Two ways Karma can be Handled

The 1st way is the most common employed by the majority of people on the planet.

It’s like the IRS. It’s the long form.

It’s doing it all, living it, going through the whole thing.

The eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

You killed me this lifetime. I kill you this time version.

That’s why it is the long form.

Because what is the chances you killed me last lifetime, and I come back and kill you this lifetime.

You’ll be so angry you’ll want revenge. And your relatives will want revenge.

So you come back next lifetime gunning for me. And your relatives come after me.

So instead of the karma shrinking it gets bigger.

It is a difficult process; but it is necessary because this is how we learn!

If we don’t learn quickly through awareness we’re going to learn because it gets so painful, and so horrible that we’re going to say.

“I’m at the end of my rope. There’s no way I can deal with this. I got to get an answer. I’ve got to get the truth.”

Then you start to reverse everything.

The 2nd way karma can be dealt with is by learning.

By being aware, and becoming aware.

“Gee. Why does this pattern keep on coming up? I don’t like it very much. There has to be a reason for this.”

So you hobble over to a past life regressionist, or go into a deep meditative state. And you go. “Look at this. There is a lifetime that I did this to another person.”

“Oh. It was my mother.”

So all of the sudden a light bulb comes on, and now you go.

“So that’s what it is.”

“Well, it’s kinda silly just because someone killed me before for me to go kill them.”

“Oh, I killed lots of people before. With one fell swoop. Wow, 10 Thousand people.”

It’s going to be a tough time if I have to get killed by 10,000 people to get through my karma. I may never make it.

You know that if it’s with 10,000 people it will take more than 10,000 lifetimes. Because these people have families and they want revenge.

How can I solve this differently. I could be doing else this lifetime.

What if I start a hospital. Maybe I’ll become a doctor or a surgeon. I’ll start saving people’s lives.

Most of these people will come in with gunshot wounds, stab wounds and out of the battlefields.

Lots of them you had karma with are going to come in, and you’re going to stitch them up and send them back out there. Your karma gets absolve, completed.

They don’t have to kill you. You saved their lives for them.

Then you’re so successful and make lots of money. You build your own hospital.

10,000, 100,000 people go through that hospital and get treatment, get out of pain, and have a new lease on life.

Pretty quick that karma with those 10,000 is cleared off.

One Response to “Two ways Karma can be Handled”

  1. Dear Vickie,
    That was a wonderful article on Karma. It gets you to think and gives you hope that you can redeem yourself for acts that have been committed in past lives and in this life.

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