past life interactions so the two of you are on the same page. Feeling the same feelings and emotions and you remember this and he remembers that. Allowing the unspoken to show up between the two of you.
      Vickie Parker

  239. Hey Vicky! Hope your Holiday was great! ….I’m reaching out to you for two reasons. My story is a hit complex but it ties in together i promise! Lol. Well, Here is the first: I feel as though i was born with the beautiful ability to create music. I’ve done it as a child and even growing up I stayed up nights singing and writing in many recording studios. There was NOTHING in the world that could convince me that I wasn’t meant to be a singer/entertainer in this life. However, im 25 now and up until the last 2 years all of that has changed completely. Ive gone through some changes in my life and i lost all confidence in my musical ability. Writing a song is painful because i cant flow like i used to. I have a great job at a television network but I am reminded everyday that I’m not doing what I feel i should be doing in this life. It hurts me so much. Which ties into my next reason for reaching out to you. About 3 years ago I met my current boyfriend. He is a musician and we met working in the studio. His name is Chris. I was not attracted to him immediately but he was VERY drawn to me. At the time i ignored his advances because i was dating other people. One day Chris and I sat for a lunch break from doing a studio session. At the table he tells me “you’re going to be my girlfriend one day you just see. I’m telling you I see the whole thing, even our kids playing at our barbecue”. Part of me thought he was crazy and another part felt so intrigued. After that I opened up to him slowly and we built such a passionate relationship. My first kiss with him was the best kiss of my life. Now we are together about 2 1/2 years. He’s incredible to me and I love him and want to marry him, but I can’t help wondering why ever since I’ve started with him….I haven’t been able to work on my music AT ALL. Not alone and Especially not with him. We haven’t been able to create like we used to when we first met. It hurt him because he felt we no longer had the bond that brought us together but we still love each other fiercely. I would like to know, is there a connection in the past between us that may be blocking me or us as a couple in this way in this lifetime? I really just want to be with my love and do what I love.

    • Hello Melody;
      Yes. The two of you’ve known each other in the past. In the previous life affecting you this lifetime the man you are with powerfully wanted you but you would not let it happen. This current lifetime he said ‘I will have her.’ And he made it happen. You need to step back and own who you are in totality so you can create your music. This is the main reason you are on the planet this lifetime. Never give all of yourself to anybody else or you can’t live your own life.
      Vickie Parker

  240. Hi Vickie,

    Thanks for your article and responses. It’s great reading you.

    Here’s my story. I’ve been on and off with someone I met exactly a year ago. It’s been on and off because he sometimes needs to run away from me, especially when he feels very much into me. As if he couldn’t breath. I know he’s never played or anything. And for me it’s been the first time I’ve felt this kind of love.. unconditional love, so strong, so understanding and real..

    The thing is that he can’t explain why he has those feelings and why he feels such strong negative emotions towards me without a reason. He’s convinced that it’s his ego getting in the way. The other day we were in bed just before going to sleep and he was just about to fall asleep and suddenly I had such a powerful sensation/feeling/vision or something that I was holding him as a little boy, and that I was his mother. It was me but if felt as a different woman..

    His mother died when he was very little.. so when I had that feeling, I was feeling as if I was saying to him that I was really sorry for having left him alone, and that I was here in this life (so myself now) to give him all the love I couldn’t all these years…

    And then, yesterday I was meditating as he had to “go” again and this very powerful feeling came to me. I was “told” that every time he feels that negative towards me without a reason is because his energy/soul connects to mine (but when I was his mother). And even though I don’t know if he feels any kind of anger about his mum, of course uncounsciously, he’s never said so, this is what I came to know. And in a way it makes SO much sense.

    Can you see if that could be the case, that I was his mother? And also, is that possible that souls or energy can connect after a lifetime in any plane/channel or dimension?

    Thanks so much.

