Past Lifetimes

ou may not have a response to every question below. The questions are to help you uncover clues that can help identify a past life you may have lived.

1.  Do you wish you lived during a different time period? Even if you like where you are now, what other age would you liked to live in? Do you try to recreate that age where you live now? Would you if you could?

    2. Do you wear clothes, cut your hair, read books, collect art, or watch movies from a different time period? Can you imagine what it would be like to actually live them?

    3. Is there a time period that sends shivers up you spine just imagining it? There may be a time period that you positively do not want to visit. Just the thought of living back then brings negative images to your mind. What is it about that period you can’t stand? Is it the food, social environment, turmoil such as war, the art, music? Are there certain locations or countries you absolutely would not want to live in?

    4.  Do you enjoy certain foods and ways of preparing them that were popular back when? Do you need to make sure you are self-sufficient as possible? Do you wonder or imagine what it would have been like to walk the land near where you live as a pioneer or early settler?

    5. Is there a specific culture that you are absolutely attracted to? Do you try to learn as much about that culture as possible? You may have an interest in Native America. You may find yourself wanting to attend a powwow. Having a desire to learn how to speak the language of the Sioux.

    6. Is there more than one member of your family that longs to live in the same time period? Do you go to or take part in functions where all of the attendees lived in the same time? Do you take on specific roles of someone who actually lived during a different time period, such as a Civil War enactment group? What other thoughts about living in the past do you have?

    Jot down any feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas that you may have had about your past lives as you worked on the questions above. Be open and allow them to surface. Just capture them as you become aware of them.

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