The 5 Chakras Above your Head

The first 7 chakras are in the physical body. The next 5 line up above your 7th chakra and are about 2 feet apart. The chakras are the 8th chakra which is the Astral, 9th chakra Reincarnation, 10th chakra Universe, 11th Chakra God head and the 12th chakra the source.

We usually go to these chakras when we are sleeping but we can learn how to go to them during meditation  while we are awake.  The 8th chakra  allows us to go out every night on the astral so we can learn and grow as a spirit.  We may take a class on the astral from a teacher who is teaching something we are interested in.  We may want to go out to the universe to see what it is about.

We are so much more than a human body and we are constantly learning and growing and changing as a spirit.

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