    • Zuuuu
      Yes. You were his mother but you left him in the past life you reference in your post. This is why he withdraws and feels unsure and insecure with you.
      As souls we come back lifetime after lifetime. This is the way we learn and grow.
      Vickie Parker

  241. Dear, vickie
    about 2 weeks ago i met this girl , and instantly we started talking like if we known each other we’vre both lesbians , so we just about the most random stuff , laugh , we have so much in common , today we talked about the past time maybe we could had been somethjng and now im very curious. And its like i need too see her she also rells me the same the same we cant get off each others minds one morning she woke up and had a reaction 10 mins later i had the same thing we both needed too talk to each other.

    • Ana
      The past life that is influencing this one is when the two of you were identical twins. In the womb both of you would experience the same sensations and responses. And. Due to the closeness of the two of you your behaviors and likes and dislikes were almost the same also.
      Vickie Parker

  242. Hi Vickie,

    I was so grateful to find your site as so many others have written.

    I feel certain that a man that I met 10 years ago and had a brief affair with was a warlord in a past life and that I was a resident in one of the villages he conquered. I was 14 and he took me as his “prize” we had one child and I was well taken care of though I wished that I could see him more. He was always gone.

    In another lifetime I feel he was a teacher and I a child in a school where he had an appropriate role is caring for and watching over me.

    In this lifetime, I long to be near him and it’s this strong feeling that has pervaded 10 years of my rational life that makes me wonder if I should try to have a successful romantic relationship this lifetime. I love him so much. What do you think?

    • Allison;
      Thanks for sharing your past life memories of this man. It is amazing to be able to see and understand how past lives affect you, and others also.
      In this lifetime the two of you coming together was more about finding each other again. Spending a bit of time in each others company and then moving on. This meeting almost like a ‘Hello’, and to engage each other before going forward On to what you really are here to do this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

  243. Hi Vickie,
    I have always felt very connected to my fiance since I met him, and he says he feels the same about me. We also both feel like old souls and have always acted more mature than our ages. Do we have any past life connections? Thank you!

    • As you said basically said. ‘We feel connected with each other.’ Both of you prefer coming back together and in some form of ‘relationship’. Whether they are love lifetimes or family lifetimes or even coworkers or next door neighbors. You interact and learn and grow from each other every time you come back.

  244. Thank you so much for your reply Vickie.

    Just a final question, do you think there would be a way to overcome those feelings, that constant and impossible to explain/understand withdrawals? In other words, is there any way he could reconciliate with his past, his mum leaving him, etc. even if he’s is not aware that he may hold resentment towards her? As to find a way to make up with her?

    Thanks again and happy new year.


  245. Can you tell me how you tell what the past life relationship was? I am super connected with my husband – however I also have an uncanny connection with someone I work with – like thoughts “zing” across the room – he has the ability to read my thoughts,moods,expressions,etc – better than even my own parents. I have other connections in my life as well and would like to be able to know there past roles. Thanks – 🙂

  246. Hi,
    Vickie i met a guy long ago when i was an 8th grader i feel like when i met him an electrical current passed through me he had those big magnetic blue eyes that made me drawn to him , i believe he was too . We would stare at each other’s eyes for a long period of times, i just felt like i loved him not only attraction but love . There was one time when he actually was staring at me in my back and i dint know he was in the back of me but like he was feet away and i felt an electrical current pass my body and turned my head and it was him.As soon though when i first saw him i felt a strong knowledge that i know him.I had to move on to another state so i was pretty devasted at that time i just knew him only 2 months and i was completely in love with him , i really didnt want to let go and move on i had a rough year after moving to that state beacause i would see dreams of him everyday and time.I actually talked to him through mail but we lost contact i do believe though deep in me we re past life lovers and there is a strong cord between us. I actually had a random dream long time ago of a woman falling from a cliff because they told her that her lover died in the war and she couldn’t take it, it was a really intense dream that had me waking up in tears.I believe this was my recent past life and it involved war world II but i dont know if that is true

  247. Hi Vickie,
    its about my wife of six years. We met before marriage and I felt a strong feeling about it when i saw her for the first time. It seemed like I was to met her as soon as I saw her, I thought I knew her before. But we were never were introduced earlier.

