What are Cosmic Cops Q & A

Rachelle George from Salt Lake City, Utah

A friend of mine is taking the yearlong Clairvoyant Program at the Windswept Center, and she told me about learning what Cosmic Cops are.  That these beings are assigned to humans who were serial killers, mass murderers and others who killed lots of people in a prior life time so that they don’t kill in the next lifetime.  Can you talk about that a bit?

Vickie Parker:  Cosmic cops are spirits that dedicate themselves to protecting mankind from what some call ‘monsters’ who kill a lot of people all at once, or over a period of time.  These ‘monsters’ were serial killers.  They may have  mandated  genocide, ethnic cleansing ad mass murders.

Cosmic Cops are seen in the aura of the person assigned one of these beings.  The being prevents the person from killing people.  But it is rare to see one.  If you do see one you do not remove it from the person’s space.  You leave it alone.  They have to stay within that person’s aura so that they can prevent killing from happening again.  These beings insure that no harm comes to any human in any form.

When you experience the energy of the cosmic cop it actually feels like ‘cop’ energy.  Big.  Strong.  In charge.  Ready.  Not afraid to do the job they signed up for.

2 Responses to “What are Cosmic Cops Q & A”

  1. Is there a point when the Cosmic Cop no longer serves that person meaning they keep them from progressing ?

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