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So What are Spirit Guides?

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Spirit guide is a term that describes an entity that is a disincarnate spirit having no material body or form, that acts as guide to a living human being. Communication is generally telepathic, communication without using sensory perceptions, clairaudience, able to hear things outside the range of normal perception.   Clairvoyance,  receive extrasensory impressions in the form of “inner sight” observed during meditation, dream time, or just learning how to focus, look and listen to messages received.

Spirit Guides watch, teach, heal, and help you on your physical journey into spiritual awareness. They vibrate at a higher frequency then a physical body and this is why you can’t see them with your physical eyes.  But they have ways of contacting you.   Through meditation where you see their spirit form, or receive communication on a spirit to spirit level about something you need to know.  Leaving objects of yours in places you normally don’t keep them as keys or something you use everyday.  Sometimes they contact through what you may think are dreams but are actually spirit to spirit communication.

Every one of us has a spirit guide and they help us plan our life prior to being born.  They work with us on what we would like to learn from our human experiences, lessons, and they help us chose our parents, what siblings we want to have. They help you choose friends and other people in many different relationships in your life so that you can learn and grow as a spirit in a human body.

These life plans our spirit guides help us create are called Blueprints.  Each and every one of us has a blueprint of what we want to experience each lifetime, and we create it before we are ready to experience another life.

When you decide it is time to take a body and be born again you come into the late a blank slate.  You no longer remember the blueprint you created so that you can experience the life experiences you planned.  Whether we are aware or not of there presence your spirit guide is with you, and they help guide you along the blueprint you created.

Reading the Aura Around You

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Call in and get a mini reading from psychic Vickie Parker Host of ReAwaken radio show, Director of the Windswept Center and Windswept Inner Healings, on some of the energy in your aura.  Find out about yourself and a bit about who you are as a spirit in a body.

The aura around us contains the energy of our life experiences.  Every one of us has a complete record from birth to current time of every thought, feeling, emotion, and relationship.  As well as what we are working through this lifetime from past lives.

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Energy Tools and Intution Teleclass

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SS  from New York City, NY.

One of my friends took the Energy Tools and Intuition beginning teleclass from you in September and is still raving about it.  She has shared with me how it changed how she looked at the world and the relationships she has from a negative viewpoint slant into a more positive viewpoint.  Can you tell me more about this class?

Vickie Parker.    I’m not sure what your friend told you about the energy tools class but she did a great job of explaining to you how it changes the way she now views the world around her.  What she shared is one of the main things that you experience because you are learning a new way of living and seeing your life.  The people you associate with, your job, old patterns of beliefs and behaviors.

By changing your current vibration into a different pattern shifts you out of negative beliefs and relationships both at work and in your personal life.

Getting a Karma Reading

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CRJ from Amarillo, TX.

One of my friends got a past life karma reading from you on one of your radio shows.  Can you explain how you do past life readings, and what energy do you tap into to get the information.

Vickie Parker.    I go into a meditative trance state that allows me to look at you as a soul.  Every lifetime and every experience you have is available just by looking at the energy field around you.

Once I’m in a trance state I ask to see past lives that are currently influencing this one so I give you information that will help you understand why your are experiencing some of the thing you wonder about.

I also ask to see past lives pertaining to questions you have about your life.  Say for instance you are wondering why you keep repeating a pattern.  I ask to see the original past life where the pattern got created, and why it was created.  I share this information with you so you can understand the origin.

Then you have a choice to stop the pattern or work through it and release the energy.  Stop the cycle.

Energy Healings Q & A

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KG from Sausalito, Ca.

I heard about you from a friend who lives in Park City, Utah.  She told me about your Windswept Inner Healings website, and the Aura Chakra balancing she received from you.  She was totally impressed by what you told her about the energy you saw in her energy system, and how much better she felt after the healing.

Would you describe to me what a healing entails?

Vickie Parker.   An Aura Chakra Balancing works on removing the energy that is not yours, or not in current time out of the aura around you, and the 7 chakras of the body.  During an energy healing the client sits comfortably in a straight back chair as an Energy Healer moves around them healing and removing old childhood energy, pictures, traumas and other stuck energy from the legs and arm channels, and the chakras and aura.

The healing begins with the leg channels, one in each leg, and healer shares what they see and what they are healing.  After the leg channels are clear they move on to the chakras and heal and balance them back to their natural state of well being.  The arm channels and the aura also receive removal of energy that no longer serves the client or is not even their energy.

Energy healings remove and clear blocked and trapped emotional and mental energies.  These energy patterns are stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago.  Some of these patterns will be happy memories and some of them will be unpleasant  and painful memories.

Healing results are immediate.  Our clients say they haven’t felt this good in years and share their amazement that childhood traumas and other experiences could affect them on an energy level in a physical way.

Open Call In Question and Answer Show.

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What would you like to know?  Relationship questions?  Maybe on what karma are you working through this lifetime?  Or do you want to know what past life is influencing this lifetime?  What topic has been on your mind for awhile?  Call in and get a mini reading from psychic Vickie Parker Host of ReAwaken radio show, Director of the Windswept Center and Windswept Inner Healings,  on something you want to know about.

Find out about a reading offer available to listeners during this show.