    But after the marriage of 2-3 years, she lost interest in me and wanted to move out due to some differences. But I begged and she came back as I thought I would not be able to live without her. We stayed with each other for about 2 years amid some frequent fights. and now again she has moved out and applied for separation, I am devastated again. I don’t know what to do. Should I let her go, will she come back, do you think we have any connection?

    Please suggest!

  248. Hello Vickie,

    I am enjoying reading all the questions/responses here. Can you tell me if you see any past lives for me? Thank you for your time.

    • Amie;
      When I tap into a past life for you the first thing I get is that you are a school teacher in a one room schoolhouse. You have 5 students ranging from 6 to 12 years. You are 26 years old. The place is Joplin, Missouri. 1810.
      Vickie Parker

  249. Dear Vickie,

    I feel quite silly reposting this, but I am desperate for an answer about this guy friend. I met this guy 6 years ago on a social networking site. He was a cadet,still in training in the army and I was a college student. He approached me to be his date for the annual Ball at the Military Training Academy. The first time i saw his photograph., I felt an immediate intense connection and impulsively said yes, and gave him my number. This was on 22nd December, 2006.

    The first time we met, we couldn’t stop talking and there was this immense magnetic attraction to him. I felt pulled towards him from my very soul and this is a feeling that he has acknowledged that he felt the same way. Almost immediately, we were talking for upto 5 hours every night, with conversations only ending when the phone ran out of battery.

    Over these years he has kept in touch with me, from wherever he’s been posted. We have met i think a total of just 4 times till now, but share an intense bond, a crazy connection, something he has acknowledged he doesn’t even feel with his girlfriend and now wife (he got married two months ago.) We both know that we have a crazy strong connection that nobody else will ever understand. There are times when I miss him desperately and the next thing I get is a text or a call from him saying, do you wanna talk?.

    Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to meet after he moved away post his training, and met this May for the first time after five years. When I met him i felt an intense energy wash over me, like the first time when we met. All my hard work of trying to stop thinking of him has gone haywire since then and I feel like I am back to square one, in 2006.

    Over the years, we have both been in other relationships, however I can’t stop thinking about him everyday. I am sure he thinks about me quite often too, as he’s shared that with me.

    Now, that he’s married we have both consciously tried to distance ourselves, but I find it difficult to stop thinking about him. There’s this crazy thought in my head that come what may, we will be together sometime in the future.

    Do we know each other from a past life? Thank you for your time.

  250. Hi Vickie!

    I’m so glad I came across your website/webpage. I never thought I would be one of the people posting my story and a question, but here I am!

    Since high school 13 years ago, I have had a very special connection with a student there who was not really one of those regular ‘buddies’ you hang out with, but something else I can’t define. We’ve never dated or anything like that, and I’m still not sure if there is anything sexual about my feelings for her.

    She helped me through a very tough time at school and since then, I’ve basically been in love with her. After graduating from high school, we’ve randomly been bumping into each other, but somehow have not been able to stay in continued contact. I’m not sure if she feels the same, although she has told me she thinks of me often. All I know is that I’m absolutely drawn to her and love her unconditionally. I basically just want her in my life and want her to be happy, however it is she chooses to be happy. I will probably end up confessing to her if our relationship becomes more regular, but I’m not expecting anything from her. She’s one of the few people in my life that I’m feel sure I have shared a past life with.

    May I please have your thoughts on the possibility of a past life connection?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hello Jaye;
      The first ‘hit’ I get is that she ‘saved’ your life in a previous lifetime. I see you being led off to jail for something you didn’t do and she stood up for you. She stated that there was no way you were guilty of what they claimed because the two of you were with each other. Actually doing homework that day, and what her mother confirmed later. When I touch into the energies of the two of you you’ve definitely had lives together. The one that showed up was the one that was the most lasting for you as a soul.
      Vickie Parker

      • Thanks so much for replying, Vickie! I wish I had the power to see so clearly into past lives like you! I appreciate your help. 🙂

  251. I recently met a woman in this lifetime who seemed so familiar as soon as I set my eyes on her. We met at a shelter in Indiana. I couldn’t stop staring at her, and she looked familiar but I didn’t know why. It was like I had to be around her and talk to her right away. But I was scared, so I just continued to stare at her wondering where I saw her before. She approached me first, and then some other client at the shelter also said she looked familiar and that she thought she went to school with the woman. The man’s name was Tiffany by the way, and her nickname was Tinkerbell. I had to be near her, and when I asked her why she looked so familiar she said, “Maybe you knew me in a dream.” Then later on she fainted on me shocking me to death as she had syncopae. I knew this woman must have cared about me alot cause she broke shelter rules just to comfort me to sleep one night. Then the day we had to leave we both bawled cause we both knew it wouldn’t be the same. We were very caring towards one another. She asked me if I wanted to come with her to the gas station to say goodbye, and I said yes knowing my time with her was most likely, sadly over. I wouldn’t see her again as she’d be busy with her husband Steven. And seeing me probally reminded her of her two children she put up for adoption Alex and Angela.

    Then she asked me for a good bye hug, and since I loved hugging her and holding her close I agreed. I hugged her, and was surprised at what I felt. i wish what I had felt could have been a delusion and that I am crazy, but what I felt was the warmest, fuzziest feeling in my life. And during the middle of it while I was in la la land, the woman said “I love you, babe”. I just said,” Me too.” and she pushed me away and looked into my eyes. Then I started walking away, and she yelled, “Stop wait! Call me from the shelter everynight, please. I’ll miss you, bye” I said, “Sure will do, and bye” I wanted so badly to run back to her and beg her not to leave. But I didn’t and I couldn’t. I wasn’t Steven, she wasn’t my wife, and as far as I know i don’t like women. So I just walked back to the shelter, and that was the last I ever saw Tiffany Lemler in real life.

    • Hello Gabby;
      I see her in two of your past lives. First one. A mother who gave you up for adoption at 3 years old. She was unable to take care of her and you. The second one is you were her older sister and there were only the two of you. Your parents died in a car accident. You were very protective of her in this life time. Very similar to how you feel this lifetime.
      Vickie Parker

      • That would explain why she always seemed to worry about me when i was around her. It always seemed she was very protective about me as well. But that makes alot of sense, but too bad I can no longer talk to her in this lifetime…

      • Also could you pretty please help point out which time periods each were in. I am kinda curious if that not too much too ask.

  252. Dear Vickie:
    This is a long shot but could you tell me what Rory Gallagher means to me in this life or in other lives? My mother and he are from the same home town in Europe and went to the same school, but she emigrated here to the US in the late 50’s and he largely spent his time in Europe as a travelling musician for the rest of his life. Although not American by birth, he was very interested in American music and pursued it as his life’s passion. He never married. I am very involved with music and have been all my life. He is my inspiration and mentor even though he died when I was 19 and I didn’t have any contact with him growing up but I came to know of him as I got older through my mother and through my own musical journey as it merged with the path he walked during his own life. Nowadays, my music is reaching a new level, and I often feel his spirit with me during the day, and at night he comes in dreams and when I stop to be aware of his spirit, it feels so natural to me and uplifting, like a higher form of my own self, and my soul just wants to melt into his, and yet there’s no attachment at all. There is no pressure involved or question about his presence at all and it was not something I sought myself, rather it is something that just comes to me in a very natural way. When his spirit is with me it feels right and like a higher octave of my own. But his spirit is also shy like a doe who will run away at the slightest flinch. He was shy like this when he was alive as well, though. But when I’m quiet and centered and true to myself, he is there. It’s almost like he gives me the strength to be who I am as a soul not just as a person trying to walk through life and he reminds me what’s important, compared to the mundane things in life that often tempt and distract people. It feels like we’re two candles lit by the same flame. And when I feel connected to my soul rather than the distractions in life, he is there in spirit. in some for or another. I’ll see his face flash through my third eye, or I’ll hear a song of his or I’ll suddenly think of something or realize something and then he’ll come to mind. It is those times that I feel I could melt into his soul and that the boundary of death and life doesn’t really matter. Aside from similar upbringing, and cultural background, astrological charts, physical appearance, personality, and path in life, I wonder what the reason is for this ease of energy between me and him, since it exists even though he has passed on, and I didn’t deliberately look for him and wasn’t intimately connected to him while he was alive, except for the fact of the deep connection I have with my mother who knew him and lived along side him and went to school with him in Europe as a child before she came here to American and gave birth to me.

    • Hello Johanna;
      Thanks for your post and for the email you sent me. I read your post 3 times to make sure I got everything you wrote so I could do a total ‘look’. What I saw was that the two of you are connected on a soul level. This means that even when you are not together, in body or both in soul, that there still is a combining. This combining is a sharing, exchanging, and moving forward united in a same path or even intent of adding to the world. Both focused on the ‘music’ and how it creates change on and off the planet. When you are or not here. Just recognize the connection and keep making the music and transform the rest of our lives.
      Vickie Parker

  253. Hello Vickie,
    I study at university and I have a professor that I instantly became very fond of. The first time I met him , he was outside on the terrace of our university and he spoke to me asking what course I was taking. That day we were going to have his lesson so I spoke to him before I even knew he was going to be our professor. I told him and he was surprised ,too because he didn’t know that I was going to be one of his students. The moment he started the lesson I instantly had very warm and kind feelings toward him. It seemed as if we knew each other for a very long time. At the beginning of the week I am sad but when we have the lesson with him I instantly become happy and in a good mood. There is something that draws me to him. I think he likes me because he always helps me out and he wants me to be the best in class. He was even very proud of my work and the admiration that I have for the subject. There are many men that I find handsome but for some reason I always feel drawn to him. I do have certain father issues but deep down I don’t think this might be the only reason why I feel attracted to him. When other students talk about him I instantly have to listen and am always attentive. I am not only sexually attracted to him but I would even just enjoy his company and talk about different subjects. Spend time with him. He makes me very happy and he makes me smile with his jokes. There is a 15 years age difference and he is my professor after all..
    Please give me some advice and tell me why I feel this way for him.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Ai;
      When I look at people feeling ‘connections’ with others I always look at past life connections first. As this is usually why we find we are attracted to people. When I ask to see past lives with you and him I get these past lives. Lover, brother, father, best male friend, kindly uncle and a male cousin. Thus why you are attracted to him on many different levels.
      Vickie Parker

  254. Hello, Vickie.

    Like some of the people here, I also happened to stumble upon your site. I’ve been exposed to things about the other realms already but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to find out about past lives. There was a time when I was busy reading a Question & Answer article online that a celebrity had answered. One of the questions went “What is your most treasured possession?” to which the guy answered by giving the name of a star. This shocked me. A few questions afterwards, “When do you want to marry?” He answered, “When I see [name of star]” Then so many things flashed back in my head like the time that a close friend of mine had a dream wherein we were fighting each other in a war around a thousand years after the world had ended. According to that friend, the angels, demons and everyone else in that realm knew me as the name of that star that the celebrity had answered. I believe that is my soul name. But I’m puzzled as to why it triggered with that celebrity’s Q & A article. I also felt an overwhelming feeling that this was going to be my last lifetime so I had better make it a good one. Another friend though told me that I was just entering the last cycle of my reincarnation process.

    Either way, I need to know the significance of that celebrity. He isn’t even from the same country and he speaks a different language (which I’ve actually been trying to learn without having any exact reason why). I’ve gathered a lot more “coincidences” that might mean something, but then again I might just be over-analyzing things. I’d like to contact you through email so that I could explain things in detail. One of the things I noticed is that the celebrity is known to have a tendency to get lonely easily. As for me, I have abandonment issues (in which I’m the one that tends to abandon and cut off things from myself). I’m thinking that the reason why he’s like that might be because I met someone recently who I found out to have been with me for 4 past lives (a friend in 2, a brother in 1) and he was my lover in my most recent past life. That aside, I really need to know my connection to that celebrity, if there is one at all. Maybe I’m just attracted to him. Or maybe there are more reasons behind it.